Top 10 Best Water Filter Pitchers for 2021 Reviews

Water filter pitchers are now the staple units on most households’ countertops. Ideally, these units are easy to use, portable and need less maintenance. As such, it’s more useful and practical than large filtration systems like whole-house or under-sink filters. Even though visually alike, the standard of these pitchers can vary greatly between brands. And therefore, it’s worth paying attention to any model you may want to buy.

While it may seem challenging to select the best water filter pitcher because of the tons of brands that have flooded the market, making a purchase is now more straightforward than you thought. In this article, we went out of our way by researching these filters. And in the end, we managed to get the best ten water filter pitchers for reviews. We’ve also included some consideration to take into account before parting with your hard-earned money. Let’s hit the trail!

#1. Brita W1 BPA-Free Filter Indicator Every Day Large Water Pitcher w/1 Filter (White)

Are you looking for a water filter pitcher for whole family use? Look no further than this larger capacity model from Brita. This brand has a capacity of 10 cups, which makes it ideal for your whole family to drink well-filtered water. It has an advanced filter technology that allows you to filter contaminants such as odors, chlorine, heavy metals and more for great tasting water. The flip-top lid makes it easier to refill this unit to ensure a continuous filtration of water. Moreover, it comes with a one-litre filter that should be changed after filtering 40 gallons for optimal performances. This makes it one of the best gifts for your loved ones during birthdays or Christmas holidays.


  • The sticker filter indicator shows the status of the filters
  • Weights 2.29 pounds thus easier to carry around
  • Comes with simple instructions that are easy to follow
  • Easier to assemble and only takes some few minutes
  • Ensures a faster filter flow to avoid waiting for long

#2. PUR PPT111W Superior 11 Cup WQA Certified Ultimate Water Filtration Pitcher

Have you ever found it challenging to drink water because of its stinky smell? PUR water filter pitcher has that problem solved for you. It has a capacity of 11 cups, making it suitable for use at home for your family or small office usage. With a compact design, you can store it in your refrigerator for cold drinks since it does not take much storage space and ensures easy access to your filtered water. The electric indicator light notifies you of the status of the filters so that you will know when to replace them. This pitcher removes up to 99% of contaminants, including lead, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, odors and many more.


  • Water tastes sweet and healthy for drinking after filtration
  • Capable of filtering up to 22 contaminants in water
  • The LED sensor works perfectly to ease its usage
  • Has a comfortable handle for easier operations
  • Filters water quietly to avoid any disturbances

#3. AquaBliss 10-Cup XL Water Purification Filtered Water Filter Pitcher w/Longest Lasting

While most water filter pitchers are bulky and occupy more space, this model from AquaBliss works out differently. This kitchen equipment has a low profile and sleek design that enables you to store it in smaller spaces such as inside your refrigerator. It filters contaminants such as chlorine, odors, heavy metals like copper, and many others to deliver clean and healthy drinking water. It has a rapid filtering technology that filters out any weird smells and metals in your water to keep your water tasting great. Furthermore, it is designed from high-quality ABS plastic materials that are known for their longer usage life.


  • It takes you some few minutes to put together all the parts
  • Designed from sturdy materials for stable operations
  • Only weighs 1.39 pounds making it more portable
  • Comes with clear instructions to ease assembly

#4. ZeroWater ZD-018 23 Cup ZD018 Water Filter Pitcher w/Water Quality Meter

If you are looking forward to purchasing a water filter pitcher for your home or small office usage, you can try out this model from ZeroWater. You can dispense water to your cup or water bottle easily because it has a push and pour spout and allows for one-hand use. With five-stage water filtration, you are assured of clean drinking water from your tap since it filters all contaminants that cause waterborne diseases. This unit weighs only 3.96 pounds, which makes it ideal for carrying out filtration purposes from one place to another. It removes contaminants such as chlorine, rust particles, pesticides, odors and many other heavy metals.


  • Designed from high-grade materials that last longer
  • Made lightweight making it easier to carry around
  • The grip handle ensures comfortable operations
  • Has a sleek design thus takes less storage space
  • Has a larger capacity of 10 cups for family use

#5. Waterdrop BPA-Free Long-Lasting Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher w/1 Filter (Blue)

Do you need to remove all the bad taste and odors in the water? The Waterdrop water filter pitcher is a great pick. Unlike other models, this unit is equipped with a 7 stage filtration system to remove chlorine, heavy metals and many other contaminants. This unit is designed from high-grade BPA-free plastic components that are well known for their strength and durability. It has a larger capacity of 10 cups, which makes it ideal for your entire family usage. Moreover, it has a special design that allows you to refill the pitcher without removing the cover and keeping away any dust particles. Also, it has a compact design that will enable you to store it in smaller footprint spaces.


  • Has an ergonomic handle for easier and comfortable handling
  • Uses silver-loaded activated carbon for optimal performance
  • High-quality filters produce 200 gallons before replacement
  • The indicator light shows you the status of the filters
  • Only weighs 2.3 pounds thus easier to carry around

#6. LEVOIT LV110WP 10 Cup Large BPA-Free Large Water Purifier w/Electronic Indicator (White)

You can now keep your family safer with healthy drinking water from the Levoit water filter pitcher. This unit has a five-layer filtration system to filter contaminants such as chlorine, cadmium, odors, pesticides, heavy metals and many more. You can quickly increase the filtration speed to get more filtered water by switching the restrictor cap. It has a larger capacity of 10 cups or 2.5 litres, making it ideal for filtering drinking water for your entire family. With the compact design, you do not have to worry about the storage space since it fits into your refrigerator. Besides, the top lid design allows you to refill this pitcher and clean its inner chambers easily.


  • It removes pollutants, softens and improve the taste of water
  • The water inlet allows you to refill it without opening the lid
  • Well designed to avoid contracting any dust particles
  • Made of food-grade and BPA free materials thus safer
  • Has an indicator to notify you to change the filters

#7. Aquagear BPA-Free Clear Chronium-6 Lead Chlorine Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

Seventh on our list is this high-quality water filter pitcher model from Aquagear. It is constructed from premium materials that are BPA free, strong and with a long usage life. This is capable of removing contaminants such as lead, chlorine, fluoride, chromium, mercury and many others. With only a weight of about 3.02 pounds, you can easily carry it from one corner of your house to another. You are assured of healthy drinking water because it filters all the contaminants and retains useful minerals such as potassium. Additionally, it has been well tested and certified to meet NSF standards making it safer for use.


  • The pour spout feature ensures mess-free operations
  • Setup is easy and fast thus takes you some minutes
  • Made lightweight making it easier to carry around
  • Has high capacity filters of up to 150 gallons each
  • Has an ideal flow rate to avoid too much waiting

#8. NAKII WQA Certified Long-Lasting 150 Gallons Water Filter Pitcher for Tasty Water

Nakii water filter pitcher is equipped with all the desired features to deliver the best results. This equipment only weighs 1.8 pounds, making it easier to filter your water when travelling from one place to another since you can never feel its weight. It has a quick purification process, which only lasts for about 1 minute to filter 1.3 liters thus, you would not have to wait long. You can store it in narrower spaces such as inside your refrigerator for cold drinks because it has a compact design thus takes less storage space. With a large holding capacity of 7.5 cups, your entire family is assured of well-filtered water to avoid any waterborne diseases.


  • Designed from high-grade ABS plastic materials that are durable
  • Has an easy to pour spot and fill lid for mess-free operations
  • Filters up to 99% contaminants such as chlorine and odors
  • Can be used in offices, restaurants, households and so on
  • Tested and certified by WQA thus safer for use

#9. InvisiClean BPA-Free 8-Cups Zero O TDS Removes Chlorine Lead Water Filter Pitcher

When it comes to a larger capacity water filter pitcher, this model from InvisiClean becomes a great pick. It has a vast capacity to hold up to 8 cups of filtered water and filters 2 cups at a time. With a 5 stage filtration system, you are assured of well-filtered water free from odors, chlorine and many other contaminants. You no longer worry about the storage space since it has a compact design, thus fits into your refrigerator. Moreover, it has an easy to fill top lid, which allows you to refill your pitcher within a few minutes without removing the whole lid. It only weighs 2.05 pounds; thus, you take it from place to place in an easier manner.


  • Has been thoroughly tested to get rid of most water contaminants
  • Comes with a well-instructed manual to ease operation
  • Can be easily disassembled when you need to clean it
  • Designed from BPA free materials thus safe for use
  • Delivers great and safe tasting after filtration

#10. EPIC Pure BPA-Free 3.5L Removes Heavy-Metals Water Filter Pitcher (Navy Blue)

This brand from Epic water filters is ideal if you are looking for a safer water filter pitcher. This unit has been tested well by most labs and is well known for high filtration standards for the removal of 99% contaminants in water. It has high-quality carbon filters that can filter up to 150 gallons of clean water and last longer. You are assured of clean water since this unit filters contaminants such as chlorine, odors, heavy metals, fluoride, herbicides and many more. Additionally, it retains essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and so on. With only a weight of 2 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight.


  • The digital filter indicator to notify you to change the filters
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable operations
  • With the larger capacity, you can filter more water
  • 5-stage filter system removes all the contaminants
  • Has a compact design to fit into a refrigerator

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Water Filter Pitcher

Target Contaminants

The foremost thing to consider is the target contaminant. You should check for NSF/ANSI standards certification because it measures a filter potential to remove specific contaminants. Also, you should ensure the filter you are interested in is registered in the Water Quality Association (WQA). Remember, many pitcher filters are only made to improve the taste and smell of water and not to remove impurities in water. For that reason, you should find the one with an NSF/ANSI 42 certification, which is sometimes rare. Luckily, most of our reviewed brands meet these standards.

Filter Life

Each particulate filter’s lifespan depends on the amount of water and contamination it goes through each day. In most cases, the manufacturer always estimates it’s lifespan in normal condition, i.e. tap water. If possible, choose the filter that can be used between two to six months. A filter is not recommended to be used for more than six months. If you use it more than the said period, bacteria and moss grow inside your filter and, in the long run, contaminate the water. Ideally, it is a brilliant idea to find the filter pitcher with an indicator that informs you when it’s time to replace the filter.

Jug Material

Most filter pitchers are made of plastic, hence making them lightweight and affordable. However, that doesn’t mean that all plastic is similar. Low standard plastics can be detrimental to health because they may add chemicals into the water. In that note, we advise that opt for food-grade plastics and BPA-free materials. They might not be 100 percent safe but are still worth investing in.


If you searched for a water filter pitcher that offers you the tastiest and purest water and you haven’t found one, this review indeed will change your attitude for good. We understand how frustrating it might be sifting various places looking for an item. We’ve majored in ten water filter pitchers that are of high-quality and still at affordable prices. You can now confidently buy one that meets all your requirements. What’s more, we’ve laid down some of the things you should consider before sealing a product deal. Good luck!

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