Top 10 Best VR Headsets for 2020 Reviews

Most gaming enthusiasts yearn for many years for virtual reality (VR) to open a new gaming dimension. But some things required to be put together first. First, manufacturers were supposed to remodel the head-mounted displays to offer you headache-free gaming experience. Also, these headsets needed to be a bit accessible and affordable. Today, VR gaming boasts high-reputation in the market because of its affordability and accessibility. Having an appropriate VR headset enables you to enjoy incredible and immersive gaming experience in your home.

VR has expanded substantially, and currently, there are various methods of getting into VR gaming. For instance, some HDMs connect directly to gaming laptops or desktops while other high-end models are standalone headsets, which are head-mounted display (HDM); once you’ve strapped it on, you can start VR gaming. If you wish to escape reality and have a test of VR gaming, you are lucky enough because, in this article, we are going to present to you the best ten VR headsets for reviews. Just continue reading this content, you’ll come across your suit.

#1. Oculus Quest All-in-One 64GB Insight Tracking Touch Controllers VR Gaming Headset

Depending on your preferences, the Oculus VR headset might seem like a design dream that you have been waiting for. This VR does not require any PC or wires but only the Oculus mobile app. Besides, this app is compatible with IOS 10 and above or Android 6 and above. It comes with two touch controls, a power adapter, AA batteries, and a frame friendly spacer. It has sensors that help to track your movements then translates them into VR. You can use this VR headset while standing or sitting in any kind of environment. It is easy to set it up as it takes a few minutes, and you are good to go — this standalone headset. For a perfect fit, you can easily adjust the electric strap that it has.


  • The 72Hz refresh rates ensure that there is no motion blur
  • A foam fabric snuggled all round to keep you comfortable
  • Has built-in sensors that allow you to clear any objects
  • Convenient as it does not need any wires or PCs
  • Immersive built-in speakers with a great sound

#2. HTC Vive Cosmos Superior Visual Fidelity Flip-Up Design 6 Tracking Cameras VR Headset

When it comes to a genuinely immersive gaming experience, the HTC Vive VR headset outdoes its competitors. This VR headset has a wide tracking field-of-view that is powered by six tracking cameras. Also, it has a resolution display of 2880*1700 pixels with a fluid 90Hz fluid rate for a more VR experience. The flip-up screen allows you to snap back to reality in no time. You can play your favorite VR games and applications from the VR content stores. Besides, this device has an adjustable head strap that allows you to adjust its size to fit you. The controllers have an ergonomic design to avoid any wrist strains when playing for long hours.


  • Has a portable design to enable you to play anywhere you want to
  • Has an adjustable IDP dial for a sharper focus and more unobstructed view
  • The faceplate is well ventilated to allow for breathing normally
  • Made from high-grade, long-lasting materials
  • Compatible with most VR ready PCs and laptops

#3. HTC Vive Pro Spatial Audio Steam VR. 2.0 Tracking Infinity Virtual Reality System

Are you a gaming enthusiast, looking for an ideal VR headset? HTC VR headset has several features to offer. This VR headset displays with a resolution of 2880*1600 pixels for sharper graphics, explicit texts, and pleasant viewing experience. The steam VR tracking allows you to cover up to 360° of your movements without leaving anything out. Additionally, it has a 3D spatial sound that cancels any external noise to avoid distractions from the external environments. It can be used for motion capture, heavy equipment simulation, or automotive purposes. For more fun, you can get six months of unlimited VR play of 700+ games and applications.


  • Easy to put on and off as they can be adjusted for a perfect fit
  • Made lightweight thus easy to carry around as you travel
  • It is versatile as it can be used for different purposes
  • Has earphone cups that prevent any external noise

#4. Samsung HDM Odyssey 2 Wireless Controllers 3.5'' Windows Mixed Reality Headset (Black)

If you desire an excellent game console VR experience, then you can look into getting the Samsung VR headset. This headset has two 3.5 inch AMOLED screens with a 3k display to give you more of a real view while using it. It has a lightweight such that you won’t be feeling its weight while enjoying yourself. On the windows button is the shortcut menu to activate the flashlight when you do not leave the game while checking the surroundings. For more games and added experience, you can access Windows mr store and steamers. Also, it has the best image quality as compared to other VR devices for a better gaming experience.


  • Easy to set up as it does not require an external camera or sensors
  • Has a 110° degree viewing angle to enable you to explore more
  • Has built-in headphones for a dynamic and precise sound
  • Has a built-in tracking as compared to other models
  • The headband is made adjustable for a perfect fit

#5. Avegant Glyph AG101 Built-in 720p HDMI Screen Lightweight VR Video Headset

Avegant VR headset is among the best products that offer the best VR experience to the users. This headset has a built-in 720p HDMI displays to support various HDMI output devices like PS4. It is compatible with system Android 4.0 and above and system IOS 7.0 and above. It has a +1 to -7 adjustment range to enable both shortsighted and long sighted people to use them with having their glasses on. Also, it has a built-in battery that has a usage time of up to 4 hours when fully charged. It can be adjusted to your desired size to fit you perfectly. You do not need to take off this glyph when you need to see the surroundings as you just move down your sight.


  • Weighed only 3.35 pounds though you won’t feel its weight at all
  • Has an extra strap to keep it more stable in your head
  • Designed from high-quality, durable materials
  • Can be used as headphones via an audio cable
  • Has an apparent good picture quality

#6. VISIONHDM Bigeyes H1 584PPI 2.5K with HDMI Input Lightweight 3D Video Glasses

VISIONHDM Bigeyes H1 has brought you thrilling gaming experience. This model supports Three 3-D video formats, including side-by-side, top to bottom, and Blue-ray 3D. For incredible 3D video experience, this headset is equipped with HD 720p 584PP1 LCD for each eye. Also, it has HDMI input that makes it easy to connect to Apple TV, DVD player, Switch, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. It fits onto your head more comfortably and securely. Even better, the pupil distance is adjustable, and it supports 1080p and 720p videos.


  • It supports three 3D video format; Side by side, Top to Bottom and Blu-ray 3D
  • The power source it uses can be on the USB on a smartphone charger or PC
  • Can also work as FV monitor goggles but RF receivers are not included
  • An HDMI input makes a connection to the peripheral devices quite easy
  • It is compact, adjustable and lightweight for comfortable wearing

#7. PVR Iris All-in-1 2D 3D VR Videos Support YouTube Netflix Apps Standalone VR Headset

Virtual gaming has gone to a different level with the introduction of PVR Iris All-in-one standalone VR headset into the market. Even being an independent unit, it only weighs 300g, which is ultra-light to wear with comfort. The cushioned face pad will enable fit your face without suppressing pressure on your cheeks. Also, this model is portable and doesn’t need a connection to other devices like PC, smartphones, or even cables. It comes with a virtual 2560 x 1440 x 3 pixels screen resolution for the high definition gaming experience. Besides, this VR headset supports many platforms, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other popular apps. These apps are downloadable and installable directly into your system.


  • This VR headset is a standalone system that doesn’t require any other device to work
  • It supports images and videos of all kinds, 3D, 2D, JPEG, PNG, etc.
  • It is 300g Ultra-light to offer you a comfortable gaming experience
  • Has a full display screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 x 3 pixels
  • Supports popular free apps and also a built-in browser

#8. FXT VIPER 2.0 5.8 GHz 5 DVR HDMI Monitor Goggles Video Glasses for Drone Quad copter

Do you wear glasses and still want to experience a thrilling virtual gaming experience? It’s now possible with specially designed FXT Viper goggles video glasses. You’ll enjoy your gaming without straining your eyes even when you use it for longer hours. Even better, the ergonomic design relieves stress on your eyes and nose. Also, with the detachable 5-inch monitor, with combine goggle that separate monitor in an all-in-one. Besides, it has a built-in DVD recorder that supports one-key playback/recording. Furthermore, it supports HDMI in 1920 x 1080 resolution. The package includes a DIY channel that makes playing even easy and straightforward to master.


  • Has a new patented design that enables you to use for more extended hours
  • Offers menu for all 5.8 GHz table that is easy to locate and use
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses to use the goggles
  • Has removable sunshade and ergonomic design
  • The built-in DVR unit support one key recording

#9. GOOVIS G2 3D 4K Blu-ray Player Cinema VR Headset Theater Goggles for Gaming (Black)

Are you prepared to get into the virtual world to play your long-awaited virtual game? It has come to pass with the use of the GOOVIS G2 VR headset. This model has a 4K high resolution with customizable to offer you a distinctive gaming experience. Even better, the 3D effect provides you an immersive, realistic cinematic gaming experience. You can use this personal theater to stream and download videos/movies using apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, etc. The internal memory of 32 GB and a 254 GB TF card enables you to save all enjoyable resources in your system. Finally, this unit is 200g, thus making it portable and offers you exciting gaming experience.


  • Has a touchpad function and a control box that can work as a mouse
  • Offer your unlimited mobile entertainment with high contents
  • Built to have individual eye adjustments to meet various needs
  • It only weighs 200g that makes it lightweight and portable

#10. Royale Moon 2D 3D Dual 1080P FHD AMOLED Immersive Cinematic VR Headset (Black)

What of gifting your boy this coming holiday Royole moon VR headset because he is into gaming? A great idea, right? This VR headset uses AMOLED displays to provide a full HD 1080p resolution at about 3000 pixels per inch. This mobile theatre cancels any external noise by 92% to deliver sound free from any distractions. You can connect this headset to your streaming device using HDMI, WiFi, or USB.

Additionally, it automatically detects your content and adapts to optimize any 2D or 3D videos for more experience. Its battery has a recharging time of 2 hours for a 5- hour usage time. Eyeglass users can use it as it corrects lens power between -7.0 to 2.0.


  • The head strap and ear covers are well-padded to keep you comfortable
  • Has a blistering image response rate of 0.01ms for more explicit images
  • Has a foldable design making it easy to pack and transport
  • Has a scalable screen to avoid eye fatigue or feeling dizzy
  • The touch control system makes OS navigation simple

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best VR Headset

When you are almost cashing for a VR headset, it’s essential to rest assured with the model you choose, and it’s for that reason that we have put forth the following aspects to guide you pick the best VR headset.


Don’t be duped by the outer look for the VR headset; the greatness in terms of look doesn’t mean it’s comfortable to the game using it. Check the air vent to ensure that it enables air to flow freely for comfort. Besides, don’t forget to check the faceguard because they’ll wick away moisture for excellent support. The weight also determines the pleasure you’ll get. More massive models can strain your head hence reducing your convenience. Lastly, how adjustable are the straps to offer a secure fit?


The other undeniable thing to keep on the check is the interface. Here, you should be interested in the intuitiveness of the homepage and how responsive it is. Also, if you are interested in voice features and gesture controls, it’s paramount to go step by step.

Games and Content

Hardware goes hand in hand with the software. It involves the gaming library and apps that work with VR headset devices. The size of the unit library is essential in knowing the extent of this model work. Well, in summary, the best gaming library should come with different games, apps, movies, and other things that make gaming enjoyable.


Last but not least thing to consider is the controllers. Their general design matters a lot and if possible, opt for the controllers with ergonomic design. Doing so will enable you to have a comfortable gaming experience with quick to grab controllers. Besides, tracking and responsiveness are paramount in obtaining the best controllers.


Are you still stacked, and you don’t know which VR headset to buy? With your budget in mind, you can go through this arsenal of VR headset models, we assure you, and you wouldn’t miss something for yourself. And even as you take a step to purchase, you should know that these units are not a joke in terms of price, you should make your decision after considering all the prevailing conditions. We have reviewed each model separately, and you can get yourself the one with desirable features right away. We hope this article has helped give you information regarding the best VR headsets.

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