Top 10 Best USB Hubs for Reviews

In case you are into using a PC or a Mac mostly together with other devices, then USB ports can limit your working. Most of these devices don’t come with more than four USB ports, which make your transfers slow and frustrating. What you need to have is a smart USB hub to extend the number of USB sockets that enable you to connect almost all external USB devices you might think of. Talk about the hard drives, smartphones, Flask disk, and more devices.

In today’s review, we’re going to look at some of the best-rated options of USB Hubs, all the confusion, and frustration that you go through in your search has finally come to an end. From multi-port to USB-type, bus-powered to self-powered. The market currently is offering more than enough best USB hub, but in this article, we are going to offer you the top 10 rated USB Hub for Reviews. Let’s commence!

#1. MOKiN Dongle USB-C 5-in-1 HDMI TF Reader and 2 USB 3.0 Ports USB Hub (Silver)

MOKiN USB hub is a super-quality adapter to purchase. You can enjoy your videos by extending the laptop’s or tablet’s screen to a TV or monitor. The 3.0 USB ports transfer data at a speed of 640mb/s. This means that you can easily and quickly transfer data and safe most of your time. It has an aluminum alloy housing with gunmetal finishing for it last long without wearing off. This device is compatible with various devices like Macbook Pro models and many other devices. The HDMI resolution is compatible with 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 480p.


  • You easily keep this device in your bag or pocket as it is small-sized
  • It well-crafted for a cool blend with your connecting devices
  • The silver color matches well with Mac Pro silver coloring
  • Made from sturdy metallic materials for a longer usage
  • The high HDMI resolution supports up to 4k @ 30 HZ

#2. Ikling 9-in-One 4K Two USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet USB-C Hub Adaptor (Thunderbolt 3)

You can use multiple devices at once by using the Ikling USB hub. This 9-in-1 USB hub features various ports and other components for the best performance. It is compatible with most USB -C devices like a surface book, Google pixel book, and many other devices. The 2 3.0 ports allow for data transfer at a speed of 5 GB/s. Also, the charging ports support a maximum power of 65 watts to power up your laptop device. Besides, it is easy to carry because of its small and sleek design. The aluminum alloy housing has a grey finish that gives it a great look and durability. This is a perfect gift for a friend or a family member.


  • The mirror mode allows for a more superior video watching
  • Deliver faster network connection using the Ethernet ports
  • Has built-in chips that keep your USB safe always
  • Has an extend mode for a larger and precise view
  • Made from high-quality materials for longevity

#3. FlePow 7-in-1 3 USB 3.0 Portable HDMI SD/SD Reader USB-C USB Hub Adapter

Get this outstanding connectivity solution with more functionality by purchasing the FlePow USB adapter. The hub has 3 3.0 ports, USB C charging connector, 2 SD card reader outputs and 1 HDMI port. This multifunctional USB allows for the transfer of data to your tablet, laptop or SD card. The USB ports transfer’ data at a speed of 5GPbs this, in turn, saves time for synchronization. This hub gets you a vivid 3D effect video synchronization for the clearest videos. You can easily transfer images and videos from an SD card to your laptop at speed of 104mb/s. This high speed ensures a quick transfer therefore you wouldn’t have to waste time for any transfers.


  • Built-in chips protect your device for high performance
  • Has an overheating protection feature to keep it safe
  • Weighs about 2 ounces hence you can easily carry it
  • Easy to use as you just need to plug in and play
  • The sleek compact design makes it fit a pocket

#4. QGeeM Seven-in-One 100W Power Delivered HDMI Compatible MacBook Pro & Windows

QGeeM USB hub has a perfect combination that you have been looking for. This 7-in-1 USB includes an SD and TF reader, USB 3.0 HDMI output and a charge port. The SD and TF card reader’s transfer’s data at a speed of 95mb/s. Moreover, it delivers a maximum output power of almost 100watts to your laptop device. You can also stream videos or any media to larger screen or monitor in 4K @ 30 HZ. This device supports 18Gbs transmission bandwidth. In addition to that, it is compatible with Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iMac, and Chromebook Pixel. It can also be used with portable devices like USB flash drive, 2.5mm external disk and wire keyboard.


  • Has a faster data transfer speed as compared to other cards
  • You can multitask by charging and transferring your files
  • Saves your desk space as it does not take much space
  • Has a faster-charging rate to deliver more power
  • Has an aluminum alloy casing that is durable

#5. Anker Five-in-One USB C to HDMI Adapter MacBook Pro IPad Pro Pixel book & XPS

Do you have a laptop with limited ports? Then, it is wise to get the Anker USB hub. This USB transfers music, videos or images at a high speed of 5 GB/s. It is compatible with devices like the MacBook Air and Pro, XPS and pixel book. Also, it has different ports to serve you different purposes. These ports include 2 USB A port and 1 HDMI port. You can use the SD slot to connect to your Macbook. You can easily access your videos and images from the micro SD and SD card slots. These slots support almost all SD card formats. You can easily and quickly switch between varied peripherals without any disconnection via the operating system.


  • Built with a variety of resolutions to stream videos in a bigger screen
  • The compact design makes it suitable to fit in your pocket
  • This versatile USB hub can serve you different purposes
  • Has a lightweight design to allow for easy carrying
  • The travel pouch helps in storing this USB hub

#6. ICZI 4K SD/TF Slots PD Port USB C Hub for MacBook & Razer Laptop (Aluminum body)

ICZI 6-in-1 USB C Hub is a compact and powerful USB type C hub. It has a simple aluminum design with a stylish grey surface. The port has proven to offer reliable service without favoring the conditions. You can connect to the projector with a full HD display. Also, the PD port supports charging of the laptop or phone using between 60 to 80 w chargers. The overheat protection will also be helpful to prevent power outages from damaging your devices. The USB 3.0 offers support for an ultra-fast rate of transfer of up to 5GB/s. The type C port of this hub is compatible with Huawei notebook, MacBook Pro, ChromeBook Pixel, Lenovo Flex 5, etc.


  • Ultra-HD 4K HDMI Interface that allows connection to HD TV, 4K Monitor or Projector
  • Compatible with phones with DP alt mode like Samsung, Huawei, etc.
  • Built with aluminum housing & PG gland for enhanced durability
  • The package includes Multi-port USB C hub, Card and Gift bag

#7. UGREEN Six-in-One SD/TF Reader USB-C HDMI Unit Adapter MacBook Pro & Chromebook

If you want to conveniently expand your USB C laptop or MacBook, then go opt to UGREEN 6-in-1 USB hub. It offers you possibilities for the USB C connection. Also, it provides you superior protection to all your peripheral devices. It is compatible with almost all USB C ports of all platforms. With the HDMI output offers a simple plug and play connection to almost HDMI monitor or display with high resolution. It is sleek and compact, hence it can fit into a bag to take with you anywhere. The aluminum finish makes the unit look elegant and glamorous. Grab it while stocks last!


  • USB-C card reader easily expands SD/TF slot and read/write cards simultaneously
  • UGREEN USB-C has a sleek aluminum finish to complement Apple accessories
  • Tiny & compact design fits into a carry bag for an on the go use
  • Fast data exchange among storage devices of up to 5 GB/s
  • Delivery 4K 3D high definition sensory experience

#8. Baseus 6-in-1 60W Docking Station Wireless Charger 4K HDMI for USB C Devices

If you are hoping to get a premium multiport USB C hub then you are in the right place. Baseus 6-in-1 USB C Hub new model is here for you. It offers an all-in-one solution adapter. The unit is compatible with type-C laptop and MacBook Pro and more versatile. You can plug and play to enjoy many Pc’s capabilities to meet almost all USB appliances. Being sleek and compact making it portable and on the go device. The intelligent chip that is built-in this system is compatible with XPS, Tablets, Chromebook, Galaxy S9/S10/S8 and many other USB type C gadgets.


  • Has a USB C to Apple watch wireless charger adapter
  • Built with an exquisite mirror glass panel design
  • Operates with 5 GB/s speed data transfer
  • Has a portable, compact and sleek design
  • It supports superior 4K HDMI video output

#9. ITeknic 6-in-1 USB C Adapter USB PD Charging Port 3 MacBook Pro for USB C Devices

Are you looking for a high-cost effective and practical USB hub to acquire for your device? Look no further than iTeknic 6-in-1 USB C Hub for all your needs. It comes with 6 ports, Ethernet, 3 USB A 3.0 ports, Charging ports and 4K HDMI. Also, it is compatible with almost all C-ready devices, this will solve all your cable requirements. Besides, the 4K video adapter can comfortably extend your screen and enable you to stream in 4K or UHD to your extended monitor or projector. Additionally, the USB hub is slim and compact to fit into your bag and conveniently portable. This hub is suitable for office, home, business, travel, meeting use.


  • Built with a slim and lightweight design for convenient portable
  • Ideal for meeting, business, home, travel and on the go use
  • 4K HDMI video output extends your screen for streaming
  • A high-cost effective USB hub for quick transfers
  • Super speed transfer and 60W PD charging

#10. Dodocool 7-in-1 Dongle USB C PD Charging USB C Hub HDMI for All USB C Devices

What a great to have a 7-in-1 USB C hub by Dodocool USB hub! Made from aluminum alloy multi-function casing with the ionized finish. EMI protection ensures all the devices connected to your laptop or Pc. Also, you can safely charge your appliance without any fear of getting damaged. This hub also enables you to connect earphones, keyboard, mouse, audio devices to a USB-C laptop through 3 USB 3.0 ports. Moreover, it fully supports the SD/TF card reader and operates simultaneously. In essence, this hub can save you a lot of space in your desk while expanding your gadget’s connectivity.


  • Gold plated interface offer high connectivity for signals & current
  • Slim and compact to easily set your laptop sleeve or pocket
  • Saves your desk space & your gadget’s connectivity
  • Made with materials that offer enhanced durability
  • Compatible with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc.

Things to Look Out for When Shopping for the Best USB Hub

Before embarking on the mission of purchasing your suitable USB Hub, here are some of the crucial factors that will help you in your purchase.

Number of ports

The more the ports a USB hub comes with, the better it becomes. So, when you out for one, you need to acquire the ports that satisfy your needs. For example, if you have more input/output devices, then it is advisable to go for the one with more ports. However, if you don’t have many USB devices, then there is no need to acquire more ports hub.


Of course, USB is the standard connection to most peripheral devices, however, Ultrabooks and iOS use USB-C adapters to connect to slim tablets and laptops. If you’ve such devices, then a versatile hub will accommodate USB-C. Lucky enough, the models we have reviewed above meet the threshold of being compatible with most high-end devices like MacBook, iPhones, Galaxy models, etc.

Surge Protection

In case you are using the hub adapter to transfer data, then it’s worth going for the one with surge protection circuitry to prevent it from getting damaged. A USB hub that acts as a surge protector in case of sudden outages, power surges and keeps all your devices safe.


Nothing is more impressive than getting a USB Hub adapter that can offer expandable USB ports for all your external devices. Besides, it enables you to connect to all devices from all platforms like Windows, Apple, Mac, Linux, Android, just but a few. The headache of waiting for one port to do your next task is a forgotten thing because this is an all in one device that enables you to do everything simultaneously. In line with that, we recommend that you go through the guide we’ve offered to lead you to find what suits you the most. Grab one today, they’re affordable and best quality ever. Otherwise, have a blissful shopping experience!

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