Top 10 Best Tower Fans in 2021 Reviews

Regardless of the season, it’s paramount that you maintain the air circulating in your house. Regular air circulation boosts the performance of your HVAC units and helps you save a lot of money. Aside from that, there are confirmed health benefits to excellent air circulation, in particular, if you have a cold or suffer from allergies. Tower fans are portable because of their compact and lightweight nature. So, if you’re a person on the go, then this device is a perfect suit.

There’s a wide range of fans in the market today, and selecting the best choice out of the thousands of options is an uphill task. However, after this review, you’ll be in a better position to shop for one. We’re going to review the best-ranked tower fans in the market. Our team has tested the models for efficiency and performance, and no doubt, you’ll like one of them. Let’s find the details.

#1. Homech 3 Modes 3 Speed Auto Oscillating Whole Room Wind Curve Tower Fan w/Bladeless Fan

Homech Tower Fan is designed with a compact style that helps you to preserve more space within your room. It not only poses a unique design but also it perfectly blends into any interior décor. HM-TF001 guarantees you with a comfortable supply of fresh air throughout the season. This tower fan is ideal for use in the bedroom, workstations, living room and any other room that needs fresh airflow.

This tower fan has been fitted with powerful oscillating fans that cover a wider area. Also, it has been programmed with three styles of air circulation and three-speed ranges. Further, it is easy to monitor the current temperature reading with the help of a large LED display unit.


  • The compact design makes it easy to store
  • Designed with three styles and modes
  • Controlled easily with a remote
  • Has an oscillation angle of 65o
  • The fan works quietly.

#2. Ozeri Noise Reduction Technology Efficient Wind Adjustable Ultra 42-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan

OZERI tower fan is a décor enhancer device that has been constructed with a space-saving style. This fan generates more fresh airflow within a shorter period without too much production of noise. It has been equipped with three modes of airflow, which includes: comfort, relaxation and sleep modes. Also, it is programmed with a three-speed level with up to 90o angle of oscillation for maximum air circulation.

The fan is fitted with a large LED display screen that helps in easy monitoring of the room temperatures. This LED screen has a dimmable light mode for ease of use at night. With a remote controller, you can operate the fane from whichever position you are within the room. Moreover, the fan has an in-built automatic timer that can be programmed for up to 12 hours.


  • Its style is compatible with any room décor
  • Uses a smart screen and remote controller
  • No tools are required when installing
  • Designed with a pre-installed timer
  • Generates a noiseless airflow

#3. IRIS USA White/Black 31.5'' Woozoo Remote Controlled Oscillating Tower Fan w/Adjustable Vents

Woozo is an oscillating remote controlled tower fan that guarantees an optimum circulation of fresh air within your room. It comes with a wireless remote controller that allows you to switch to your desired fan settings comfortably from any corner of your room. You can adjust the strength of the airflow to suit your preferences with the help of 3-speed ranges.

This tower fan is fitted with adjustable vents near the rotating fan. These vents allow you to control the direction of the flow of air within the room. This fan can oscillate on both the right and left side, thus covering the whole with the flow of fresh air. Additionally, the fan features a long power cord and a steady circular base.


  • Compact body design safe on storage space
  • Oscillates on both right and left sides
  • Programmed with an auto-off timer
  • Operated using a remote controller
  • Made of light plastic material

#4. Varnado OSCR32 Black Remote Control & Timer 32'' Oscillating Air Circulator Tower Fan

Vornado OSCR32 has two distinctive options of fresh air circulation for you to choose from within a single product. These dual options to choose from are either Vornado’s Signature circulation the whole room or Oscillating airflow whenever you need. Vornado’s signature uses a high-velocity and stationary flow to ensure that there is a continuous air circulation within the room. At the same time, the oscillating mode cools the room with high-velocity beams of air.

The fan is operated using a very sensitive smart-touch button. You can use the three pre-programmed speed levels to control the velocity of the airflow within your room. Also, this tower fan has an automatic timer that can be programmed to shut off after 3-9 hours.


  • The remote controller allows you to controls its settings
  • Ensure the circulation of air the whole room
  • Easy to customize with touch controls
  • Has an energy-saving auto-off timer
  • Has a sleek body design

#5. TaoTronics Portable Up to 12H Timer Powerful Floor Fan w/Remote & Large LED Display for Home

TaoTronics tower fan gives an enjoyable life experience full of personalized fresh air circulation. This stand-up fan is designed with three modes of winds, three ranges of fan speed and up to 65o angle of oscillation. These features let you enjoy an enhanced and easy control of air circulation with the comfort of your home.

It has a large and multi-functional display panel with LED lighting system. With the use of a remote controller, you can easily access the settings of the fan across your room without necessarily going close to the fan. Additionally, this fan has a removable cover at the back that allows breeze maintenance of the fan.


  • Uses QuietSet technology to control the noise level
  • Equipped with electronic buttons for control
  • Auto-off timer can be set for up to 8 hours
  • Designed with three modes and speed levels
  • Does not require tools during installation

#6. Aikoper 36'' Quiet Cooling Fan Timer & Remote Built-in 3 Modes Tower Fan for Home Office

This Tower fan has been designed to give you a customizable fresh air experience. It features three modes of operation and up to 3-speed levels. The three operating modes, which includes: sleep mode, natural mode and normal mode, allows you to customize your cooling needs and airflow in your room.

You can quickly get access to the speed, timer, or mode settings through the use of a large LED display unit fitted on the tower fan. LED lights are programmed to automatically go off after every 30 seconds of no use to preserve energy and eliminate interferences.


  • Has a compact body style that saves on space
  • Programmed with an auto shut-off timer
  • Operates using three available modes
  • Its oscillation covers a wider area
  • The fan has three-speed levels.

#7. Honeywell Home Timer Shut-Off & Dust Filter Programmable HYF048 Black Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Honeywell tower fan is a 3-speed digital stand-up fan that has been equipped with powerful wind blades. These turbo wind blades are responsible for the generation of more airflow in the room. It has attractive and comfortable control features which include 3-speed range, programmable thermostat, large LED screen and a time shutter.

This tower fan delivers greater distribution of airflow than using its oscillating mechanism. The fan comes with a remote control that lets you to comfortably and conveniently get access to the control panel of the tower fan with much ease. Also, the fan is fitted with a washable air filter.


  • Equipped with an automatic shut-off timer
  • The remote controller allows ease of control
  • Has a programmable thermostat
  • Fitted with an LED display unit
  • It has a washable dust filter.

#8. Lasko Space-Saving 52-Inch Pedestal Portable Tower Fan wBuilt-in Timer & Remote Control -2535

This is a perfect fan for fresh air circulation in the living room, home office, and kitchen or bedroom. It is designed to operate with three adjustable levels of speed that are energy-efficient. The fan is very powerful and operates with minimal noise to facilitate the circulation of fresh air in the room. It is uniquely designed with a small and compact body that enables it to suitably fit into tight places.

The fan has a large angle of oscillation that allows circulation of fresh air in a widespread area. Also, with the directional louvers, you can dictate the direction of airflow to suit your needs. Further, the fan is easy to control with the help of LED Screen and remote control.


  • Its oscillation covers a wider are in the room
  • The body is built from a plastic material
  • Controlled by a wireless remote
  • Designed with three-speed levels
  • Styled with LED display unit

#9. PELONIS FZ10-10JRH 40'' 3-Speed Quiet Fan Stylish Oscillation White Tower Fan

PELONIS is a 40-inch oscillating stand-up fan which functions with three ranges of speed. This tower fan features a remote controller and an automatic shut-off timer that creates optimum comfort in very minimal space. Tall and narrow style of this tower fan makes it suitable for use in areas with limited space.

This fan has two modes of operation, which are static mode and oscillating mode. Static mode allows the concentration of airflow towards one direction while on the other hand, oscillating mode gives you wider coverage of fresh air. The fan comes with a remote controller for ease of operation. Additionally, the LED display unit makes it easy for you to monitor the settings of the fan.


  • Small and compact design help save on space
  • The operation panel is equipped with LED screen
  • Operates with the lowest level of noise
  • Its oscillations cover an angle of 60o
  • Has an in-built overheat protector

#10. Kismile 35'' White 12H Portable Quiet Tower Fan w/Oscillation 3 Powerful Wind Speed & 3 Modes

Kismile is a portable tower fan designed with a small and compact style that helps in saving more space. This brand of a stand-up fan is suitable for the used bedroom, kitchen, dormitory, an apartment or in the office. It has been programmed with three modes of operations and three powerful speeds. These operation modes are sleepy mode, natural mode and normal mode. The modes are adjustable depending on different conditions.

This fan uses the recent and most advanced bladeless cooling system that does not make noise during its operations. It will also regulate the room temperature within 3 seconds, giving you a cooler breeze. Additionally, features of this fan include a remote controller, LED display unit and an in-built timer that can run for up to 12 hours.


  • Its auto shut-off timer can last for up to 12 hours
  • Programed with three modes and three-speed ranges
  • Offers breeze control with the help of a remote
  • Designed with an option 85o oscillation angle
  • Has LED display unit for easy customization

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Tower Fan

Control & Display

The foremost aspect to keep close attention to when shopping for the best tower fan is how easy it’s to control. Are the buttons responsive or mushy to touch? How about their setup? What of the display? Is it easy to read? Again, you want to consider the brightness of the display, more so, if you’re planning to use it in your bedroom. Well, a bright light in the fan at night seems distracting. Therefore, you should be looking at the dim function.

Noise Level

With improvements in lubricants and also manufacturing being less expensive, producing quiet fans has become possible and easier. However, the noise level can still differ widely among different models of tower fans. So, before going a step further, you can read the spec of the fan to ascertain its noise level. Ideally, fans should be able to help you to sleep and shouldn’t cause any unnecessary disturbance.

Stability & Base of the Fan

Following where you’ll be placing the tower fan, the stability of the unit can be a vital parameter to put into account. If for instance, you’re looking for a model that helps you at home or work, then you would want to model with a stable base. As such, you’ll avoid causing unintended accidents. At least you wouldn’t knock it when you’re working in your office. Therefore, look for the one with a stable base.


We’ve come to the end of this review. We believe after you read this article, you’re now in a better position to make a wise buying decision. Whether you’re looking for a tower fan to breathe fresh air in your home, or your office, the list above comes with favorable selections. Plus, the factors right above will keep you on track and ensure you don’t fault your purchase. If you think you still need some more information regarding one of the above tower fans, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the below section. Good luck!

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