Top 10 Best Steam Irons for 2020 Reviews

Many of us wouldn’t like to be seen out there wearing wrinkled clothes. In the past, our forefathers resorted to ironing a fabric when it’s still damp or has a wet towel underneath the fabric being ironed, and it makes it clear that the aspect of water was a requirement for the best ironing results. Technology has, therefore, come up with steam irons with reservoirs of water to make work much more manageable. With this, the modern person will look sharp only by using an ideal steam iron.

All steam irons are designed to get rid of creases and wrinkles, but actually, all of them do not do their tasks most efficiently. This difference is brought about by the differing designs, ease of use, performance, instructions, and many other features. All these considered, we have done a little scrutiny and came up with the best ten steam irons to aid you in purchasing what is best.

#1. Rowenta DG8520 1800W Eco-Energy Stainless Steel Soleplate 400-Holes Steam Iron (Purple)

Are you looking for an effective and powerful steam iron in the market today? Look no further than Rowenta steam iron. It has a stainless steel soleplate that is durable and does not rust easily. This steam iron heats in just two minutes to generate up to 120g of steam suitable for removing any wrinkles from any fabric. With a single fill of the tank, then you can use this steam iron for up to 90 minutes. It offers the best glide with no wrist strain after a longer usage time. Moreover, it has 5 bars of steam pressure from the boiler system, making it powerful as compared to the regular iron. You do not have to worry about carrying or transporting it since it has a locking system to make all this more comfortable.


  • With Eco-mode you can save up to 20% of the power consumption
  • Has a precision tip to enable you to iron the hard to reach areas
  • Generates a power of up to 1800 watts to heat up faster
  • Plastic parts can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth
  • A large removable water tank that is easy to refill

#2. Duetto Ariete 6437 Cork Handle Robust Big Water Reservoir Sturdy Convenient Steam Iron

Duetto steam iron will blitz its way through the biggest pile of laundry within the shortest time possible. This steam iron has a large water tank, which means that you do not have to refill each time. It heats up pretty quickly such that you won’t wait long to work on your laundry. You are assured of long-lasting steam because this unit is from durable high-grade materials. Besides, it generates consistent steam making your operations much more straightforward. With so much heat that it produces, it destroys up to 99.9% of germs present in your clothes. Lastly, this equipment weighs less; thus it won’t hurt your wrist when lifting it.


  • Has a compact design for more accessible storage and portability reasons
  • Versatile as it works on all fabrics like cotton or heavy curtains
  • Easy to refill since you can do it while ironing your clothes
  • Has a sturdy stand making it more stable when in use
  • Saves your time and energy since it heats up faster

#3. Reliable 120IS Maven 1500W 1L Tank 6 Bar Pressure Digital Display Ceramic Soleplate Steam Iron

If you are looking for a reliable steam iron just as the name suggests, then Reliable steam iron is a perfect choice for you. It has a ceramic soleplate that distributes heat evenly and provides for a smooth ironing experience. This steam iron has a large removable water tank of a capacity of 1 liter for a more extended operation before another refill. Just in case you forget switching this unit off after usage, it will automatically shut itself down after 10 minutes. You are capable of ironing the hard to reach areas since this steam iron has a pro detail tip. Finally, it has four steam and temperatures that allow you to easily control this device by choosing the setting which best suits you.


  • The cord is covered with a braided fabric to avoid overheating
  • Has a large water tank that produces tonnes of steam
  • Easy to read the digital display to navigate the settings
  • Made from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Has a locking system to keep this device in place

#4. NAHANCO DG5030 Rowenta's Professional High Power Compact Vertical Steam Iron Station

One of the best steam irons you can come across is NAHANCO steam iron. This steam iron has a large water tank of 40 oz. That produces continuous steam for up to 90 minutes when full. It has an indicator that notifies you when the container needs to be refilled. You can use this on thick fabrics and difficult creases as it produces a powerful steam of up to 120g/min. The controls are easy to read since the empty tank and cleaning indicators are located on the steam station. Furthermore, this unit has an auto shut off feature, which automatically turns it off after a few minutes of inactivity. This an ideal holiday gift for a friend or a family member this coming season.


  • Broad steam head for faster and wide distribution of steam
  • Has a locking system that makes it easy to move it around
  • The precision tip allows you to access hard to reach areas
  • Built-in storage for the cord to avoid tangles all the time
  • Saves you on space because it has a compact size

#5. Dupray 1750W 60 Min/Fill Natural Cork Handle Anti-Scale Boiler Thermostatic Control Steam Iron

Do you need a steam iron to smoothen wrinkles in your clothes at a faster rate? Dupray steam iron is where it is at. This steam iron works better and faster three times as compared to the regular iron. Its soleplate is from high-grade and durable aluminum materials. The temperatures of the soleplate depending on how much heat you need to unwrinkle your laundry. It also has a higher steam output of 120g/ minute, and this means that it takes less time to iron a whole pile of clothes because of the heat it produces. It is easy since you only need to fill up the system with water and you are good to go.


  • When the tank is full, it allows for usage time of 60 minutes
  • Can handle any cloth from delicate silk to sensitive wool
  • Anti-scale stainless steel boiler that does not rust easily
  • Produces power of 1750 watts for quick heat up
  • Natural cork handle that is comfortable to handle

#6. Panasonic 360 Ceramic Cordless Metallic Freestyle Double-Point Design Adjustable Steam Iron (Red)

Are you tired of being limited to power cord steam iron? Then you’ll love what Panasonic steam has to offer you. This steam iron will be of good help in most situations when you are in a hurry, yet you need your clothes wrinkle-free. It heats up so quickly and also cools down quickly such that you would not have to waste a lot of time waiting for it to gain heat. Moreover, it has a large surface to enable you to handle larger fabric like tablecloths and curtains within a few minutes. As compared to other models, the Panasonic model has a smaller size and is lighter, making it easier to store it. This unit lasts forever as it is made of high-quality materials that last long.


  • Easy assemble since it comes with a clearly instructed manual
  • Expansive surface to enable you to smoothen the wrinkles faster
  • Has a cordless design to avoid being tangled up when ironing
  • Has 360° shape that makes it easy to iron small corner
  • Automatically shuts off after a few minutes of activity

#7. PurSteam Heavy-Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer Elite Garment Steam Iron with Fabric Brush

In the confusing world of steam irons, you do not have to look any further but to just pick PurSteam steam iron since it has the most appealing features. It has a larger tank of a capacity of 61 oz. That heats up within 45-60 seconds and produces stable steam for almost 60 minutes. Also, it produces steam of up to 248° F, which penetrates the fibers for a wrinkle-free cloth. The collapsible hanger can be adjusted from 15, 17 up to 19 inches to quickly iron the full shouldered shirts and small sequined leotards. This device only weighs 2.2 pounds, which is easy for you to iron a whole pile of clothes without tiring or straining your hands.


  • Has crease attachments that give your clothes a more finished look
  • The adjustable hanger has a bar to hold in the adjusted place
  • Durable since it is from high-quality components
  • Produces high-quality steam that kills 99.9% of germs
  • Easy to clean by wiping the inside with a paper cloth

#8. Silver Star Sb-250 2/3 Gallon Professional 3.5 Weigh 1300W Boiler Power 800W Ironing Power

If you want the best of the best when it comes to steam irons, then you need Silver Star steam iron. This steam iron only weighs 3.5 pounds; thus, it is easy for you to carry it with you anywhere you desire, and you won’t feel its weight when tackling your laundry. It has a boiler power of 1300 watts and an iron power of 800 watts for rapid heat up. The steam pressure gauge shows the pressure of the internal boiler in both bars and psi. Also, the boiler has a water capacity of 2.3 liters to avoid frequent refilling. When there is no more water in the boiler, the power switch automatically shuts off, whereas the LED indicator lights up.


  • Has an easy to connect and disconnect plugs which it easy to change irons
  • Has an LED indicator light to notify you when the boiler is empty
  • The two thermostats keep the device free from overheating
  • Powerful enough to transmit the best quality of steam
  • Non-slip handle for a firm grip thus avoiding sliding

#9. CONSEW CES-94A Industrial Gravity Feed Convenient Soft Touch Switch High-Quality Iron Steam

CONSEW steam iron is excellent for your home use because it has a lot of features that you will surely fall in love with. This steam iron has a power of 1000 watts and a voltage of 120 volts, which means that it heats up quickly to enable you to get done with a pile of clothes within a few minutes. You are guaranteed a high level of safety because both the soft touch button switch and rotary heat dial are well shielded. Its soleplate is from high-grade aluminum materials that last longer before having to replace them. With a weight of 2.1 kg, you can easily carry it with you whenever you are traveling and makes ironing work easier.


  • Easy to use since it has a soft touch button switch that is easy to operate
  • Made lightweight allow you iron clothes without feeling its weight
  • Ergonomically designed urethane handle to avoid wrist strains
  • Easy to set up since it only takes a few minutes
  • U/L approved meaning that it is safe for usage

#10. Oliso RG1100 iTouch Technology 1800W Stainless Steel Soleplate Smart Steam Iron (Orchid)

If you want a steam iron that can help you with your laundry load, then Oliso steam iron will do this task efficiently. This steam iron has its soleplate made of high-quality stainless materials that do not rust easily and are durable. The soleplate has expanded steam holes to allow for the flow and dispersion of steam. It has a power of 1800 watts that heats the iron so rapidly to enable you to iron a whole pile of clothes in no time by just one pass pressing. Also, it has three steam settings (continuous, horizontal, and vertical burst) and three steam levels (low, medium, and low) to enable you to choose the setting that you desire. Finally, it has a hefty 12.7 -ounces side fill the water tank to ensure the safety and durability of the steam iron.


  • Has scorch guards to keep you safe from burning, tipping, and scorching
  • Automatically shuts off after some time standing or when knocked over
  • 2-inch detailer tip to get in-between layer for crisp pockets and cuffs
  • Has a 12 feet cord that is easy to maneuver around when ironing
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Steam Iron


This more or less the same as power the steam iron has. Steam iron with a higher power assures you of the production of more heat for a wrinkle-free cloth as compared to that with low power.

Temperature gauge

Different clothes are from different materials; therefore, it requires different temperatures to iron them. Most steam irons have adjustable temperatures to accommodate all these kinds of clothing.

Number of steam holes

The steam holes a steam iron is a direct factor in wrinkle-free clothing. The holes direct steam to the fabric being iron. Steam iron with more number of steam holes spread more steam on the surface of the material as compared to that which fewer steam holes.


How much is this steam iron? This factor is what everyone will be finally asking himself or herself after considering all other considerations. If you iron your clothes frequently, you might find an expensive steam iron to save a lota of ironing time. If you seldom do iron them, there is no need to consider a costly brand.


Everyone has a particular taste and preference when it comes to a sure thing. As for the above-listed steam irons, all are the best, and what you can do is pick one of them for a new ironing experience. Nothing should stop you from picking what the best ten steam iron has to offer you. We hope this article will help make the best choice when purchasing the right steam iron for yourself. Make your choice count today by taking advantage of this outpouring list. Have a hassle-free shopping experience.

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