Top 10 Best Sound bars for 2020 Reviews

Soundbars are now taking over the traditional speaker, subwoofer, and home theater receiver in many ways. First, these models are compact, easy to set up and sell at an affordable price. Besides, their audio-quality is always way better than that of a TV’s standard in-built speakers. Ideally, a soundbar and TV go hand in hand. But the big problem when selecting the best choice is the tons of options that have flooded the market.

To end such frustration, we have compiled a list that will offer you tailored soundbar options. We have gone the extra mile by testing each of the below soundbars to ensure that they meet the quality requirements. Whether you need a soundbar to watch or movie or listen to your favorite music in your living space, our list offers unlimited usage. That said, here are the best 10 Soundbars for reviews to check out.

#1. Bose Solo Universal Remote Control Bluetooth Connectivity 5 TV Soundbar Sound System (Black)

What a most excellent way of hearing more conversation from your HDTV using Bose Solo soundbar! This unit has a single soundbar that gives exemplary sound quality for all your exciting TV programs. It makes your audio clearer from a normal talking to clever sound effects. And even further, the dialogue mode brings each word to stand out. You’ve got a chance to position this appliance anywhere you want for more thrilling music or movie streaming. Because it is Bluetooth enabled, you can listen to your favorite music at the comfort of your couch. It comes with a universal that can control Bluetooth, TV, bass connection, and more.


  • The universal remote control your Bluetooth connectivity, TV, Blue-ray Player, etc.
  • Built with advanced technology that delivers clear audio that your TV can’t
  • Has ergonomic buttons that enable you to regulate bass with ease
  • Setting up this soundbar is a snap using optical, coaxial cable
  • It’s very versatile, and it can be placed almost anywhere

#2. Samsung 2.1 HW-R450 200W Bluetooth Compatible Smart Sound Game Mode Soundbar

Samsung soundbar offers a crisper and clearer voice in your movie scenes. It comes with a wireless subwoofer for more bass effects for excellent sounds. With different modes, you can experience more in gaming or other operations. The smart sound mode goes through the content and modifies its sound effects for the best sound. This soundbar is mainly compatible with Samsung TVs. You can connect this device to your phone via Bluetooth to enjoy your music. Also, it comes with a remote controller, which enables you to turn on/0ff or change music anytime at the comfort of your sofa or chair. Finally, installation is more comfortable since it is packaged with a wall mounting kit that has two screws, two brackets, and two bracket attachments.


  • You can use the Samsung remote to operate both the TV and the soundbar
  • The game mode allows you to set it for more gaming sound effects
  • Saves your time since it only takes up to 5 minutes to set it up
  • Has a compact design thus fits in between a 58″ inch TV legs
  • The wireless subwoofer has a frequency of 43Hz-20 kHz

#3. Yamaha Audio YAS-207BL with Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth & DTS Virtual Soundbar (X Black)

When it comes to an excellent sound quality, Yamaha audio soundbar does it the best way. It has DTS virtual: x to virtualize sounds from different dimensions for high sound output. This unit comes with an HDMI cable and optical cable that makes the connection and set up a lighter task. You can easily control your music, movies, or games using the included remote, TV remote, or a free app for more convenient and enjoyable usage time. The wireless subwoofer brings more bass effects to sounds and can be installed at any place in your room for real sound production. Its lesser weight is an added advantage when installing it or when you need to carry it from one place to another.


  • You can use the home theatre controller app when you lose your remote
  • Fits in perfectly in front of your TV as it has a slim and compact design
  • Has a clear voice mode to enable you to get all details of the sound
  • Supports different audio signals like PCM and Dolby digital
  • Sends 4k HDR videos through the HDMI output jack

#4. LG SK1 Sound Sync TV Remote Compatibility Bluetooth Enabled Compact & Classic Soundbar

If you are looking for a good body trembling bass, LG soundbar is the better option. This unit has a sleek design that makes it invisible underneath your TV, thus saving much of your space. You can link it up to devices like smartphones via a Bluetooth connection. Operation is a more straightforward task since you can use the TV’s remote control to operate this soundbar. This makes it easier to adjust the volume of both the TV and the soundbar at a distance.

Moreover, it is easy to set up because you are good to go after a few minutes. It has a maximum weight of 4.4 pounds, thus more convenient to transport or store it. For a better connection, it includes a 3 feet optical cable for high-quality sound output.


  • Produces a right amount of bars even without a subwoofer
  • Supports a remote from eight different brands of TVs
  • Made of high-quality materials that last long enough
  • Comes with 2AAA batteries for use in the remote
  • Has better performing speakers as those of the TV

#5. Sony S100F 2.0'' Integrated Tweeter & Bluetooth with Bass Reflex Speaker Soundbar (HTS100F)

Are you looking for a soundbar to upgrade your TV speakers? Look no further than Sony soundbar. It has a setup of two-channel speakers to produce your desired sound volume. The bass reflexes speaker delivers high quality, deeper sound for more enjoyable music. You can easily connect it to your TV through the HDMI ARC for good sound output. Also, you can play your favorite audio or video through a USB or Bluetooth to avoid cords associated problems. It comes with a remote controller that enables you to manage your music at a further distance from your soundbar. With only a weight of 6 pounds, then you can easily transport it or transfer it from one room to the other.


  • Easy to install since it comes with a clear instructional manual
  • Operates with ease because it comes with a remote controller
  • Has a compact design thus saves you on storage space
  • Fits well into a 43-inch Sony TV leg-size

#6. Dell AC511 Integrated T-Hook Volume Control Knob with Headphone Jack USB Wired Soundbar

Dell is a well-established company that produces high-quality tons of products, and it’s no difference; AC511 USB wired soundbar boasts a clear and best quality sound. This system offers users a stylish solution that goes handy with the chic of different Dell monitors, and the USB power offers convenience. Besides, it comes with the headphone jack that enables users to listen to audio from exciting music, games, and movies without taking much of your desk space. Even better, this unit offers an easy way of using speakers through the USB port, hence doing away with batteries or even a power cord. For reassurance, this model is thoroughly tested and validated using Dell systems, so you don’t have to worry.


  • It’s compatible with the latest Dell monitors, including; P model, E model, etc.
  • Uses a USB to power without connecting or installation extra-software
  • Delivers impressive sound with a low-profile design
  • The music sound reproduced is crisp and clear

#7. JBL 4K Ultra HD 5.1 Channel Soundbar 510W 10-inch Wireless Speakers Subwoofer 3 HDMI Inputs

Are you ready to enjoy all-wireless movie experience right in your living space? JBL 4K ultra HD speaker is your ultimate choice. It uses two detachable batteries that offer up to 10 hours of playtime and also uses 510 maximum total system power for optimum performance. The 10-inches wireless subwoofer with 3 HDMI inputs connect 4K gadgets and Bluetooth for continuous streaming of videos and games. It can work best with any smart TV remote controls; hence you can use one TV remote to maneuver both appliances. Finally, you can stream all your favorite music using any mobile device.


  • Uses 510W of power that ensures high-end audio surround sound
  • The 10-inches wireless subwoofer offers a thrilling bass
  • Delivers you a 4K connectivity for crystal clear display
  • It works with your TV remote for convenience

#8. TaoTronics 32'' Wired & Wireless Bluetooth 3 Equalizer Mode Audio Speaker 4.2 Stereo Soundbar

The black color of the TaoTronics sound bar meets the standard colors for most home electronics. If you’re looking for a model that will enable you to enjoy life to the fullest that you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have a traditional TV or a digital TV set, this soundbar is the best device to use as a sound enhancer. For those using former TV models, it advisable that you use the RCA cable to create a connection, on the other hand, those using the latter TV model can connect using Bluetooth, Audio cable, optical connection or RCA cable as well. With powerful speakers, this soundbar offers around the whole audio experience.


  • Has three different equalizer modes: movie mode, music mode and games mode
  • Built with powerful speakers that deliver an excellent audio experience
  • Uses Bluetooth, RCA cable, remote and optical connections
  • It is slim to save you more space and adds your space a flair
  • The LED screen will display the current

#9. Sonos Beam with Built-in Amazon Alexa Compact Remote Control Smart TV Soundbar (Black)

If you want a Smart soundbar for connecting with your TV to watch movies or videos, Sonos Beam’s model is the surest deal to invest in. It’s capable of playing anything that means most to you using the beam, which you can control using the Sonos App, remote, your voice, and more. Besides, it’s tuned by The Oscar-Winning Engineers to make emphasis on the use of human voice. It might not sound like a winning product in this list, but let’s give credit to where it’s dues; Amazon Alexa service is built to enable you to check the news, play music, get answers to your questions, set alarms, etc., which is entirely hands-free. To Setup this model in minutes for full-blast music.


  • Built-in Alexa enables you to lay games, set alarms, check the news, etc.
  • Controllable using voice, the Sonos App, remote and more
  • It’s a compact model suitable for your Music, TV, etc.
  • Has two cords and automatic remote detection

#10. Polk Audio Ultra-Slim Universal Signa S2 Soundbar with Bluetooth Enabled & Wireless Subwoofer

Better sounds are affected by the type of sound system that you prefer to buy. Polk audio soundbar is a powerful device that can fill the surrounding with a sound that surpasses anything you usually hear from your in-built TV’s tiny speakers. It’s universally compatible and can work best with 4K and HD TVs; trust us, you can watch your favorite movie or TV show in excellent contrast and clarity. Besides, it comes with optical and HDMI cables that allow you to install and setup with ease. One exciting thing about this soundbar is the use of Polk adjust technology that can personalize the voice levels to output clear and crisp conversation without missing even a single word of your favorite TV show, movie, or even sporting event.


  • Included with the sound pair is a compact wireless subwoofer for deep bass reproduction
  • Universally compatible with 4K and HD TVs that delivers high contrast & clarity
  • Has a built-in Bluetooth for streaming music straight from handheld devices
  • The Polk Adjust Technology provides clear and crisp communication
  • Comes with optical and HDMI cables that allow for easy installation

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Soundbar

Ease of Setup

The best soundbar devices should come with all accessories that make setup to be comfortable and straightforward. These accessories could include the necessary cables that require connection and continue listening or watch your favorite videos with quality sound. Even if models come in many dismantle parts, connections should come with an easy DIY system.


Soundbars come as wireless devices, but the connectivity level of one model varies to the other. Few models use wired connections, but they also have wireless connectivity. Bluetooth is the primary mode of connection, and as long as you’re in range with your smartphones, you can always stream or play your favorite videos or music at the comfort of your couch. You can also use optical input and RCA connections for some devices. Ensure to check the type of connectivity that your desired models have.

Compact Design

Don’t buy a soundbar without considering the compactness and the shape. The units should be sleek, and even on a personal level, you should ensure that the choice you’re doing work seamlessly with your TV and stays hidden without taking much space. With a small design, the soundbar works best for your ears and eyes as well.

App Control

As part of the new making, the soundbar to thrill is app control that enables you to customize how you’ll like the device to work. It, however, doesn’t mean that all models come with app controls; if you need a model with app control, you should check with the manufacturer to ensure that it offers the utility.


Buying the best soundbar can sometimes be a tricky part to do, but with this simple review, you can now make a selection like a pro. This appliance is the best thing to connect with the TV to enable you to watch anything of your interest with crystal clear sound. We’ve done your shopping even more easily with the guide section that will make you make a better decision when considering the one that wins your heart the most. Remember, reputable companies guarantee you longevity and full-functionality; be sure to take note of that. With everything we’ve mentioned, we’re more than sure that you came across your dream soundbar.

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