Top 10 Best Remote Control RC Trucks and Cars for 2020 Reviews

Suppose you are out there looking for the best RC truck or car, this article is for you. The remote-controlled off-road trucks can now work in any terrain with broad coverage. There is no other gift that can suit juniors if not for a remote control RC truck. With a powerful remote control unit, the vehicles can navigate quickly and effortlessly. In most cases, these trucks can work at a range up to 50 feet to 260 feet. Also, the speed varies from one model to another, depending on the motor capability and battery strength.

If you’re on the hunt for the best RC truck, there is much consideration to take into account. For instance, it’s essential to check battery life, motor, etc. We’ll come to that later. In this article, we have put together a list of the ten best Remote Control RC Trucks and Cars for reviews. Let’s get started.

#1. VCANNY Large Size 1: 12 Scale High-Speed 40Km/h 4WD Electric Remote Control RC Truck

Are you looking for an RC truck with all-terrain capability? Here is an excellent deal, VCANNY electric remote control RC truck. It’s a truly hobby model level RC truck having toy’s price. With an electric brushed 540 motor and 2.4 GHz radio system, this truck is ready to run out of its box. Its body is constructed from ABS materials with super-anti-throw ability while the oversized wheels enable it to go through both on-road and off-road environments. Besides, the truck is suitable for specialized operations like drift, turn, flip, etc. and built for superior handling and control. Finally, it’s recommended for a user over 14 years of age.


  • Include RC truck, and Remote controlled, USB charger, user manual, and two rechargeable battery
  • The car is from premium-quality materials that are also safe and durable
  • Super-anti-throw capability and oversized wheels enable it to ride on all terrains
  • Ready to run with an electric brushed 540 motor and 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Has full-function professional steering for drift, turn and flip operations

#2. IMDEN 1:18 Scale 2.4 GHz Radio 2 Rechargeable Batteries 4WD Terrain Remote Control Truck

IMDEN remote control truck is a robust and reliable that offers you long playing time. The motor it comes with it is super-strong, and it enables you to reach a speed of up to 40 plus km/h. In case you are totally in need of a 4WD off-road toy car, this is it, and it can maneuver through all terrains without skidding or toppling. It comes with an extra original battery that can offer you extended playtime for about 30 minutes more. Moreover, the tires are stable and robust to assist the car run effortlessly on wet, loop, and unstable surfaces of the ground, whether grasses, soil, or concretes.


  • Wheels are supported with shockproof and stable spring suspension to absorb shock
  • The extra original battery it comes with can offer you up to 20 – 30 minutes more
  • Has a powerful motor that enables the truck to operate up to a speed of 40Km/h
  • It is a 4WD toy car that can run on all terrains as compared to 2WD series trucks
  • Has a wide control range that can go up to 100 meters

#3. Redcat Racing 4WD 1:10 Scale RTR Racing EPX Monster Remote Control RC Truck (Red)

Are you set for an outdoor track racing? The Redcat Racing RC truck has a 19T brushed 550 electric motors, electronic speed controller, and waterproof to offer you an incredible racing experience. With this truck, you can expect the best that required to take everything to the ground because it has large, aggressive tires. Also, its body is built with plastic chassis that is lightweight and durable, with a low center of gravity support the high speed for off-road action. Even better, this truck is adjustable and upgradable. Furthermore, EPX also has an adjustable metal turnbuckle; thus, the camber and toe angle can be fine-tuned to deliver the best performance.


  • Equipped with large monster truck tires that offer enough grip to the ground
  • Has a powerful and robust 19T brushed motor that delivers high speed
  • Adjustable camber and adjustable toe-angle for best performance
  • It’s assembled and ready to run with a 7.2V 2000mAh battery
  • Built with a lightweight plastic chassis for longevity

#4. GPTOYS 1:12 Hobby Grade Big Monster Easy to Control Remote Control RC Truck (Army Green)

Do you wish to have a hobby-grade RC truck for fun? Or you miss seeing comrades squaring out together in the army? It’s here for you, GPTOYS S916 RC truck. We can promise you high-speed, fun controlling experience and off-road performance out of this unit. It comes with a 390 strong magnetic carbon brush motor that offers highly reliable performance. The working distance can go as far as 150 minutes. This model car is ideal for all-terrain types like sand, dirt, mud, or rock. When done playing with this RC truck, you can clean it with ease. The 9.6V 800mAh battery can work for about 13 minutes when the battery is full.


  • The 2.4 GHz RC transmitter supports about 100-150 meters control range
  • Has a rugged construction that makes it tackle all terrains obstacles
  • The main components are shielded from being water- and dust-resistant
  • The car roof design makes it ideal for carrying go Pro, camera, and light
  • Built with huge wheels that make it challenging to flip

#5. Traxxas Slash 2WD 1:10 Scale TQ 2.4 GHz Radio Short Course RC Racing Truck (Mark)

Traxxas Slash RC racing truck is a forerunner of Pro 2 handling and driving. Its electronics are entirely sealed to enable you to enjoy the fun even during rainy seasons. Also, this off-road RC truck can tackle all obstacles with thoughtfully designed suspension with shocks filled with oil to run on jumpy terrains seamlessly. The tires, on the other hand, use sophisticated rubber compounds and advanced tread design to offer incredible grip for both pavement and off-road maneuvers.


  • Has an ergonomically body to absorb shock if it runs into a collision
  • Has a durable and reliable motor that offers a speed of up to 30 MPH
  • The electronics are sealed to enable for all-weather driving
  • It includes a 7-cell NiMH battery using iD technology

#6. Gxatt 1:16 All-Terrain 36Km/h 4WD 2.4GHz High-Speed RC Truck for Adults & Kids (Green)

It’s more fun this coming season for your kid. This extra fun is made possible from the Gxatt RC truck. This RC truck is powerful enough to withstand any harsh terrains. It has a 2.4 GHz radio control that enables to control up to 2 vehicles with no interference at all but at a range of 80 meters. This car is equipped with a brushed DC electric motor with a maximum speed of 36km per hour. This off- the truck can absorb any shocks occurring from collisions; thus, you are assured of a longer-lasting truck. Also, its tires are well made for a better grip and increase its chances of lasting. The battery has a charging time of up to 100 minutes for a 12-minute playtime.


  • Has a powerful motor to enable you to race at a higher speed
  • The thermal protection keeps your truck safe at all times
  • The throttle trim allows you to adjust your truck’s speed
  • High-quality data cable for recharging the battery
  • Has a flexible body to enable you to explore more

#7. REMOKING 4WD 2.4 GHz All-Terrain with Wi-Fi HD Camera RC Hobby Toy Military Truck

We all are aware of how fun off-road RC cars are, without forgetting their other benefits. REMOKING RC truck is usable by kids from the age of 6 years and above. This RC truck has a maximum speed of 20km/hr. It has a rechargeable battery that takes 2 hours to recharge it fully. When fully recharge, you can use it for about 10 minutes at its maximum speed. You drive freely at any terrain as this truck can withstand any kind of terrain. This is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your kid this coming holiday.


  • Made from high-quality, durable plastic materials
  • Has front LED lights to enable you to drive in the dark
  • Has a Wi-Fi camera to allow you to watch it in real-time
  • Powerful enough to bear a weight of up to 1lb
  • Equipped with two types of tires for extra fun

#8. QUN FENG Lamborghini Veneno RC 1:24 Scale Hobby Grade Electric RC Car for Kids Adults (Red)

One may ask what’s so special with the QUN FENG car. Well, this RC vehicle has lovely paint; thus, it does not fade away that easily. The tires are from rubber materials that are durable and can withstand most surfaces. You can call a real car as it has both front and backlight and also round ages; thus, it imitates a vehicle. It is recommended for use by children age eight years and above. Besides, the RC car has a maximum speed of 810 miles in an hour. Hence assures you of a faster race always. You can control this car using a remote within a range of 30-40 meters. The lights automatically turn on when racing, so you do not have to bother turning them on yourself.


  • Shock absorbing features prevents damage during collisions
  • Has energy-saving lamps to avoid draining much battery
  • Has two joysticks to help you control its direction
  • It has round ages to keep your young ones safe
  • Easy to set up as it includes the assembly tools

#9. BEZGAR Hobbyist 4x4 Waterproof 1:12 Scale 45Km/h Off-Road Remote Control Vehicle Truck

If you are looking to splash out on a top-end muscle car, the BEZGAR car could be the spec you are looking for. This RC car is equipped with RC390, which up to 21000 revolutions in just a minute. It, therefore, makes it one of the fastest cars with a speed of 45km per hour. At the front and the rear is the oil-filled aluminum metal dumper to absorb any shocks. Thus, making this truck run through surfaces like mud, grass, concrete, and so with ease. The entire chassis of this truck is designed to form nylon, which is believed to be one of the best materials when it comes to RC trucks. The tires are from thermoplastic rubber as more resistant to abrasions.


  • Has low battery voltage power-off protection for safety
  • The chassis is resistant to chemicals and is also elastic
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long
  • Made lightweight thus you can easily transport it
  • The ESC receiver is resistant to splash and water

#10. Fistone 1:16 High Speed 24 MPH 4WD 2.4 GHz Remote Control RC Monster Truck for Kids Adults

Are you looking for something that can handle itself off-road? Then Fistone truck might be your right up an ally. With the highest speed of 36km per hour, you are assured of the fastest race. This truck can run on sand, lawn, and even paddle. In case of a collision during high speed, you don’t have to worry. It has four springs shock absorber and aluminum cap hydraulic s-thread shock absorption structure. You can simultaneously play with two cars with no interference using the 2.4 GHz remote control. Also, it has anti-slide spike wheels that make it possible to go through road, off-road, and rugged road surfaces. This car weighs about 1.95 pounds; thus, you can carry it with you anywhere you go.


  • The rechargeable battery supports up to 30 minutes playtime
  • Made waterproof to withstand any adverse weather conditions
  • Has a USB charger to allow you to recharge a low battery
  • The large wheels allow it to go through most surfaces
  • Has a removable car shell for replacement purposes

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Remote Control RC Truck and Car

Here is a guide that will enable you to find the best RC truck and car. This section includes all the significant factors that you should know before you part with your hard-earned money.

Remote Control System

The remote control should be your first aspect to consider before anything. Well, most models of RC trucks in the market offer a 2.4 GHz remote control system. However, each model work at different ranges. That said, it’s wise to consider the one that can seamlessly work up to a variety of 260 feet for convenience. In case you forget anything else, this aspect of remote control should stay at your fingertips.


The next thing to consider is the motor, which directly affects the speed of the car truck. Right in the market are vehicles with the single-engine, while others have a dual motor. The double models offer excellent torque with a reliable service. Besides, others have 380/390 brushed motors with remarkable speed. The average engine should at least deliver a speed of 30 MPH.


The wheels that a car truck comes with will determine the terrain it will ride on. If you need a versatile car that will work in almost all terrains, it’s worth considering the truck with spiked wheels. Also, they should resist tear and wear and can move comfortably on muddy and rocky terrains. Additionally, the wheels should come with suspension spring that helps absorb shock.

Other factors you might wish to consider include; battery life, built design, color, cost, and safety.


The list we have just reviewed includes the top-ranked RC car trucks. They are suitable to be used on all-terrains because they have spiked wheels for non-slip performance. You can choose the one that works best for you, and each one moves at different speeds. The guide we have put forth will help you in making the right choice. It’s never too late if any of the model interest don’t hesitate to grab. Our review is based on real customer reviews, and so, making a choice should never trouble you again. Hopefully, you’ll get the remote control RC car truck that suits you. Welcome back for more.

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