Top 10 Best Portable External SSDs in Reviews

It is now a noble opportunity to do away with hard drives and embrace the portable external solid-state drive (SSD). At least, external SSDs are relatively faster and affordable compared to the HDDs. Besides, SSDs come in a sleek and compact design, you can take it on the go. Accessing a file stored in an SSD is less time consuming compared to the same work done in an HDD. Whether you are looking for an extra-storage for keeping your files, or need a back-up space, solid-state drives are the next technology you should consider.

Choosing the right model of the SSD is important because it dictates its general performance. But the hard part is choosing the right brand because there is a wide range of options being offered in the market, and each option claiming to be the best. So, to make your work straightforward and easy, we opted to offer you a helping hand. In this post, we will take you through a list of the top 10 best portable external SSDs for 2021 Reviews. Keep reading…

#1. LaCie STHK2000800 USB Type C 540Mb/s Ideal for Desktop Portable External SSD

You can now transfer any larger files within the shortest time possible with Lacie portable external SSD. It has a transfer speed of up to 540mbps this you would not wait for a longer period to transfer your photos or documents. With a space of 2TB, you can store most of your files all at the same without running out of space. Backup is such a hassle-free task because you only need one click and plan for either daily, weekly, or monthly backup. Also, the quick start guide will always ease your operations since you can easily refer to it whenever you have a problem.


  • aUniversally compatible with Windows and more
  • aIdeal for use by commutes with its sleek design
  • aAllows you to store files with a capacity of 2TB
  • aHas a shock-resistant design for safer usage
  • aDurable since it has a rugged construction

#2 SABRENT SB-2TB Nano BLK Black 10GB/s External Rocket Nano 2TB USB SSD

For a reliable and high-performing portable external SSD, this brand by Sabrent is a great pick. It adopts an aluminum alloy construction that assures you of rigid durability for longer usage life. Its enclosure is well designed to absorb any heat and prevent your drive from overheating since you can lose your data. You do not require any drivers thus it will take you a few minutes to fully set it up. With the ultra-slim design, this unit will always have that modern look and is always easy to carry around. Moreover, it offers you a powerful performance making it suitable for transferring large-sized data.


  • aProvides speed of up to 1000mbps for faster transfers
  • aMeets all your storage needs with its capacity of 2TB
  • aFits into your pocket or bag for ultimate portability
  • aCrafted from quality materials that last longer

#3 G-Technology Black USB-C 0G0053-1 1TB Mobile Durable Portable External SSD

When it comes to a high quality portable external SSD, you can put your trust in this model by G-technology. This unit is designed from hand-picked components well known for their strength and durability. The aluminum casing prevents overheating while offering you incredible performance. Through the reversible USB connector, you can easily connect to your computer and laptops at any time. Since it does not have any moving parts, it can withstand any accidental bumps or drops that can cause data loss. It is available in capacities of up to 2TB to allow you to store all your data.


  • aComes with clear and simple to understand setup instructions
  • aHas a transfer speed of 540mbps for reliable performance
  • aEquipped with breathable slats for faster heat dissipation
  • aDesigned from water and dust resistant materials
  • aSmaller in size to fit into your bag or pocket

#4. Crucial USB-A CT1000X8SSD9 1050mb/s External Portable SSD for Backup & Storage

All your treasurable moments are kept safe and secure with a Crucial portable external SSD. This device assures you of the best performance with a reading speed of up to 1050mbps. It is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad pro, XBOX one, and many more. Featuring an aluminum unibody core, you are assured of a strong, durable, and vibration proof unit. Operation is such an easier task because all you need to do is to plug it in and transfer all your necessary data. Even better, it only weighs 3.53 ounces thus making it easier for you to carry it to any place of your choice.


  • aAllows you to access photos or games while online
  • aThe quick start guide ensures easy setup and use
  • aTakes less storage space with its compact design
  • aWorks well with popular photo editing software
  • aMade drop-proof up to a distance of 7.5 feet

#5 Ravpower ATA Lock Mini USB 3.1 Gen 2 Interface 540mb/s 1TB Portable External SSD

When it comes to a high quality portable external SSD, you can put your trust in this brand by Ravpower. It is designed from zinc alloy aluminum materials well known for their strength, durability, and shock resistance. This metal casing assures you of better heat dissipation for efficient performance. You can now keep all your data safe and private with the advanced ATA lock technology. With up to 540mbps transfer speed, you can accelerate data streaming for faster boot up and response. While traveling, you can take it with you to any place since it has a compact and lightweight design.


  • aSeamlessly works with laptops, MacBook and iPad pro
  • aEnsures stable performance with the metal casing
  • aErgonomically designed for comfortable operations
  • aEasy to set up since it takes a few minutes
  • aHas a piano baked finish this looks elegant

#6 Samsung MU-PA1T0B/AM USB 3.1 Up To 540mb/s T5 Portable External SSD

You can easily access your massive data at any time at any place with a Samsung portable external SSD. It features a fast transfer speed of 540mbps making it suitable for transferring large-sized data within the shortest time possible. They come in different chic colors and styles to choose from as per your preferences. Moreover, it is smaller in size compared to most business cards thus it can fit into your pocket or wallet. Better still, it has a lightweight design thus you can easily carry it from one to another. Since it is made of solid metal, it can handle drops of up to 2 meters.


  • aWorks well with gaming console and smartphones
  • aComes with some cables for convenient transfers
  • aDesigned from non-slip materials for a firmer grip
  • aHas password protection to keep your data private
  • aMade sturdy for safer and stable operations

#7 Seagate White One-Touch STJE1000402 Portable External SSD For PC Laptop & Mac

If you usually go for style, Seagate portable external SSD become a great choice. It has a woven design that makes it one of the most stylish units in the market. With its smaller footprint, you can easily tuck it away in your wallet, pocket, or bag and carry it with you to any place. Besides, it is made of shock-resistant materials to keep it safe just in case it falls on the floor. You no longer have to wait for long periods to transfer any large files because it has a maximum speed of 400mbps. This makes it ideal to streamline any stored videos on your laptop or scroll any photos. Also, it features continuous backup via USB interface thus compatible with Windows and Mac laptops.


  • aEnsures convenient operations with the quick start-up guide
  • aIdeal for use on busy days since it has a quick transfer
  • aComes with a USB cable to easily transfer data
  • aHas a lightweight design thus more portable
  • aAvailable in 7 different colors to choose from

#8 Hp ABC USB Type-A Easy-To Carry Versatile Black P500 1TB Portable External SSD

You can now keep all your important data in your office with HP portable external SSD. This unit is equipped with a shatterproof and shockproof metal casing that assures you of safer data at all times. It works well with all the common operating systems such as Android, Windows, MAC and many more. With only a weight of 4.2 ounces, you can easily carry it with you whenever you are traveling without inconveniencing you. Also, you can choose from the blue, silver, black, and silver colors available to meet your needs. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones.


  • aMade from quality materials that last long
  • aTakes a few minutes to fully set it up
  • aSmaller in size thus takes less space
  • aIdeal for storage while on the go

#9 NETAC ZSlim Aluminum Alloy 500mb/s 250GB Type-C Gen2 10GB/s Portable External SSD\

Netac portable external SSD is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your storage needs. It offers you incredible performance since it has a read speed of up to 500mbps to transfer data at a much faster rate. You can now improve your work efficiency because it is suitable for transferring large-sized data within a shorter time to avoid longer transfer periods and meet high-efficiency office needs. Additionally, it supports various larger storage options such as 1TB, 512GB, and 256GB. Also, it supports a type -c physical interface therefore compatible with all type-c devices.


  • aCompatible with laptop, android, desktop, and more
  • aMade from drop resistant and shockproof materials
  • aIdeal for transferring 4k videos, games, and photos
  • aProtects your data in your office or outdoors
  • aHas a portable design for easier transport

#10. JOIOT 250GB Ultra-Light Mini-Gaming Portable External SSD for Windows Android, etc.

Whether you are in the office or outdoors, you can keep all your data safe with a Joiot portable external SSD. It features a rugged aluminum alloy body which makes it resistant to any shocks and vibrations. This unit has a larger capacity with a reading speed of 400mbps and a reading speed of 200mbps. You can now store, edit, organize and share photos, movies, music, documents, and many more. With its sleek design, you can easily and comfortably hold in your Palm without slipping away. Since it only weighs 0.81oz, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight.


  • aWorks well with Windows, Linux, and Android systems
  • aEnsures a quick transfer of data to avoid waiting
  • aMade of materials that dissipate heat quickly
  • aAvailable in solid colors that look elegant
  • aHas a compact design to fit in your pocket

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Portable External SSD

Storage Capacity

The first parameter that you want to pay attention to is the storage capacity of the SSD. In most cases, it is denoted in terms of the terabytes or Gigabytes it can support. Most SSDs come as little as 128Gbs while other models can support up to 10Tb. Before you can choose a model, you need to consider your needs and the work you intend to do with the SSD.

Degree of Ruggedness

The next factor to consider is the degree of ruggedness. It is important to know that SSDs come in a wide range of construction. The durability of one varies from the other. At least, when buying one, check for IP68 certification to give you a long-lasting lifespan. As such, you’ll be sure to go home with a unit that is dustproof and waterproof.


The other very important aspect to keep a close eye on is portability. Yes, all the models that we have reviewed are portable, but the portability needs of people vary. If you want to be sure about model portability; consider the shape and the weight. Lightweight, sleek and compact defines a portable SSD. So, when buying one, keep your eye on these aspects.


Finally, we have come to the tail end of our review on the best portable SSDs. Are you still having any trouble when it comes to choosing the best portable external SSD? If yes, ensure you read the post above word by word. The factors we have enumerated will enable you to choose the model that will best define all your needs. SSDs are made by different manufacturers, and it is paramount to put your needs as a priority. Welcome back for more!

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