Top 10 Best Pet Hair Grooming Dryers for 2020 Reviews

Pet grooming is essential because it improves the skin health of your pet. If you’ve limited time to clean your pet in the daytime, you can still clean and dry your pet using this extraordinary machine – pet hair grooming dryer. With such a tool, you can quickly dry the fur of your cat or dog within no time, leaving them feeling warm and clean. These machines are easy to use since it has varying temperatures and speeds significant for grooming different pets.

If you’re looking for the best pet hair grooming dryer, there are high chances that you’ve rummaged throughout the market without successfully getting one. And since most of the models you come across claim to be the best, being lucky to get one that suits you is a nightmare. Even that being the case, we’ve come to help you out. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ten pet hair grooming dryers in the market for reviews. Check out!

#1. Metro Vacuum Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer 4.0 HP Motor S

This machine is sturdy and well built. It’s an excellent solution to dry pets with thicker and longer fur. And with high velocity, you can expect that it will dry your pet in high efficiency. Besides, it’s easier to handle and use. It runs on a typical 20 amp 110 circuit, hence offers you a lot of conveniences. The two speed-performance enables you to groom even large or small breeds using one dryer. Also, because it’s lightweight, portability needs are guaranteed. Aside from that, the dual mounted legs and easy change filter allows the unit to be used horizontally and vertically. If you have more than one pet, this is the machine to settle for.


  • Easy to change filter & dual mounted legs for horizontal & vertical use
  • Powerful pet dryer with two-speed performance
  • Compact and lightweight for portability needs
  • Saves on time and grooming cost
  • Groom both large & small breed

#2. B&MF 3.2 HP Adjustable Speed Dog Dryer Noise Reduction Pet Dryer w/Heater Dog Blower

Technology has made everything possible, B&MF pet dryer with heater allows you to groom your pet like a professional. It uses ion tech to help break down water molecules hence dry its hair faster. Besides, the negative ions can seal the stratum conium, therefore, reducing hair scattering and loss and makes the hair smoother. You can you comb and styling brush along with this tool to make pet fur look smooth and professional. Besides, it’s quiet, light, low energy consumption and offers high work efficiency. It’s the best option for a home user who wants to dry large or long-haired dogs, and even ideal for beauty shops and other commercial areas.


  • Keep hair hydrated, foam & improve hair shine
  • Has advance waterproof & stable design
  • It’s a quick drying-pet hairdryer
  • Built with a user-friendly design

#3. Metro Vacuum Air Force Steel Construction Compact & Lightweight 1.3 HP Quick Draw Dryer

Whether you need a compact or a lightweight pet hair grooming dryer, you’ll never go wrong by choosing Metro Vacuum Air Force models. This tool is from the USA and is a powerful handheld pet dryer that is compact enough to take with you anywhere and powerful enough to use at home or in the shop to dry off large and thick-haired dogs within no minute. And with only 3 pounds of weight, this steel-made dryer produces more than enough warm air to dry your pet efficiently and effectively.

It boasts a durable steel construction; therefore, you’ll benefit from years of thrilling performance. On the other end, it is quite easy to handle because it designs with simplicity. What’s more, it includes 6 feet stretch hose, air flare tool, air concentrator nozzle, shoulder strap & mounting hook, 12 feet heavy duty three conductor cord that ensure performance is maintained on a higher-end.


  • Compact and lightweight machine to suit on the go needs
  • It has a 1.3 horsepower with 18,000 ft. /min airflow
  • Construction with a steel body for durability
  • Cut drying time by up to 70 percent
  • It’s easy to handle and maintain

#4. SHELANDY Adjustable Speed 3.2 HP Stepless Grooming Blower Pet Hair Dryer w/ Heater

Thanks to the invention of the SHEDLANDY dog grooming blower, it has never been easier to keep pets dry and clean. The output power of this tool is 2400W, which is adjustable with a voltage of 110/120V. Safety is the number priority of this appliance and backed with approval by most safety standards or regulatory bodies. Even beyond that, it has to overheat protectors built-in on both motors and heater for extra-safety guarantee. Besides, all the plastic parts of this unit are compliant with high-level flame resistance (UL 94-HB). For sure, this is a unit to invest in if you are looking for a long-lasting and highly performing pet grooming dryer.


  • Built with two temperature options to suit different needs
  • Has protector to ensure safe temperature during use
  • Airflow variable range from 60 MPH to 135 MPH
  • Has four nozzles & up to 65 inches flexible hose
  • It’s quieter than most similar pet dryer

#5. Free Paws 2-Speed Adjustable 4.0 HP Heat Temperature Hair Grooming Dryer

If you’re looking for a more pet hair grooming dryers, look no further than Free Paws pet hair dryer. It allows you to customize the wind force to suit different breeds of fur baby’s comfort level. The four horsepower pet hair blower has a heater that suits both larger and small pets, with variable speed to meet particular needs. The whole machine is CE approved; hence it meets safety, environmental and health standards in Europe and beyond. The different kind of nozzles will help you dry your pet more effectively. It’s ideal for home and salons. Better yet, it adopts new noise reduction technology that makes it friendly and calmer for pets. What’s more, it has rubberized feet to keep it stable when in use.


  • Comes with all accessories needed for grooming your pet
  • Rubberized feet keep the dryer stable when in use
  • Motor runs quietly; hence it wouldn’t scare the pet
  • Useful and efficient to save you on time

#6. Flying Pig 4.0 HP Motor 110V Steel Construction High-Velocity Pet Hair Grooming Dryer

This is one of the established brands that manufacture products that are second-none, that’s why the pet grooming force dryer it makes is no different. Besides, it’s equipped with a 10 feet flexible hose, two different nozzles and a filter for effective performance. Also, the air volume is rated at 240 CFM. Heat can be set at none, low and high temperature ranging between 81F to 160F. Moreover, it uses a 4.0 horsepower that is very powerful to ensure pets with long and thick fur are groomed to perfection in minutes.


  • Built with 4.0 horsepower that delivers high-performance
  • Constructed with steel shell for long-lasting use
  • It’s a one fit for all coat dogs or breeds
  • Has variable speed & heat control

#7. K-9 III All Colors Portable & Lightweight 2-Speed Steel Body Dog Grooming Dryer & Accessories

It high-time you save yourself precious time and let this sophisticated machine dry your dog or cat by K-9 III grooming dryer. This isn’t a new tool in the market, so you should have confidence and purchase it. First, this unit will cut pet drying time by about half, and suit heavy-coated breeds. Again, it delivers more blowing power than comparable dryers. You can decide the number of motors you want to use depending on the type of work you want to perform. Better yet, it’s lightweight and portable, hence suiting even on the go needs. Additionally, it includes a 10 feet hose, with two different blower tips and two filters for stellar performance.


  • Two different blower tips & two filters to improve on the performance
  • Built with a powerful motor that performs highly
  • Comes with two motors to suit different needs
  • Has a solid construction that ensures it last

#8. Flying Pig 4.0 HP High-Velocity Hair Grooming Dryer w/Varying Speed & Temperature

This single-motor grooming dryer is ideal for drying pets after a bath. As we talked about the other model from this company, this unit is second to none. Also, it’s easy to pull around or stretch; hence it’s in a position to meet your needs at any time. Moreover, it features a control panel that has toggles and buttons for easier adjustments of speed and temperature settings. Additionally, it comes with a tiltable nozzle head that offers you the convenience of use. If you need the most straightforward way of drying your pet, you won’t go wrong by choosing this fantastic and practical machine.


  • The control panel allows users to adjust speed & temp easily
  • Has variable airspeed and heat to meet different needs
  • Powerful motor with up to 4.0 horsepower
  • Comes with 360-degrees rotating nozzles
  • Built with steel shell material to last

#9. XPOWER B-55 Portable 2 HP Home Pet Force Dryer for Home Grooming & Backup Dryer - Purple

B-55 dog force dryer by XPOWER is a super-excellent machine that stands in a class of its own. It’s the quietest and most powerful pet dryer for home grooming use. Also, it’s lightweight and durable with easy access filters and a secure fast screw-on hose coupler. Take advantage of this newly invented high-capacity 920W motor that has 2-speed settings. If you’re looking for a way of making your life and pet easier and fun, don’t hesitate to grab this versatile machine. Moreover, it shoots high-velocity air pressure that cuts the drying and grooming time by half. In essence, this powerful machine helps straighten matte and removes shedding undercoat hair.


  • 5 feet long high-flex hose allows a wide range of rich
  • Fully certified by International ETL/CETL for safety
  • The housing is built with durable ABS plastic
  • Includes three professional nozzles

#10. PETCARE 110V Professional Super-Powerful Dog Grooming Blower w/Smart LED Screen

Do you want the perfect solution for keeping a young pet healthy all the time? PETCARE is the ideal solution to your service. You can now dry your beloved pet right after a shower or after a walk in the rain using this powerful dryer. As a fact, it’s the best tool for preventing your cat or dog from catching a cold – ensuring your pet stays warm and healthy in cold days because wet fur tends to be a dirt and dust magnet, it is the best idea to keep the pet’s coat clean.

Aside from keeping the pet’s fur looking clean and smelling great, it also leaves them looking shiny and feeling fresh. It features a user-friendly interface and LED display that will give the user full control of airflow and temperature settings. And as an added safety measure, this dryer is equipped with a mechanism that will keep the machine from reaching high-temps for low air settings – preventing any fur or skin damage.


  • Keeps your pet smelling fresh and looking shiny
  • A perfect option for keeping your pet healthy
  • Has a sturdy and durable construction
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Save time and money

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Pet Hair Grooming Dryer

Cubic Feet Per Meter (CFM)

This Is the measure of the airflow level that is pushed out of the dryer. Each pet hair grooming dryer comes with slightly different CFM level. The option that you select will depend on the type of pet you have – for instance, if a dog may be, it also vital to know the breed. Knowing this will give you a rough idea on the idea CFM it will suit the pet. More straightforwardly, if your pet has shorter fur, you should go for the dryer with low CFM and vice versa.

Presence of Heating Element

This aspect is also essential to save on cost and to leverage on performance; however, not all the grooming dryers come with a heating element. The heating element is even more essential for pets with long and thick fur because such fur takes time to dry up. Try as much as possible to settle with the model with a built-in heating element for maximum and efficient performance.

Noise Level

The noise that the machine makes while in operation, also is a factor of concern. It’s essential because it will influence your pet’s mood or even your user experience. The level of noise will vary depending on the power of the motor and CFM rate. In many cases, it recommended that you settle with those models that produce less noise while delivering high-performance.

Speed Setting

The pet grooming dryer should have a varying speed setting to allow you to set speed based on the work at hand. At least if your pet has just come out a shower, you set it on the highest speed and reduce gradually as the fur gets dried. This feature is not mandatory, but if you come across one of such kind, it’s not wrong to pay for it.


It is now hassle-free to keep your pet warm and dry with the above pet hair grooming dryers. The invention of such tools has enabled maintenance of pets of all kinds to be quite straightforward. The list above entails the best pet hair grooming dryers in the market; therefore, your purchase should never give you a problem. Besides, the buyer’s guide we’ve included will keep you on track as you finalize your purchase. Don’t hesitate to purchase the above selection because they’re the most popular models now in most households. Have an incredible shopping experience!

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