Top 10 Best Paper Shredding Machine in 2021 Reviews

When you want to create flyers or bind books, you’ll probably need a paper cutter to ensure that the whole task is faster but more accurate. It’s necessary to have one both in-office and home environment with paper work-related jobs. The paper cutters currently present in the market come with distinct features with cutting and safety guidelines that allow you to cut the papers conveniently. You’ll never find any other tool that’s helpful than this office appliance.

Regardless of the item you’re shopping, buying is always an uphill task, especially for individuals who’re still busy. Suppose you’re planning to upgrade your old paper cutter with a model that is modern and sophisticated, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re making a purchase of a paper cutter for the first time, we’ve you covered. In this review, we’ll offer you a guide and a list of the top 10 best paper cutters in reviews. Lego.

#1. AmazonBasics 4.1 Gallon Capacity 8 Sheet Cross-Cut Credit Card Paper & Shredder

This type of paper cutter slices the sheets of papers diagonally in both directions, making it tiny. It is suitable for use both at home or in the office. The machine shreds all types of unwanted documents. Amazon Basic shredder helps protect the identity of your documents by reducing the documents into smaller and tiny pieces that cannot be pieced up together again. Once they are fed into it, they become useless for good, assuring you that no one can retrieve the information at any given time. The shredder destroys a multiple sheet document without the need to remove the staples. It is not only useful in the shredding of papers but also suitable when you destroy unwanted CDs/DVDs and credit cards.


  • Designed with a reverse function to be used in case of paper jams
  • Automatically turns off in case of overheating
  • It has a bin that you can empty with ease
  • Shreds documents with multiple pages
  • Has an automatic starter

#2. Aurora 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper AU870MA High-Security Paper Shredder (Black)

Aurora AU870MA paper shredder can cut eight papers at a go. It has a waste bin that holds up to 3.9 gallons. This capacity is equivalent to 230 sheets of paper. Aurora AU870MA Shredder is equipped with an automatic starter and runs continuously for five minutes. This machine has a thermal protector that automatically turns it off in case of an overheating. The LED light indicator helps you to know when an overheat has occurred. Also, it has a manual reverse mechanism that clarifies any paper jam that might arise in the course of its operations.


  • Equipped with a thermal indicator to monitor the heat
  • Has a high capacity of the waste bin of up to 230 pages
  • Automatically switches off in case of overheating
  • The manual reverse operation for clearing paper jam
  • Shreds a maximum of eight sheets at a time

#3. Bonsaii C209-D Cross-Cut 10-Sheet Credit Card Paper Cutter for Office Home Use

Bonsaii paper shredder has a capacity of shredding ten sheets of paper at every given time. It has a waste bin of 5.5 gallons, virtually equal to 320 shreds of A4 size papers. It has a simple design that makes it ideal for use in both office and home. This shredding machine is perfect for destroying all sorts of unwanted documents like receipts, bills, and any other document meant to be destroyed. Additionally, the steel cutters enable this shredder to destroy clips, credit cards, and staple pins. The machine starts shredding automatically once it senses the material to be detected has been fed to it. It will stop working once you lift the head of the machine.


  • Has a transparent window for monitoring the waste and empty when full
  • Turns off when it is overheated or overloaded
  • Has a large waste bin capacity of 320 sheets
  • Shreds a maximum of ten sheets at a go
  • Ease of operations with light indicators

#4. Fellowes 100% 79Ci Jam Proof Powershred Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Shredder-Dark Silver

The Fellowes Powershred can cut up to 16 papers per feed. Fellowes Powershred offers three advanced levels that prevent paper jams. Its system is 100% jam-free. Safesense Technology ensures your safety by automatically switching the shredder off when your hand accidentally touches the opening. The run time for this shredder is 20 minutes before cooling down. As it shreds, it leaves the papers with cross-section shapes. It is more secure compared to the strip-cut paper shredder. It is convenient for use in a shared workstation. This is because it is designed to work without producing noise.


  • Designed to stop when the hand touches the paper feeder automatically
  • Works continuously for twenty minutes before cooling down
  • The jam-proof system eliminates paper jam
  • Has an automatic reverse function
  • Shreds up to 16 sheets at a time

#5. Sentinel FM104B-EZ Safeguard UL-Tested Auto Start/Stop 10-Sheet Lift Micro-Cut Shredder

The Sentinel shredding machine is both medium and heavy-duty paper cutter. It is fitted with wheels for easy mobility in the office or at home. The machine has an automatic starter and stopper that allows you just to feed the papers. Besides, it has a light indicator that lights up when the machine is overheated. Its thermal protector switches it off once it detects an over-heat. Additionally, there is a manual reverse for clearing paper jams.


  • Shreds up to a maximum of 10 sheets at a time and 72 sheets per minute
  • Has a reverse function for adjusting cutting blades in case of a paper jam
  • Over-heat light indicators for thermal protection
  • Uses to shred CDs/DVDs or Credit Cards
  • Has an automatic starter/stopper

#6. HSM S25 6.9 Gallon Capacity Shreds Up to 25 Sheets Credit Card Strip-Cut Shredder

With a user-friendly and functional design, HSM paper cutter offers you one of a kind way of cutting papers. In case the waste container is full, the system automatically switches off. Additionally, it can be moved on castors to ease mobility. Also, it comes with user-friendly functions like auto start/stop and auto-reverse. Moreover, you can continuously use this shredder for about 15 minutes before giving it 30 minutes of cooling.


  • Auto-detect and switches off when the container is full
  • Built with user-friendly function like auto start/stop
  • Can be used continuously for up to 15 minutes
  • You can move it on castors to ease mobility
  • Excellent price to performance ratio

#7. Fellowes 20-Sheet Cross-Cut Powershred 125Ci 100% Jam Proof Paper Shredder (Black)

It comes with more impressive features that make it rank at the top. It has the potential of shredding 20 sheets of paper per each pass. This phenomenal device will do justice to them whether they’re credit cards, shred staples, CDs/DVDs, paper clips, or junk mail. Also, it has a continuous run time of 45 minutes before it can cool down a bit. Better yet, it has a full bin light. It also comes with a 100 percent jam proof unit that eliminates paper jams and handles any tough job. What’s more, the 53L pull out bin ensures quick waste disposal.


  • Comes with 14-gallon pull-out bin for easy waste disposal
  • Has a prolonged run time of up to 45 minutes
  • Shred credits cards, staples, paper clips, etc.
  • Uses SafeSense technology for safety needs
  • Can shred 20 sheets/ pass

#8. GBC 1757402 Shredmaster Side Facing Strip Cut PS06-02 6-Sheet Capacity Paper Shredder

Whether set in an office or home office environment, GBC Shredmaster is ideal for cutting papers and documents. This strip-cut shredder meets basic security needs, which leaves all sliced paper in spaghetti-like structures. What’s more, the 2.38-gallon bin offers ample space for shreds. The covered blades ensure your safety is guaranteed. Also, the simple interface provides ease of use. Moreover, the manual reverse jam clears jams with ease. Plus, it can shred through paper clips and staples.


  • Comes with 2.38-gallon bin that offer plenty of shredding space
  • A simple interface makes the shredder is easy to use
  • The shredder meet the basic security standard
  • Can seamlessly shred through staples
  • Have two minutes run time

#9. EZBASICS 58 dB Cross-Cut Pullout Basket 5-Sheet Paper Credit Card & Shredder (White)

EZBASICS cross-cut shredder can shred all your info from credit cards, ATM receipts, bills, old tax records, pay stubs, and bank statements. It is very important for shredding all your sensitive documents, clips, staples, and credit cards. While in operation, it doesn’t produce a lot of noise that can disrupt your peace. It works without the need of dripping lubricant. It’s ideal for your office or home.
Additionally, it can run continuously for five minutes before cooling down for about 30 minutes. Using this kit, there wouldn’t be any of your essential documents left behind. You’ll feel secure knowing not any of your details are left for thieves.


  • Lowers paper jams with no drip of lubricant needed
  • It meets security level P4 standards
  • Great for your office or home
  • Ultra-low noise design

#10. Aurora 8-Sheet Strip-Cut AU800SD Professional Strip Cut Paper Credit Card Shredder

Are you looking for a shredder machine that can offer you the security of all your documents? Aurora is the ultimate shredder machine to rely on. It’s a perfect home unit that helps you keep safe against theft identity. Also, it can fully accept up to eight sheets of paper and cut them into ΒΌ-inches strips. With this kind of a machine, the paper is cut at a speed of 9.8 feet/minute. Aside from that, it can also shred credit cards, CDs, hence preventing your info from getting into the wrong hands. Further, the unit’s throat is 8.7-inches wide with an extendable arm that fits over several wastebaskets.


  • Shred paper capacity of up to 8 sheets of 20lb bond paper
  • Comes with jam-remover function to clear paper jams
  • Has extendable arm to fit over most wastebaskets
  • Has auto start/stop and thermal protection
  • Can shred credit cards and DVDs/CDs

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Paper Cutter

Shredding Capacity

For your office and business shredding needs, you should ensure that you buy a paper cutting machine that offers you high efficiency. Most shredding machines provided in the market offer high-capacity of up to 8-sheets of paper at a go. Before paying for any model, you should consider the work or type of environment you’ll be working in to be sure of the capacity.


Sure enough, your office comes with different shredding needs from paper clips, DVDs/CDs, documents, cards, or even staples. It is essential that you choose the paper shredding machine that can handle all such kinds of materials at once.

Run time

This is also important more so when you’ve got a lot of paper to cut. The paper cutter with a longer runtime should be the ultimate choice to go for if you need to finish your shredding task on time. Choose the paper cutter that can suit all your needs.

Durability, Space & Security

Secondly, it’s essential to purchase a paper shredding machine that can quickly offer you a prolonged service without breaking. If anything, you should get the value for your hard money. The security protocols should top-notch. Also, it should not take up all your space for efficiency.


The list above entails the top 10 best paper cutters in 2020 reviews. You’re now in the right position to make a selection and purchase the one that suits you well. Unlike the wider market, this detailed review puts all your interest in mind; you’ll not get lost while trying to make a purchase. Whether you’re looking for a shredder for your office or commercial needs, you’ll find one that goes in hand with your needs. Buying from our selections is a wise decision to take because you’ll find yourself an exclusive choice. If you’re not sure about your selection, the factors above will offer you a clear and distinctive way of selecting the best paper cutter. So, what’re you still waiting for, grab one today and make your sale count!

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