Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights for 2021 Reviews

Solar power is the energy that defines our future. With a solar light, you can take advantage of the limitless and abundant source of energy to your day to day life. It’s even handy for individuals who want to save themselves some money on electricity bills each month. Besides, solar lights are handy in use in outdoor environments like a patio, garden pathways, and lighting pavements. Outdoor solar light gets rid of long extension cords and doesn’t require any switching on or off.

Solar lights come in different forms, with several kinds of material qualities, modes, and even brightness. With tons of solar products available in the market, it’s a daunting task to find an outdoor solar light that best suits your needs. Because you need the model that outshines the rest, here is a review of the best ten outdoor solar lights for reviews. Please check out!

#1. Signature Garden 6 Pack Super-Bright 15-Lumens Water Resistant Solar Garden Lights

Signature Garden lights are classic, solar-powered lights that illuminate your landscaping spring, winter, fall, and summer like never before. It leverages on the power from the sun to illuminate your garden all through the night. Besides, it wouldn’t not only make your yard look attractive but also offer additional security as well. It comes as a pack of 6 garden lights that ease the outlining of your pavements, driveways, pathways, etc. Also, it has a built-in auto-on and off feature that turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. With these lights, you’ll not incur electricity or maintenance costs because the sun takes care of everything. What’s more, they’re manufactured to suit all-weather conditions.


  • >Have premium stainless steel design that’s super bright
  • Comes with durable rechargeable batteries that last
  • The solar lights are frost, rain, and sleet-resistant
  • No wires that can short out to cause a hazard
  • Built with auto-on and off feature

#2. URPOWER 2-in-1 Waterproof 2 Pack 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Solar Light

URPOWER 2-in-1 solar lights is a modernized landscaping light that makes your compound look beautiful and hospitable. On an average daytime, these solar lights are hidden while absorbing energy from the sun. When dust approaches, they pop-up and illuminate all your outdoor environment that makes your night an extra-daytime. Also, it includes a set of installation hardware that doesn’t include any wiring. The lights are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with each light being illuminated through 4 LEDs. Of course, the lights are weather-resistant, and each light works separately. Additionally, the solar lights have two lighting modes, high light and dim light modes—the best light for grass area, landscapes, dock, decks, etc.


  • Great grass area, decks, landscapes, docks, etc.
  • IP64 waterproof to suit all weather conditions
  • Has two modes high light and dim light modes
  • No wiring needed, simply install and enjoy
  • Adjusted 270-degrees down or up

#3. LITOM 3 Optimal Modes Wireless IP65 Waterproof Easy-to-Install Outdoor Solar Lights

Here is the world-leading solar light brand you need to check out for LITOM outdoor solar lights. It offers the best lighting experience to many customers yet at a favorable price. It features upgraded LEDs with high power with the latest energy management utility to yield super-impressive performance. As a fact, the angle of illumination has been increased by about 50 percent. It absorbs sunlight rays during the day that converts to electrical energy for use during the night. Unlike other one-mode solar lights, this model comes with three working modes to cope with various scenarios. It’s ideal for using the backyard, driveway, deck, pathway, front door, porch, and patio. Moreover, it is IP65 waterproof that makes it suitable for the outdoor environment.


  • Ideal for using on backyard, driveway, deck, and porch
  • Upgraded high power LEDs to increase its brightness
  • Has passed FCC certification for quality-assurance
  • Built with three convenient lighting modes

#4. ZOOKKI 28 LED Wireless IP65 Waterproof 4 Pack Outdoor Solar Light for Garden Patio

ZOOKKI outdoor solar light is an intelligent unit that comes with motion detectors and other exciting features to make it perform perfectly. Installation of these lights is straightforward because it comes with all the necessary tools. The lights optimum installation height is between 6.5 feet to 13 feet. The light is equipped with 28 LEDs and a 1200mAh Li-on battery that is rechargeable using the solar panel. As if that’s not enough, it features a no dim mode that helps to extend the lifespan of the battery. It’s made to last with high-impact ABS to stay abreast no matter the weather condition.


  • Has passed the certification of CE, RoHS, TUV and FCC test
  • No dim mode helps to prolong the work time
  • It can be used in the pool, stairs, garage, etc.
  • Mounting on the wall is quick and easy

#5. Moonrays 8 Pack 2X Brighter 12'' Illumination 2.4-Lumens Solar LED Plastic Path Light.

Installing solar-powered lighting has never been easier or cost less! Moonrays solar powered path lights don’t need electricity, thus saving you money on electricity bills. Besides, the hard-wired LED bulbs don’t need replacement hence saving on maintenance cost. Most importantly, these solar lights are environmentally conscious lighting options. These lights don’t need any wiring to install; you can make installation with ease – lights work instantly out of the box. Each light outputs 2.4lumens, hence illuminating your pavement, patio, garden, and driveway like never before. What’s more, it has a durable black plastic construction to last.


  • Built with a weatherproof design to withstand all conditions
  • Comes with a black plastic construction to last
  • It’s solar-powered, no energy cost incurred
  • Has a quick and straightforward installation
  • Output exceptional light output

#6. Lemontec 2 Pack 62 LED Wall Nightlight w/Motion Sensor Detector Outdoor Solar Lights

Lemontec outdoor solar light is a unique lighting solution that is easy to install. It can be mounted within no time and is ready to work right out of the box. In case the motion wouldn’t be detected after 10 seconds when light is on, the light will turn off automatically. It comes with 62 robust LEDs, which can produce 2000 lumens. If you want the security of your home to be top-notch, these lights are the perfect solution. The sensors can detect movements in the distance between 10 – 26 feet.


  • Has heat-proof, weather-resistant plastic construction
  • Built with three lighting modes for convenience
  • Comes with a large battery of up to 1800mAh
  • Uses sensors to detect movement

#7. Meykers 16 Pack Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Solar Light for Pathway Garden Driveway

Are you looking for outdoor lights to spice up your life? Look no further than Meykers solar LED light. It’s straightforward to light up and beautify your outdoor space; you’ll enjoy it. It is suitable for the driveway, pathway, yard, garden, wall, sidewalk, landscape, and any other outdoor space that needs to light up during the night. Besides, it’s ideal to be used as a camping light. With a strong structure, it makes it perfect for any weather, heavy rain, and heavy snow. Even better, the pre-install batteries are changeable. Some other exceptional features include; automatic switch, solar charging, stainless steel light post, and transparent plastic light shade.


  • The sturdy structure makes it ideal for any weather condition
  • Suitable for the driveway, pathway, landscape, yard, lawn, etc.
  • Install and enjoy without any wiring needed
  • Light up as a star shape

#8. Tooeary White LED Owl Yard Ornament Outdoor Lawn Lamp Lighting Solar Garden Light

If you want to add a decorative glow and elegant look to your backyard using powerful solar light, look no further than this exhilarating model by Tooeary outdoor solar light. Also, it’s ideal for yards, gardens, parks, courtyards, cafes, beaches, etc. The battery opts to be charged for between 6 to 8 hours to ensure it offers more exceptional performance. Most importantly, it’s one of the most reliable and durable lights you can think of. Don’t hesitate to grab these extraordinary and novel solar lights because they have all features you might want to consider.


  • Beautifies your home by adding aesthetic essence
  • It’s energy-efficient & low maintenance solar light
  • Illuminates the whole compound perfectly
  • Ideal for parks, yards, gardens, courtyards

#9. SUPRIQLO Outdoor Décor LED Solar Buried Light Waterproof for Garden Pathway & Patio

SUPRIQLO outdoor solar buried light is exceptional light that has outstanding features to make it withstand the harsh weather conditions. As a fact, it’s made of PP and ABS materials that makes it durable. Again it has a battery with a capacity of 800mAh that has a longer lifespan. It lights up automatically when the dust reaches. Aside from that, it stays in the ground stably without changing position. Even better, the lights are waterproof, wireless and automatic. This is the surest solar light to save you on electricity bills and overall maintenance costs.


  • Ideal in places where traditional power supply is unavailable
  • The solar pathway are automatic, waterproof and wireless
  • Lights up automatically when dust approaches
  • The best gift to garden lights & gadgets lovers
  • Stays in ground stably without falling

#10. WELIGHT 2-Pack Purple & White Decorative Solar-Powered Garden Light (Lily Flower)

Are you looking for a practical tool to light up your garden? Or do you want to add more décor to your patio? If yes, here is a solution we have for you. WELIGHT garden solar light is a pack of two that ensures all your outdoor space is decorated to its best. Also, unlike the classic patio model, these garden LED lights are entirely powered by solar energy. For that reason, you wouldn’t have to spend money paying for electricity bills or maintenance costs. And the most crucial feature that’s special as well as the fact that this light changes color seven times as compared to the ordinary models. What’s more, it illuminates your backyard, patio, or garden effortlessly.


  • Constructed with durable material that will stand the test of time
  • Illuminates your backyard effortlessly with unmatched lighting
  • Installation is hassle-free without the need of any extra-tool
  • Saves you on electricity bills and maintenance cost

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Type of Outdoor Solar Lights

There are a variety of outdoor solar lights, and each type offers different functionality. For that reason, you need to define the kind of solar light you need before you can make a purchase. While doing this, you should ask yourself, what’s the essential purpose of the solar light you wish to buy? Are you buying one for security, decoration, or illumination needs? How frequently would you use the lights? And where would you place the lights? With these questions, you can be in the right position to grab outdoor solar lights that fit your needs best.

Lumen Output

The other most crucial factor to consider when shopping for the best outdoor solar lights is the lumen output. The lumen rating determines the brightness level of the solar lights. If you’re purchasing decorative solar lights, you’ll opt for models with at most 30 lumens, while on the other hand, if it’s for illumination needs, then the best models will have between 100 to 1000 lumens.

Battery Specs

Again, battery capacity is another main factor that must be considered before making any purchase. Overall, most outdoor solar lights come with the lithium-ion battery. When considering the battery specs, you shouldn’t only look at the capacity but also charging and working time. On average, an ideal battery should serve you between 6-12 hours. On the flip side of it, charging time should range between 6-8 hours. The battery should also be durable to help you for several years.


Well, desirable outdoor solar lights should offer to adjust features to make it ideal to suit different needs. For instance, models that come with varying modes of lighting, particularly motion sensor lights are suitable for enhancing safety. Even better, others have the possibility of adjusting its tilt and orientation angles of the light bulb or solar panel. Indeed, the ability to adjust the solar panel allows it to give optimum performance.


Whether you need lighting for your driveways, pathways, patio, pavements, or garden, be sure to find the best choice from the above list. And also, the price tag that each model comes with is worth, if not affordable. Again, we must say that before we could come up with these solar lights, we sift through different models, and the above models outshine the rest. Outdoor solar lights save you a lot of money you could have to pay for monthly electricity bills and maintenance costs. We hope you’ve found this post helpful, welcome back for more!

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