Top 10 Best Lightweight Wheelchairs in 2020 Reviews

Wheelchairs are for sure helpful equipment for individuals who have disabilities as a result of certain medical conditions. There’re tons of factors to keep in mind when purchasing the best lightweight wheelchair in town. The top most aspect that should be kept in mind is the weight. Remember that wheelchairs are mainly used for mobility, and in case they’re heavy, it will become difficult to maneuver around. And therefore, if you’re planning to buy a lightweight wheelchair, this article will offer you some important tips.

Shopping for a lightweight wheelchair is paramount because they don’t require a lot of energy to move it around plus they’re easy to store. Finding the best lightweight wheelchair is not easy because there are tons of options available in the market. However, after researching this model, we managed to come up with a list of the top 10 best lightweight wheelchairs in the market. Read on to find out more…

#1. Drive Medical Blue 18’’ Seat Swing Away Footrests Streak Wheelchair w/Flip Back Desk Arms

Drive Medical wheelchair has a cutting-edge design that equips it with enjoyable and independent mobility. It is constructed with a blue-powdered frame made of durable steel material. The sleek design of this frame makes it resistant to chipping and cracking. The wheelchair supports a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. It features rubberized tires fitted on composite and strong wheels that facilitates a consistent and smooth riding experience. The wheels have push-to-lock design to optimize the safety of the user. This wheelchair delivers customizable support with the help of swing-away pads for leg rest and removable desk arms. Additionally, the seat of the wheelchair is padded with nylon material for easy cleaning and comfort.


  • Designed with durable tires with push-lock
  • It has a cutting-edge style for easy mobility
  • It has a height of 19.5 inches from the floor
  • The chair comes with a calf strap
  • Fitted with detachable arm rest

#2. NOVA 12’’ Rear Wheels Anti-Tippers Blue Lightweight Transport Chair w/Locking Hand Brakes

NOVA Transport Chair is a lightweight wheelchair designed with patented lockable handbrakes and rugged 12-inch rear wheels. This design gives the companion a full control over the parking brakes and the speed of the wheelchair. Safety features of this wheelchair makes it suitable and convenient for use in all types of terrains. It comes with a seat belt that can be adjusted up to a maximum of 41 inches. You can conveniently keep your phone and keys in a small storage pocket fitted on the chair. Removable padded armrest and the flip-up design of the wheelchair makes easy transfer of the user to a car, chair or bed. Also, the footrests are removable and easy-to-lock back into place.


  • Equipped with removable cushioned armrest
  • Has a versatile design suitable for all terrains
  • It is fitted with an adjustable seat-belt
  • It is designed with 12’’ rear wheels
  • Comes with locking handbrakes

#3. INVACARE 20’’ Seat Ex2 T93HCP Full-Length Arm Tracer Wheelchair w/Heel Loops

Invacare Tracer Wheelchair features a durable frame made of carbon steel material. This steel frame is highly durable and requires low-maintenance. It has a seat and backrest equipped with heavy-duty inner lining to prevent stretching. The dual-axle position of the wheelchair allows easy folding up of the wheelchair. This lightweight wheelchair is fitted with rear wheels with 24’’ diameter and 8-inch casters. The wheelchair seat is made of an ergonomic dual-embossed vinyl material. The cross braces are built with gauge 14 to enhance strength and durability of the wheelchair. The seat has adjustable floor to seat height of 19.5” or 17.5”. Backrest and seat depth have a height of 16” and the seat is 20” wide.


  • The wheels are equipped with low-maintenance precision bearings
  • The seat and back have inner liners to prevent stretching
  • Constructed with durable frame made of carbon steel
  • It built with durable and strong cross braces
  • It is designed with an adjustable seat

#4. Roscoe 12’’ Rear Wheels 300lbs Weight 19’’ Seat Foldable Wheel Transport Wheelchair

ProBasics is a lightweight transport wheelchair made of durable and strong aluminum frames and strong wheels. This frame makes the wheelchair strong enough to accommodate up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs. This wheelchair is equipped with back-release hinges which are easy-to-use. They also facilitate easy transportation and storage of the wheelchair. This transport wheelchair is equipped with 12-inch rear wheels. With the back-release hinge, you can easily fold up the wheelchair for easy transportation and storage. Companion handles of the wheel chair are equipped with hand-brakes for locking the rear wheels. This wheelchair also comes with swing-away footrest made of heel loops and footplates. Furthermore, a padded armrest maximizes comfort of the user.


  • Has free-swing footrest designed with composite footplates
  • The wheelchair is equipped with padded armrests
  • Equipped with handbrakes for locking rear wheels
  • Designed with 12-inch rear wheels
  • Has an adjustable seat-belt

#5. Karman 18’’ Seat Pearl Silver Frame Ergo Flight Ergonomic Wheelchair W/Quick Release Axles

Karman is an ergonomic wheelchair made of aluminum material coupled up with the most efficient design. The construction of the wheelchair gives it a redefined ultra-weight body making it more competitive compared to titanium wheelchair. It is ergonomically built to provide the needs of both the user and the companion. The chair features an ergonomically designed seat and hand rim. The handles of the companion are equipped with brakes to maximize comfort and safety of the user. A storage pocket is conveniently located behind the backrest of the wheelchair. Also the backrest has the ability to fold down easily making the wheelchair compact and easy-to-store.


  • Available in two different seat sizes of 18’’X17” or 16”X17”
  • Rear wheels are made of polyurethane material
  • Has a lightweight design of 19.8 pounds
  • Equipped with removable footrest
  • It is designed high tread wheels

#6. Graham-Field 5’’ Swivel Casters 19’’ Seat Pink 19 x 16’’ Seat Aluminum Transport Chair

At the sixth position is Graham-Field transport chair. It has distinguishable features that makes it stand out from the crowd. To begin with, it comes with lighter and compact design that enables a companion to lift and store the chair seamlessly. For durability purposes, this unit is built on an aluminum frame. Needless to say, this is one of the world known brands for its efficiency and reliability. Again, the attendant wheel locks on each rear casters offer better control and access. What’s more, the convenient carry straps are fitted on both sides of the seat for easy folding and lifting.


  • The aluminum frame is available in seven stylish metallic colors
  • It’s easy to put together and dismantle with no use of any tool
  • Can be adjusted or removed with no tool
  • It is compact and lightest transport chair
  • Cans comfortably support 250 pounds
  • Can fold seamlessly for easy transport

#7. McKesson 62164201 350lbs Capacity Swing-Away Footrests 20’’ Standard Wheelchair w/Footrest

Unlike other wheelchairs in the market, McKesson standard wheelchair is designed with users in mind. First, it has a swing away footrest that allows the users to have everlasting comfort. Besides, it comes with a 20-inch seat and it can support up to 350 pounds. Other than that, it has detachable desk arms made of carbon steel frame having silver-vein finish to enhance its visual appeal. On top of that, it’s quite easy to maintain. This unit also urethane tires that are easy to clean and most importantly, offer a smooth and durable ride. Additionally, the front caster can be easily adjusted to three positions.


  • Comes with urethane tires that offer smooth and durable ride
  • Has a silver vein finish that makes it easy to maintain
  • Built with a lightweight and durable body
  • The dual axle offer seamless transition
  • Has an attractive design

#8. Karman 19’’ Seat Width LT-1000HB-BL Companion Brakes Blue Folding Aluminum Transport Chair

If you’re concerned with quality and budget, we can’t make an offer for you more than Karman LT-100HB transport wheelchair model. It has been designed particularly for most users and caregivers alike. What is even interesting about this model is the fact that it can be used as an indoor and outdoor wheelchair. It comes with several good features that will allow you to interact with the chair like never before. The companion hand brakes on the other hand will enable the caretakers to smoothly and safely stop the wheelchair at any time.


  • It’s built with durable and strong aluminum frame
  • Constructed with breathable nylon upholstery
  • The backrest can be foldable to save on space
  • Comes with a swing away detachable footrest
  • Has a three-stage handle brake for safety

#9. ProBasics 19’’ Black Comfortable Folding Aluminum Transport Lightweight Wheelchair

Here is the best deal to grab, ProBasics ultra-light aluminum transport chair. It comes with several features that makes it to be ranked at the 9th position. In addition, it comes with a compact and lightweight design that makes it very easy to maintain. The quick back release and the flare handles allows the back to fold down flat and compact for hassle-free transport and storage. Moreover, it also boasts a 19.75-inches padded wide nylon seat that offers enough comfort as you maneuver around. Finally, it can support individuals of up to 300 pounds.


  • Has a well-built construction that is durable
  • It is super-lightweight for convenience
  • Can fold seamlessly for easier storage
  • Well-padded for comfortable ride

#10. Drive Medical Bariatric 22’’ Seat Blue Swing-Away Footrest Heavy-Duty Transport Wheelchair

A tight budget doesn’t mean that you can acquire what you want. If you’re looking for a budget friendly wheelchair then BARIATRIC Steel transport chair is here at your disposal. It features dual, strong steel cross braces and another extra reinforced steel for additional support to enable it withstand a weight of up to 450 pounds. With a heavy-duty reinforced upholstery, you’ll be assured to get excellent comfort. Besides, it comes with a back carrying pouch that securely and easily transport personal items. What’s more, it comes with a blue attractive blue color that will always suit all your needs. Don’t hesitate to grab this amazing unit if you find it meeting your needs.


  • Comes with padded armrest for extra comfort
  • Has dual and reinforced steel cross braces
  • Offer extra support for larger individuals
  • The seat is cushioned for great comfort
  • Requires small assembly

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Lightweight Wheelchair

Electric or Manual

This is probably the first thing you want to consider when buying the best lightweight wheelchair. How do you want to propel yourself? If you need some assistance, then an electric wheelchair is suitable. Even manual wheelchairs also come with some features that help you to maneuver around. Most models come with large wheels on their back while its rear wheels with sport push rims. Large wheels offer stability and comfortable ride.

Weight & Size of the Wheelchair

Well, the aspect of size and weight come into play when storage and transportation aspects come to mind. Basically, a wheelchair’s weight is directly proportional to the needed effort it takes to shift it manually. In essence, heavier wheelchairs tend to be too difficult for individuals who lack sufficient arm strength. For that case, if you need a lightweight wheelchair, you need to consider the one made from less heavier materials such as carbon steel and aluminum that target at lowering its total weight. Aside from this, several wheelchairs have removable parts that help in lowering the overall weight.

User Ability & Strength

If for instance you’re coming to the market for a brand new wheelchair, you need to put into consideration your strength as the main parameter. Also, if you’re not in a position to move your weight, opt for a model that entails power-assisted wheels or even if it’s possible consider an electric set. Given that they are cost-friendly, it’s a perfect investment that can take your lifestyle and health to a different level.


Indeed, there’s no one-size-fit-it-all wheelchair on the market even with a wide range of features, and that also implies that one individual’s wheelchair is not suitable for the next person. In a nutshell, the choice of a wheelchair is much dependent upon body build, usage and medical condition. Selecting the best lightweight wheelchair from hundreds of manufacturers can be strenuous. So, if you have issues trying to find the best model in the market, this post is all you need. All the wheelchairs we’ve reviewed meet the medical requirement and most importantly, they’re budget-friendly. We hope you have found this post helpful and you’ll be in a better position to buy the best lightweight wheelchair that will meet all your needs.

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