Top 10 Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors in 2020 Reviews

A mirror is an accessory that is found in almost every household. With the advancement in technological inventions, there is the development of vanity makeup mirrors with LED lights. These makeup mirrors are found in different designs, sizes, and shapes. The lights produced by these LED lights help in enhancing the illumination within the room.

Also, they are very flexible and have an aesthetic effect on your dressing room or bathroom. Most of these vanity mirrors come with smart touch technology used to control the brightness of LED lights and power them on or off. To help you narrow down your search for a lighted makeup mirror, we’ve compiled a list of the ranked vanity mirrors available in the market.

#1. FENCHILIN White Wall-Mounted Large Vanity Mirror w/15 Dimmable LED Bulbs

FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror is an essential mirror that delivers professional makeup results. It is mostly used in Hollywood by makeup artists and stars to enhance their beauty before appearing on the screen. It has a frame that is constructed using premium quality tinplate, and the material of the mirror is white ivory. The sturdy base of the mirror is elegant and steadier. This mirror comes with 15 pieces of non-replaceable LED bulbs. These bulbs create a larger and brighter viewing screen. The bulbs are made of plastic covers that make them more durable. This vanity mirror allows easy adjustment of brightness level. Additionally, the mirror has three light colors: cool white, warm yellow, and daylight.


    Easy to control with smart touch sensor
    Designed with a detachable base
    Has an in-built USB charging port
    It is styled with triple color light
    Can be mounted on the wall

#2. HANSONG Wall Mounted Large Bluetooth Vanity Makeup Mirror w/Lights

Are you in search of an ideal and the most entertaining vanity mirror? Make HANSONG Hollywood Vanity Mirror your number one choice and be among the number of Hollywood stars using this lighted vanity mirror. This type of vanity mirror has been designed with Bluetooth speakers to enhance your comfort and brighten your working area. It allows you to enjoy your music while working on your beauty. Bluetooth speakers are easy to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device. The mirror’s frame is constructed using high-quality metal material that contributes to the beautiful design of the mirror. Additionally, the USB charging port makes it easy for you to charge any USB enabled device while doing your makeup.


    Has USB charging port for ease of charging
    Large in size for a full view of upper body
    Designed with Bluetooth Speaker
    Can be hanged on the wall
    It has a detachable base.

#3. NICESTi Smart Touch Control Lighted Makeup Mirror w/17 Dimmable LED Bulbs

NICESTi vanity mirror is the most unique vanity mirror that has been innovatively designed. The mirror allows you to adjust to different settings of lights. This allowance will ensure that you achieve uniformly applied makeup. The mirror has an ideal size that creates a full view of your upper body. The brightness level of the mirror can be adjusted. The mirror is surrounded by 17 LED bulbs that can be adjusted to 3 color-tone settings depending on your preferences. The mirror is controlled using smart touch technology that lets you switch it on or off. Also, it has been designed with memory function settings that save the last lights setting you were previously using before switching off.


    It is suitable for makeup, dressing or grooming
    Constructed with sturdy metal material
    Touch sensors allow ease of operation
    Designed with adjustable lighting
    Has 17pcs of LED bulbs

#4. BEAUTIME Silver Wall-mounted /Tabletop Hollywood Lighted Mirror w/Dimmer Bulbs

BEAUTME Vanity Mirror is a professional mirror fitted with 14 pieces of LED bulbs that are dimmable. These bulbs on the mirror are fashioned energy savers, and environmentally friendly. This mirror is ideal for use whenever you are having a clean shave, dressing up, drying your hair, or applying your cosmetics. You can adjust the tone of light, depending on your needs. This type of mirror has a base made of a high-quality aluminum frame and a sturdy metal base. Both the frame and the base of this mirror makes it stay on the tabletop firmly. Further, this vanity mirror can be used on the desktop or comfortably mounted on the walls.


    Operated by use of smart touch sensor
    The frame is made of strong aluminum
    Has adjustable brightness level
    Has an elegant, sleek design
    Comes with 14 LED bulbs

#5. NITIN Silver Tabletop/Wall-Mounted Lighted Vanity Mirror w/Touch Control Design

NITIN Vanity Mirror is the most versatile and functional mirror that features with disruptive innovations available in the market. This quality makes the mirror very unique from all other brands of vanity mirrors. It is a vanity mirror that every woman desires to have. The mirror is designed with different light settings that ensure you achieve uniformity in the palliation of your makeup. It uses a smart touch technology that allows you to either turn it ON or OFF. Once the mirror has been lightened up, you can use the same sensor to adjust its brightness. With the mirror’s memory function, the previous brightness settings are restored once you power it up.


    Controlled by use of a touch sensor
    Attached with long-lasting LED bulbs
    Constructed using a sturdy metal
    Has adjustable screen brightness
    Suitable for use at night

#6. HOMPEN White Lighted Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror w/LED Dimmable Bulbs

HOMPEN Vanity Mirror is a Hollywood Mirror that will give you the most relaxing and brightened make the application experience. It is designed with the most illuminating, adjustable, and dimmable lighting system suitable for the majority of make applications. This lighting is an assurance of flawless grooming and application of makeup at home or for professional purposes. This vanity mirror allows you to make adjustments on the color tone and the brightness to meet your desires. It has three color tones, which includes: cool white, warm yellow, and daylight. Moreover, this mirror is controlled using a smart touch sensor that lets you power ON/OFF.


    Aesthetically decorated to match your vanity décor
    Fitted with a USB port for ease of charging
    It is held by a sturdy base and a metal frame
    Has three tons of color temperatures
    Can be easily mounted on the wall

#7. WANEWAY Lighted 12 x 3W White Cosmetic Vanity Mirror Dimmable LED Bulbs

WANEWAY vanity mirror is a replica of vanity mirrors found in makeup studios and dressing rooms. This vanity mirror beefs up the beauty of your room with a decorative appearance. It also disperses a precise illumination that can be adjusted to suit different needs during the application of makeups. The brightness of the light can be adjusted to meet different needs. The mirror allows you to switch between warm glow and cooler color temperatures. These settings are set with color-correction lights that allow you to have a preview of how the makeup will appear in different lighting situations. Furthermore, the mirror has an adjustable angle that enables you to enjoy different viewing angles.


    Operates using touch screen technology
    Large and creates a full view of you face
    Built on a solid and sturdy metal frame
    Comes with 12 Voltage adapter
    Fitted with durable LED lights

#8. FENCHILIN White Hollywood Mirror w/Light Large Makeup Mirror Vanity 3 Colors

FENCHILIN Hollywood Mirror is a lighted mirror that enables you to experience an enjoyable and healthy makeup application. This vanity mirror is designed with an attachment of 12 LED bulbs that have adjustable brightness. This adjustable brightness is cool white, daylight, and warm yellow. With these light adjustments, you are assured of achieving a flawless make application anytime you choose to. The mirror has been designed with a 360o swivel style that makes viewing from different angles a possibility. It is easy to operate this mirror by using the smart touch sensor to turn it ON or OFF and make adjustments on the brightness.


    Designed with free rotation style
    Has with 3 LED colored lights
    The brightness level is adjustable
    Uses a smart touch screen
    It is an HD mirror

#9. AirExpect 72 LED Trifold Mirror Touch Control Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror w/Lights

AirExpect is the most upgraded lighted mirror with 72 pieces of adjustable LED lights. This will facilitate the desired illumination of the poorly lit and most dark areas. The light produced by these mirrors is bright, soft, natural, and free from any dazzling Therefore, it protects your eyes from any harm. With two color temperatures, you can have a preview of how your makeup will appear in different lighting situations. It is designed to be controlled by a smart touch sensor. You short press when adjusting the light colors and long press to change the brightness of the mirror. Additionally, the mirror allows you to have a comfortable viewing angle using a tri-fold design and 90 degrees angle of rotation.


    Decorated with patterns of classic diamonds
    Operated using a sensitive touch sensor
    Allows up to 3 times magnification
    Designed with strip lights
    Has rotation angle of 90o

#10. KOOLORBS 21 LED Vanity Mirror w/Lights Touch Screen Switch Portable Trifold Makeup

Practical and aesthetic features make KOOLORBS makeup mirror a must-have in your dressing room. This lighted mirror has an endowment of 21 pieces of LED lights that are uniformly distributed in the mirror. These LED lights are responsible for the production of bright and natural lighting. Also, the tri-fold design of the mirror allows you to have a comfortable and better angle of viewing. This vanity makeup mirror is built on a stand that allows up to 180o angle for rotation. You can fix this stand to any position of your choice and detach when not using it. Additionally, the mirror is designed to enable USB charging, and it comes with a USB charging cable.


    Its aesthetic features make ladies perfect gift
    Has three modes of magnification
    Designed with 21 LED lights
    Uses USB charging system
    Has 180o rotation angle

Factors to Consider When Buying Lighted Vanity Mirrors

Below are the factors you should consider before narrowing down on purchasing a lighted vanity makeup mirror.

Frame Vs. Unframed

When choosing a vanity mirror to buy, weigh the options between a framed mirror and an unframed one. Framed mirrors are usually suitable for any room with neutral interior décor. On the other hand, framed mirrors should create a matching effect with the already existing décor of your room. This is because different frames come in different colors.


The vanity mirror you are planning to settle on buying should address the needs of your household members. It should accommodate both tall and short family members. The available space in your room is also a contributor to the shape to be purchased. If you have enough space, you can choose a larger rectangular mirror or square mirror if you have limited space.

Stand Type

The type of mirror you choose to buy should have a stable place that firmly holds the mirror in place. This calls for the need to know the type of stand the mirror comes with. If the mirror is to be placed on the desktop/tabletop, it should have a sturdy base, while if you mount on the wall, then it should have nail holders.

Lighting Capacity

The main reason you are opting to buy a lighted vanity mirror is because of its illuminating feature. Therefore, going for a mirror that has been upgraded with a good number of LED lights will be the best idea. Also, consider buying a lighted mirror that has a bulb with a longer lifespan.


We have given you a great insight that will help you have a deeper understanding of what to look for when searching for a vanity makeup mirror. Keep in mind that lighted vanity mirrors are the best versions of mirrors that deliver flawless makeup or grooming experience. To sum up, from the above merits and factors, choose one that fits your budget and satisfies your needs at the same time. As long as you follow this review, you wouldn’t go wrong in your purchase.

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