Top 10 Best Kids Soccer Goal Sets in 2021 Reviews

Soccer has become one of the most popular games in the world today. This has made most youths and kids get interested in playing soccer games. To achieve a more accessible ground, your kids require the right equipment while playing. All you can do is to erect an ideal kid’s soccer goal set to keep your kids enjoying every bit of the game. These units allow your kids to play in the backyard, park, beach, and many other places because most of them are lightweight for portability needs. This helps your kids to improve flexibility and focus since they can have more precise shots.

The modern online stores, outlets, and markets are flooded with a lot of brands, making it a bit confusing to pick the best choice. You can decide to buy the entire set or a single piece unit at your disposal. This post will be walking you through an exclusive list of the best kids’ soccer goal sets. With this well-researched list, you can deduce the best choice to suit your toddler.

So, let’s hit the trail!

#1. JOGENMAX Portable Pop-Up Goal Nets w/LED Lights & Portable Carrying Case for Kids & Adults

You can now practice soccer games at any place at any time with Jogenmax kid’s soccer goal set. Both the soccer net and frame are designed from high-grade materials known for their strength and durability. The net has a pop-up design that allows you to assemble this whole unit in just seconds. This rectangular unit has an LED light strip around the net’s belt to meet your sporting needs in the evening periods. With only a weight of 2.93 kilograms, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. It comes with a carrying bag, which makes it more portable.


  • Ideal for outdoor, indoor, backyard, beach or year-round training
  • Well-designed thus remains stable while playing
  • The disc cones improve your shooting skills
  • It’s quite easier to disassemble

#2. Dimples Excel Set of 2 Kids Mini Soccer Goal Portable Foldable Pop-Up Soccer Goal Backyard for Kids

Whether it is in the backyard or on the beach, your kids can train more comfortably with Dimples excel kid’s soccer goal set. This unit has a pop-up and foldable design that makes it easier for kids to carry it from one place to another. The 8mm fiberglass goal poles are designed from high-quality steel components that are strong and long-lasting. Additionally, the soccer net is made of durable dracon materials with a longer usage life. With L shaped connection, you are assured of a unit that can withstand exposure to harsh environments. Also, the pole sleeves are made of 400D oxford materials that handle all-weather days.


  • Designed from weather-resistant materials for longer usage
  • It takes some few minutes to install thus saves your time
  • Has a compact design thus can fit into smaller spaces
  • The bungee cords make it easier to connect frames

#3. EliteGo Set of 2 Instant Pop-Up Net Fiberglass Poles Convenient Pack & Play Portable Soccer Goal

EliteGo kid’s soccer goal set is equipped with a wide range of features to keep your kids playing as they desire. This soccer goal has fiberglass poles and dracon netting that assures you of a durable and strong unit. You can easily set up this whole unit all by yourself because all you need to do is connect the poles and you are good to go. It has a pop-up and foldable design, which makes it easier for assembly and transport purposes. With only a weight of 2.24 kilograms, you can carry around more easily. The manual is well instructed; thus, it is easier to assemble it within a few minutes.


  • Includes two nets thus suitable for personal or team play training
  • Spacious enough thus ideal for practicing different shots
  • The stainless steel pegs keep it steady and stable
  • Comes with a carry bag making it more portable

#4. MGA Entertainment Little Tikes Heavy-Duty Construction Soccer Goal Set w/ Pump Ball & Net

There is nothing more pleasant than getting the right playing equipment for your kids, and that’s why you might want to try out this kid’s soccer goal set from MGA entertainment. The frame is constructed from heavy-duty metal that can withstand harsh weather conditions, thus allows for longer usage life. It is recommended for use by kids with the age of 2 years and above since it only weighs 7.69lbs for easier transport purposes.


  • Easier to disassemble for storage and transportation
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations
  • Lightweight thus easier for your kids to carry
  • Comes with a pump to inflate your ball

#5. WISHOME L09 4 Ft 2-in-1 Pop-Up Portable Kids Soccer Net for Indoor/Outdoor Shooting

You can now improve your child’s flexibility and learning ability when it comes to soccer with Wishhome kid’s soccer goal set. This 2 in 1 unit is ideal for shooting because it has five different target areas for accurate shooting. The net is made of 210 oxford fabric while the poles are made of long-lasting steel materials. It is easier to assemble since all you need to do is to throw the goal and then pop it up and fasten to the ground. This will only take a few minutes; thus, it saves your installation time. Besides, this unit only weighs 1.16 kilograms, making it easier for your kids to carry around.


  • Suitable for outdoor activities at the beach, park and more
  • Has a straight construction to ease assembly and disassemble
  • Comes with sturdy metal stakes to keep the net in place
  • The net has double buckles for easier storage

#6. NET PLAYZ Set of 2 4 Ft x 3 Ft Portable Easy Fold-Up Easy Assemble Training Soccer Goal

Are you looking for a high-quality kid’s soccer goal set? Look no further than Net kids PLAYZ soccer goal set. It is made with a durable fiberglass frame and net that assures your kids of longer usage life. You can personally play soccer or play with some teams since it comes in a set of two goals. With the unique collapsible design, you can easily break it down for storage and transport reasons. Additionally, it comes with one well-instructed manual that makes it easier to assemble this whole unit. It only weighs 2.59 kilograms meaning that your kids can carry it easily and play at any place.


  • Sets up within some few minutes thus saves your time
  • The net can withstand any harsh weather conditions
  • Have 8 stakes thus can be used on different surfaces
  • Spacious enough making it easier for perfect shoots

#7. Kidodo Pop-Up Soccer Goal for Backyard Kids Soccer Goal Portable & Foldable Soccer Goal Net

If you are looking for a more portable kids soccer goal set, this brand from Kidodo is an ideal. It is made lightweight and has a folding design; thus, it easier for your kids to carry it from one place to another. This equipment is made from high-grade oxford fabric and durable steel components. It is ideal for practice at home, in the park, backyard, and beach, and during most outdoor activities. Moreover, it is more convenient since it comes with a carrying bag to ease portability. With six target areas, you kids can make precise shots easily, making the game more enjoyable.


  • Resistant to any wear thus ensures a longer usage life
  • Ideal for use by kids with the age of 2 years and above
  • The four nails help you to secure the goal to the ground
  • Waterproof to keep the net dry during wet conditions

#8. WisToyz Kids Toys Air Soccer w/LED Light & Foam Bumper Hover Soccer Ball Set for Indoor Games

Would you like your kids to enjoy soccer even during bad weather? It is possible with the Wistoyz Kid soccer goal set. This unit comes with two goals making it ideal for your kids to play soccer as a team or solo practice. You need 4AAA batteries to power the floating soccer ball for a more enjoyable play. Additionally, it comes with a ball and pumps for inflation purposes of keeping your kids enjoying soccer at all times. The built-in LED flashlight blinks while kicking the hover ball that keeps you excited while playing. Also, it has a fan inside that produces a cushion of air, making it ideal for indoor soccer ball hovers.


  • Ideal for use on low pile carpet, hardwood and tiled floors
  • Can be used by both boys and girls with the age of 3 years +
  • Has a motor that makes it more lightweight thus portable
  • Assembly is simple and takes a few minutes

#9. Frankin Sports 36'' x 24'' Mini-Net & Ball Set w/Pump Portable Folding Youth Soccer Goal Set

When it comes to playing soccer in any space, Franklin Sports kid’s soccer goal set is a great pick. It comes with a mini folding soccer goal, mini soccer ball, and a pump; thus, you can get started. With the lightweight PVC construction, your kids can easily carry this whole unit from one place to another. This soccer set is suitable for both youth soccer players and toddlers who are starting to learn how to play soccer. Assembly is a hassle-free task since it takes a few minutes to set it up. It is an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your kids this coming holiday season.


  • The goals fold flats for convenient storage and transport
  • Perfect size for small kids between the ages of 1-4 years
  • Only weighs 3.3 pounds thus easier to carry around
  • Made from high-grade materials that last longer

#10. GoSports Compact Storage Kids & Adults Premier Portable Sturdy Pop-Up Soccer Goals

Do you need a sturdier kid’s soccer goal set? Well, this model from GoSports is an ideal choice so far. It’s built from heavy-duty materials that can withstand various competition games, training sessions, and practice drills. Furthermore, it features a lightweight construction allowing your kids to transport it from one place to another effortlessly. Setup is a pretty easier task because it only takes a few minutes, and you are good to go. With only a weight of 3.2 pounds, your kids can easily carry this whole unit without facing any difficulty. Also, it has a fold-up design, which makes it easier for storage and transport.


  • Has an ideal width and height for both kids and youths
  • Available in two different sizes to suit different needs
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • The stakes hold it into place to keep it sturdy

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Kids Soccer Goal Set

Below are factors you need to consider before deciding on buying a particular soccer goal set for your child.


Since you are purchasing this unit for your kids, it’s ideal to choose a smaller set in size. A smaller-sized unit makes it easier to move the whole unit from one place to another – to enable your kid to set in different locations. A good size will keep your kids enjoying soccer at all times. An ideal size is also one with different target areas to enable your kid to improve his or her shooting skills.


A good set is one that can be easily moved around by your kids with ease. This makes it easier to erect this unit at different places. Most of these units have a fold-up design making it easier to store it when you need to go for a picnic or any other places. This lightweight soccer goal allows for hassle-free movement.


You should consider the durability of a goal set before purchasing it. With a durable unit, you kids can use it for a longer period without purchasing a new one. It should withstand several practices and training sessions without wearing off. Most goals are made of high-grade steel materials, whereas the net is designed from oxford fabric that lasts longer.

Ease of setup

No one would love a set that takes much time during installation. A good set should not take much time to install. Most of the brands are easy to set up since it only takes a few minutes to set it up fully.


When you are looking for the best kid’s soccer goal set, you should use this post as a guide to enable you to get the best. You should make your kids more proud of you by getting them the right brand to keep them busy at all times. Without further hesitation, you rest assured to get the best for your kid if you follow this article step by step. Kids will indeed enjoy most of their time with the soccer goal set. All you need to do is pick a brand that best suits your kid’s tastes, preferences, and tastes because all the ten brands are indeed the best.

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