Top 10 Best Kids Sneakers in Reviews

Naturally, kids have very delicate feet that call for proper care as they grow. These feet rapidly grow as these kids grow. The kind of sneakers you decide to buy for your kid should hinder his/her development. It should give enough room and support for natural development. Kids tend to be very active especially during their early stages of life. Ensure that you are purchasing sneakers that will not only create comfort but also durable enough to withstand wear and tear for a long time.
It is every parent’s responsibility to provide the most flexible and comfortable shoes for their kids. This is because the kid’s hardly express themselves when they are wearing uncomfortable sneakers. Getting the right type of sneakers for your kid seems to be easy but getting the best could be challenging.
In this article, we have to highlight the top-rated sneakers in the market to help you in your search. We have also provided you with a checklist of factors you should consider when buying sneakers for your kid.

#1. Under Armour Low Top Polyester Supportive Unisex-Child Grade Assert 8 Sneakers

Assert 8-sneaker is a unisex-child grade shoe from Under Armour manufacturers. They have been designed with the comfort and flexibility of the users in mind. These sneakers are made using 84% polyester and 16% Elastane material that makes the sneakers light in weight. It features a low-top shaft height and lace-up closure system for tight and secure fitting.
The upper part of these sneakers has been meshed to provide maximum breathability. It has overlays made of durable leather to provide more stability. These overlays also ensure that your mid-foot is properly locked. Additionally, the sock liner has been cushioned with EVA padding to enhance more comfort.


  • The inner part is equipped with the sock liner
  • Made of durable leather
  • Has a solid rubber sole
  • Has a meshed top part
  • Light in weight

#2. Saucony Hook & Loop Closure Two-Tone Midsole Low Profile Synthetic Sole Kid's Sneakers

Baby Jazz is a low-profile kids’ sneaker designed with a wavy overlay and contrasting meshed sock liner. They have been constructed to meet the needs of kids’ growing feet. This pair of sneakers is ergonomically designed and full of fun colors. The uppers of these sneakers are suede and mesh. The outsole is made of a durable and highly stable rubber material.
These shoes are easy to put on and off due to the hook-and-loop closure. This alternative closure system is easy to adjust and securely fits your kids’ feet. The midsole is made of a cushy EVA material which is light in weight and very comfortable to wear. They are suitable for climbing, jumping and running.


  • The outsole is built from non-marking rubber
  • The upper part is made of nylon and suede
  • Has hook-and-loop closure design
  • It features wavy overlays
  • It has a two-tone midsole

#3. New Balance 574 V1 Lightweight Foam Cushioning Kid's Pack Lace-Up Sneaker

New Balance Kids’ sneaker is an ideal shoe that has been designed to handle kids’ busy days. It features a durable construction suitable for very active kids. They can withstand general wear-and-tear during their daily play. The uppers of these sneakers are made of a lightweight material that delivers a cozy feeling when wearing.
The outsole of this sneaker is made of durable rubber material. This material offers superior traction when walking on indoor or outdoor surfaces. The inner sole of these sneakers has been cushioned with EVA foam to maximize the comfort of your kid. Additionally, the lace-up closure system offers your kid shoe tying practice, thereby boosting their self-confidence.


  • Has a lace-up closure style
  • It is a lightweight sneaker
  • It has a meshed design
  • Made of suede fabric
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear

#4. Merrel Hook & Loop Closure Rubber Sole Suede & Mesh Upper Trail Chaser Sneaker

Kids’ Trail is a chaser sneaker that has been uniquely designed to withstand any weather condition. It is suitable for use by both boys and girls. When your kid plays while wearing these sneakers, they will persevere in any weather. A pair of these types of sneakers is suitable for kids during family hikes and exploration during backyard trailing experience. These trail chasers enable your kid to spend their season outside.
These sneakers are made of textile and leather fabric. It has meshed and suede uppers. The outsole of this type of shoe is made of a non-marking rubber material. It has been equipped with an M-Select grip to provide superior traction. Additionally, it uses a hook-and-loop closure system that creates a secure fit.


  • The outer sole is made of non-marking material
  • M-Select grip provides superior traction
  • Features hook-and-loop closure system
  • Equipped with removable EVA footbed
  • Has meshed and suede upper part

#5. Skechers Fabric & Synthetic Fun Unicorn & Rainbow Kid's Sparkle Lite Craze Sneaker

Sparkle lite sneakers are Kids’ sneakers that have been designed to create fun for your kid. It is constructed using both fabric and synthetic material. The outsole is made of synthetic material. The upper fabric of these sneakers is made of a glittering finish and soft canvas. These sneakers have been designed with casual light that lights up when your kid makes some steps.
It also features a unicorn, star emoji, and fun rainbow printings. The toe cap features colored sequin accents. The shoe lining of these sneakers is made of soft fabric. Furthermore, it has a padded collar and cushioned insole for more comfort.


  • The toe cap is equipped with glittering sequin accents
  • Features colorful lights on the caps upon every step
  • Fitted with an adjustable hook and loop closure system
  • The sole is made of a synthetic material
  • Built from fabric and synthetic material

#6. Sketchers Synesthetic Sole Flexible & Lightweight Kids' Unisex Glimmer Kicks Sneaker

Glimmer Kicks are unisex sneakers designed for kids. They are made of 100% fabric material. The outsole is made of non-marking synthetic material. It has a glittery and sporty design that lit up with style when your kid makes a step. The upper of these sneakers feature a smooth synthetic material with a sparkling texture.
It has synthetic overlays that are smooth and shiny with a patent-finish. These overlays have also been decorated with star accents. The instep strap is made of synthetic material with an S logo that lights up. The sides of these sneakers feature a metallic S logo. Additional features include an adjustable side hook-and-loop closure.


  • The outer sole is made of non-marking material
  • Equipped with bright and long-lasting lights
  • Sole is made of synthetic material
  • It is made of 100% synthetic fabric
  • Very flexible and light in weight

#7. Sketchers Super-Z Synthetic Sole Memory Foam Kids Mega-Craft Cubotrons Sneaker

Mega-craft-cabochons are sporty and funny sneakers designed with the pixel theme style. These sneakers are ergonomically designed with mesh fabric. The uppers of these shoes are made of a smooth synthetic material. It has a zigzag strap with a pixel theme, overlay accents, and stitching. The insoles of these sneakers are made of cool air memory foam. This cushioning of the insole is to enhance comfort when your kid is wearing the sneakers.
These sneakers feature a tongue and collar. The shoe lining is made of soft fabric material. Its midsole sides are made of pixel block texture with colored details. This midsole also has to ability to absorb shock. Additionally, the outsole is constructed from a non-marking material with flexible traction.


  • Comes in a hook-and-loop closure system
  • Sole is made of synthetic material
  • Has a padded tongue and collar
  • Features air memory foam
  • It is machine washable

#8. Sketchers Lightweight Synthetic Sole Non-Marking Outsole Kid's Glimmer Kicks Sneaker

Glimmer Kick Sneakers are flexible and lightweight sneakers made of synthetic sole material. The outsole is made of non-marking rubber material that delivers maximum traction. Its upper is constructed from smooth and clean synthetic fabric with a single color. This sneaker is equipped with a lightweight and shock absorbing midsole. It is an ideal pair of shoes for a school going kid.
The front and the sides of these sneakers feature a micro-perforated finish to facilitate breathability and more comfort. Both the sides and the toes have synthetic overlays with a smooth texture. It is easy to slip on it with the help of a stretch lace panel in the front part of the sneaker. Also, these sneakers have been fitted with a strap for hook-and-loop closure on the sides.


  • Features hook-and-loop closure type
  • Equipped with a non-marking outsole
  • Ideal for going to school
  • Light in weight
  • Very flexible to wear

#9. Sketchers Sole Padded Collar & Lightweight Kid's Painted Daisy Sneaker (Pink/Multi)

Power Petals-painted sneakers are shiny kids’ shoes that come in a sporty style. These shoes feature meshed fabric and a synthetic upper with patent smoothness. It has shiny overlays at the heel, lace, instep strap, and toe. The tongue panel features glittering mesh. Each side of this sneaker is equipped with a metallic finish with the S logo.
The instep strap of this sneaker is printed with lights with the S logo. It has been fitted with a padded tongue and collar. Collar trim and the meshed fabric of the tongue have contrasting colors. The shoe lining is made of a soft fabric. The midsole has an integration of colorful lights that blink with every step. Additional features include an adjustable hook-and-loop closure system on the sides of the sneakers.


  • Designed with an adjustable loop and side-hook closure
  • Sole is made of synthetic material
  • Has a padded tongue and collar
  • Features lighted outsole
  • It is lightweight

#10. Nike Extra-Foam Rubber Sole Soft Midsole Kids 2 GS Star Runner Sneaker

Star Runner is a kids’ sneakers made by Nike manufacturers. They have a sole made of a synthetic rubber material. This rubber sole delivers durable traction. The grooves on the rubber make the soles easily bend with much flexibility. It has also been designed with a low-top shaft height.
Both the collar and the tongue have been padded with extra foam to enhance more comfort. The midsole has a soft cushioning that improves comfort and underfoot support. The fabric material is light in weight and very breathable. Furthermore, it stretches to create a room for comfortable movement of the feet.


  • Has foam padding around the tongue and collar
  • Ergonomically designed with a soft midsole
  • Made of rubber sole for durable traction
  • Designed with lace-up closure
  • Flexible and stretchy

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Kids Sneakers

The Sole Type

The type of outsole of your kid’s sneakers greatly determines the safety of your kid when walking either while indoors or outdoors. The sneakers should be non-skid and very flexible. Flexible soles are durable and do not break easily. The material of the sole will also determine the weight of the sneakers. For breathability and adequate movement, consider buying sneakers made of lightweight materials which include canvas, cloth, or soft leather.


Before making a final decision on purchasing a sneaker for your kid, ensure that you know the size of his/her feet. After knowing the size, buy a sneaker that will give room for growth. This is because your kid’s feet will grow with time. The most appropriate time to check if the shoe fits are in the afternoon as your kid’s feet tend to expand when it is hot. Also, choose a size that will accommodate socks.


The material used in making the sneakers will determine its breathability. Due to kid’s activeness, their feet tend to be very hot now and then. Having sneakers with linings and uppers made of leather or textile will be an ideal choice. This is because such shoes allow the escape of hot air and pave way for cool air into the shoe. This process will eliminate the risk of developing bacterial infections and smelly feet. Avoid sneakers with synthetic linings and uppers because they are less breathable.


The age of your kid dictates the need for a pair of shoes. Kids begin to comfortably wear shoes once they have learned to walk properly. During the toddler stage, the right type of shoes becomes a necessity. This will not only protect their delicate feet but also makes them flexible when moving. As your kid begins schooling, choose sneakers that can withstand wear and tear as your kid will be walking on rough grounds.


Finally, it is very important to note that the feet of your kid are rapidly growing during their early years. Due to this rapid growth, having several pairs of sneakers is one way of ensuring that you take care of their feet as they grow. You must make the right choice of a pair of shoes. Apart from being fitting, your kid’s sneakers should also be durable and ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort.

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