Top 10 Best Kid’s Protective Gear Sets in Reviews

When your kid is out cycling, biking, skateboarding or performing in any other outdoor activities, they need to remain safe always. They should be braced up with quality protective gears before going for any activity. Some of these protective gears include wrist pads, helmet, elbow pads and knee pads for full protection.

As a parent, nothing gives you a peace of mind than an assurance that your kid is safe and sound. This gear set protects the head, knee and elbow against inflicting injuries while kids go about their playing activities. Since they’ve got an adjustable design you rest assured that your child will fit perfectly.

There’s no one-size fit all for kid’s protective gear set, you, therefore, need to go an extra mile to find the best protective gear set that fits your kid comfortably. As such, it becomes extremely hard to pick out one in a pool of resources. That notwithstanding, we’ve done the laborious part for you. Here is our best compilation of the top 10 best kid’s protective gear set you might not want to miss.

Let’s kick-off.

#1. Besmall Helmet Wrists Pads Knee Elbow Pads Kid's Protective Gear Set for Skating & Cycling

If you’re looking for a lightweight kid’s protective gear, this brand from Besmall is the best choice. This unit only weighs pounds making your kids feel lighter while enjoying themselves. This makes it ideal for skateboarding, biking, roller skating, inline skating and many other outdoor activities. Additionally, it is well ventilated to keep your little ones safer from head injuries and allow for good air circulation. Kids are assured of a long-lasting unit because it is designed from the high-quality shell and foam materials. The adjustable buckles allow your kids to customize it for a perfect fit.


  • Comes with wrist guard and elbow pads for extra comfort
  • Has up to 11 vents that allow for extra breathability
  • The classic side cut design makes it easier to fit in
  • Available in 3 different sizes to suit different kids

#2. JBM 3-in-1 Adult/Child Elbow Pads Knee Pads & Wrist Guards Multi-Sports Cycling, Biking & Skating

You can now have a peace of mind whenever your child is out for outdoor events with JBM kid’s protective gear. This seat includes a knee pad, elbow pad and a wrist pad to keep your child safe at all times. They’re designed from high-grade polyester, PP plastic and PE foam components that are strong and durable. Moreover, they are ideal for different outdoor activities such as cycling, skateboarding, inline skating and more. With the multiple adjustable elastic straps, they can fit different persons with different needs. Also, they only weigh 0.61 kilograms thus you can never feel their weight on your body.


  • Ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable at all times
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Have a lightweight design to ease portability reasons
  • Ideal for use by both beginners and professionals

#3. KAMUGO Knee Elbow Wrist Pads Sports Protective Gear Set for Rollerblading, Cycling & Skateboard

If your child loves skateboarding or cycling, KAMUGO kid’s protective gear set is the kit to get them. This set has a helmet, knee pads, wrist pads and elbow pads to keep your child safe at all times. The helmet is designed from high-quality ABS shell and spongy materials that assures you of a long-lasting unit. Additionally, the pads are made of quality, durable polyester components. They can be easily adjusted to ensure that it fits your child perfectly. The 11 vents in the helmet let air in whereas the breathable sponge foam prevents sweating during hotter days.


  • Can be used when riding, skating, snowboarding and more
  • Comes with a clearly instructed manual for easier usage
  • The carry bag makes it easier to carry this whole set
  • Available in 5 different colors to choose from

#4. XJD CPSC Certified Helmet Elbow Pads Wrist Guards Knee Pads Protective Set for Toddlers

You can now have a peace of mind while your child is enjoying his or her outdoor events with XJD kid’s protective equipment. The helmet has a sturdy construction that assures you of the safety of your kid at all times. This set includes a helmet, elbow pads, wrist pads and knee pad to ensure full protection. Additionally, it has a breathable sponge that keeps your head well ventilated to avoid sweating. With the adjustable dial system, you can easily adjust it when feeling too tight or loose for ultimate comfort. This makes it an ideal gift for your kids because they are available in 6 different colors.


  • Ideal for bike trailers, skateboarding, trikes and many more
  • The elbow is made to absorb any impact during accidents
  • Has an adjustable strap and side buckle for a perfect fit
  • The sponge can be easily removed for cleanup purposes

#5. Lamsion Helmet, Wrist Pads, Knee & Elbow Pads Sports Protective Gear Set for Kids Age 4 to 10 Years

Children can now exercise more lively during outdoor activities with Lamsion kid’s protective kit. The helmet has a hard ABS shell and high-quality sponge that keeps you more comfortable. It has 11 vents that allow for good air circulation to prevent sweating. Moreover, it’s ideal for use by kids between the ages of 4-10 years since it keeps them fully protected. It is suitable for skating, skateboarding, cycling, mountain biking, scooter, rock climbing and more. Also, the adjustable harness can be adjusted from 19.6 inches to 21.3 inches to ensure that it fits your child perfectly.


  • You can easily remove the pad for a wash-up or cleanup
  • Has a heavy-duty construction for a long-lasting unit
  • Lightweight thus easier to carry from place to place
  • It’s sturdy to offer safe and stable operations

#6. UniqueFit Lucky-M Wrist Guards, Helmet, Elbow & Knee Pads Outdoor Kid's Protective Gear Set

Are you looking for a high-quality kid’s protective set? Look no further than UniqueFit brand. It is designed from high-grade ABS materials and sponge materials that are well known for their strength and durability. Both the knee pads and elbow pads are adjustable to ensure that your children feel comfortable. Children can use them during different outdoor sports such as bicycle, scooter, roller, skateboarding and many more. With only a weight of 0.54 kilograms, you can carry this whole set with you while moving around.


  • Has a breathable sponge to prevent your kids from sweating
  • All the pads are well designed thus easier to put on and off
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable fitting
  • This 7 piece set offers all-round and perfect protection

#7. XingCheng-Sport Wrist Guard Helmet Knee & Elbow Pads Protective Gear Set for Outdoor Sports

Whether your child loves scooting or skateboarding, it is ideal to try out XingCheng kid’s protective set. This set is designed from high-quality ABS and polyester components that are strong for longevity. The multiple adjustable elastic straps keep your children more comfortable because they ensure a perfect fit. Children can easily carry this whole set from one place to another without feeling its weight because they only weigh 0.48 kilograms. Additionally, the helmet has an adjustable circumference to ensure a perfect fit for children with different needs.


  • Pads are well designed to keep your kids more comfortable
  • Ensures stable and safe operation with its sturdy design
  • The helmet is of quality materials that don’t scratch
  • Has an adjustable clicker features for a perfect fit

#8. KUYOU Helmet Wrist Pads Elbow & Knee Pads Protective Gear Set for BMX Scooter & Skating

Do you need a full protection set for little ones? KUYOU kid’s protective gear keeps your child safe at all times. The helmets are equipped with adjustable buckles that allow your children to adjust it as per their personal needs. You can easily remove the internal foam when dirty for maintenance purposes. The 17 air vents in the helmet allow for good ventilation for your kids during hot days. Besides, its shell is made of high-grade ABS materials that absorb shock when accidents occur. What’s more, its circumference makes it suitable for kids between the ages of 3 – 8 years.


  • Keeps your kids comfortable with the thickened sponge
  • Has been certified by CPSC and ASTM for safe for use
  • Designed from high-grade materials that last long
  • The liner is breathable to prevent any sweating

#9. DaCool Elbow Knee Wrist Pads Helmet Pad Set Sports Protective Gear for Skating, Cycling & Roller

DaCool kid’s protective gear set is equipped with all the necessary safety features for your kid. This set protects most body parts that are prone to injuries during riding or skateboarding. They keep children’s head, feet, joints and other body parts safe at all times. They’re well-sized for use by children between the ages of 3-10 years while they cycle, skate, and other outdoor activities. The hard PVC shell is lined with high-quality soft EVA materials to keep your child comfortable and lasts longer. These liners are also breathable to ensure that your kids feel cool and comfy during hotter days.


  • Comes with a storage bag that makes it easier to carry
  • Has adjustable head circumference for a perfect fit
  • This set is designed from scratch-resistant materials
  • The helmet has a soft closure to avoid chin chafing

#10. ValueTalks Helmet Pad Wrist Guards Elbow Pads & Knee Pads Kid's Protective Gear Set

This set is the best birthday or surprise gift for kids between the ages of 3 – 10 years. The helmet has a strong PVC outer shell and high-density soft EVA inner shell to last. This keeps your kid safe from bumps while cycling, scooting, biking, skateboarding and so forth. Both the helmet knob and straps can be easily adjusted to perfectly fit younger kids. With the 11 breathable vents, your little one remains cool at all times during a hot sunny day.


  • Designed from breathable materials for a cooler feeling
  • Constructed from thicker components that are durable
  • The helmet is well cushioned for an ultimate comfort
  • This 7-in-1 set assures you of an all-round protection

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Kid’s Protective Gear Set

Before settling with one of the above protective gear sets for kids, here are some important factors you should keep an eye on.


The best gears should stand the test of time and fully protect your kid in an event that an accident occurs. And the determining factor for this is the materials making the set. A helmet should be made of high-quality ABS materials and pads should be from high-grade polyester components. The inner lining should be made of soft EVA materials to offer much-needed comfort.


Little ones love riding, scooting or rolling when the sun is shining bright. As such, they’re often prone to sweating a lot. To curb all this, the pads and the inner lining of the helmet should be breathable to keep them cool and comfortable. Aside from that, the helmets should be equipped with more vents to allow more air circulation to prevent sweating.


Not all kids wear the same size as the protective gears. That means that kids have varied needs. This makes it ideal to choose a set that features adjustable circumference, straps or buckles to ensure a perfect fit. You should choose a helmet with adjustable circumference to ensure a perfect fit for different head sizes. Also, the pads should have adjustable straps for a perfect fit for your growing kids.


A versatile kid’s protective gear set is more useful compared to a one-function gear set. For that reason, if you want to get the value of your money, shop for a set that can allow your kid to use during most gaming activities. At least, go for a set that can help your kid while cycling, scooting, riding, skateboarding, rolling and so on.


You’re on the track for the ultimate and best kid’s protective gear set that guarantees the baby’s safety. The helmets, knee pads, wrist pads and elbow pads that are designed to offer the desired comfort and durability. All these units are made in different sizes to ensure that you get the size that seamlessly fits your kid. Buying the best kid’s protective gear set is now simpler than before with this exclusive buying guide. If you find a model that impresses you don’t most, don’t hesitate to grab it today. Have a flawless shopping time!

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