Top 10 Best Inline Skates in 2020 Reviews

Do you love skating for fun or even for competition? You need high-quality inline skates. Did you know that skating creates a balance between psychological and physical health? It’s the best way of keeping fit. Inline skates do not only last but help you generate more skating tricks. Best of all, skating keeps you in touch with friends who share the same interest. While skating, it’s important to brace yourself with all protective gears. So, which are some of the best inline skates in the market today? We’ll take you through in a while.

The market currently offers a wide range of inline skates and finding the one that matches your night can prove to be a no walk in the park. And since we understand such frustration, we’ll offer you an alternative. At least you’ll not need to rummage through thousands of options. Here are the top 10 best inline skates in reviews. Let’s dive in.

#1. Rollerblade Light Blue & Black Women's Fitness Zetrablade Inline Skate for Adults

Rollerblades inline skates are made of the necessary lining and padding that will provide maximum protection and comfort during skating. The closure system helps in fastening the feet firmly. This enclosure system is made up of the lace, strap and buckle. The durable shell and the frame system gives your Kid stability and balance during the skating. This is because the center of gravity in the frame system is added; this will help new skaters to gain more confidence in skating. The wheels of the Rollerblade skaters are fixed to the Monocoque frame. This will ensure that the skater maintains more stability by staying closer to the ground.


  • High-quality wheels and suitable bearings moderate the speed
  • Has a durable frame that improves the stability
  • Secured closure system that gives comfort
  • Ideal for both beginners and intermediates

#2. K2 Skate Black/Coral Youth 11-2 Wheels Marlee Pro Cuff Pack Urban Inline Skates

This pair of inline skates offers total protection. It comes together with knee pads, wrist pad and elbow pads. These skates have five adjustable sizes to suit different sizes of children’s feet. They are fixed with stability plus gloves for support and speed lacing for locking in and readiness to skate. If you want to adjust, keep pulling until you achieve the desired feel. Adjustments can be easily made even during the skating process. The frame of the skate is designed to absorb any vibration on the road, thus making it easier for the skater to adjust to skating.


  • The pair is more classical in style and appearance
  • Offers comfort and has more durability
  • They come in different adjustable sizes
  • The frame is customizable
  • They roll on smoothly

#3. K2 Skate Speed Lacing Secure High-performance Marlee Splash Inline Skate

These are adjustable inline skates which are made up of 5 colored fabric markers in every pair. These types of skates come in different sizes based on the different ages of children. Older children will go for bigger sizes compared to younger ones. The traditional lacings lock down the stability plus gloves that offer support during skating. Made with Frame material that absorbs any form of vibration you come across on the road as you skate. The frame also enables the child to adjust to skating quickly. The wheels and the bearings are of high quality, and they have high performance that ensures the safe speed during the cruising.


  • They’ve high-quality wheels which are ideal for safe speed
  • The durable frame offers balance during the skating
  • It’s easy to put on or take off due to its speed lacing
  • Suitable for both intermediate and beginner levels

#4. Kexuan All Wheels Illuminated Inline Skates Adjustable for Kids Girls Ladies

This pair of skates are suitable for Kids whose feet are growing faster. They have four adjustable sizes for growing kids. Adjustments can be made by pushing a button to a convenient size that suits the size of your kid’s feet. The flexible boot system offers support, stability and comfort.
Has a triple secure lock that aids in getting in and out of the skates with ease. The wheels have LED lights that will keep on illuminating every time your kid is cruising. The LED lights do not need batteries because the wheels generate power during skating.


  • The flashing lights create more fun for the kids
  • One pair comes with four adjustable sizes
  • Train the kids to become confident
  • The power used is self-generated

#5. 2PM SPORTS Fun Flashing Cytia Pink Adjustable Light up Inline Skates

This type of skates is comfortable and helps in improving the skating skills of your kid. The boot system makes the feet of your kid comfortable when wearing them. The laces, straps and buckles lock the feet firmly and offer support to the ankles. You should not worry about the growth of your child’s feet. A pair of 2PM Sports Adjustable Inline skate has four adjustable sizes in every pair. The wheels are designed to illuminate light every time your kid is skating. The wheels generate power that lights up the LED lights. There, batteries are not needed for power supply.


  • Wheels have high-quality bearings thus ensuring safety
  • Adjustments can be made to fit different sizes of feet
  • The wheels illuminate light making it attractive to kids
  • Buckles, laces and straps offer ankle protection

#6. 2PM SPORTS Torinx Adjustable Inline Skates (Orange/Red/Green/Black)

Are you frustrated with old and heavy inline skates that don’t live up to your expectations? And you need a new and classic model? We’ve good news for you. 2PM SPORTS Torinx inline skates will offer you your ultimate skating experience without spending a fortune. It allows you to enjoy hours of outdoor fun. The pair is suitable for children who want to learn and get rolling on any surfaces. These exceptional pairs of skates will aid your kid to improve skating skills, and within no time, he or she will become an expert. Most importantly, these inline skates offer excellent and healthy exercises for your kids.


  • Offers your child excellent and healthy exercises
  • Designed with eye-catching orange and classic-black color
  • Excellent birthday present and holiday gift
  • Come with four adjustable sizes

#7. Hiboy Adjustable Outdoor & Indoor Inline Skates w/All Light up Wheels

Hiboy inline skates offer people of all ages with a low impact exercise experience. It allows kids to enjoy skating well. Whether your kid is a beginner or a professional, this pair is a perfect fix to get them rolling. Besides, its supportive boot and padded liner offer all the cushioning required to make skating a comfortable activity. They’ve reinforced an aluminum frame that is durable and lightweight. Moreover, it is suitable for family or people who want to remain active or have fun together. So, if you need your child to get started, you now know the right equipment to buy.


  • The wheels are illuminated to make skating more fun
  • Allows your child to skate like a pro
  • Come in small and medium-size
  • Offers you exceptional comfort

#8. ANCHEER Size 12-8 Adjustable Inline Women Men Kids Urban Roller Skates

If you want to take your skating skills to a new level, look no further than ANCHEER inline roller skates. This pair balances between style and performance and is suitable for both men and women, including your child. The sleek look, excellent quality with push-button adjustment enables these inline skates to be the perfect option for boys and girls who want to learn how to skate. Inline skating has proven to be an excellent exercise for your mind and body. Besides, if you want your child to build confidence while younger, this is the right equipment to go for. Moreover, they come with high-cut plastic frames that make them sturdy and light. They even have ventilation to ensure your feet are kept cool and comfortable on a hot day.


  • They’re well-ventilated to help keep your feet cool
  • Have sturdy construction that ensures they last
  • The wheels light-up with no batteries needed
  • Built with high-quality bearings

#9. JIFAR Indoor & Outdoor Inline Adjustable Skates for Boys & Girls w/Illuminated Wheels

Do you want your child to start skating with zero experience? JIFAR inline skates have got your back. This pair is the best choice for both girls and boys who want to begin their journey of skating. It comes with different sizes and colors; definitely, you’ll be spoilt for choice. These units are from high-quality ABCD-7 mute bearings that ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. It comes with more features that make it stand out amongst the rest options available in the market. And to catch the attention of the kids, the wheels are illuminated – they’ll always love the spectacular experience. The wheels are made from PU tricolor wheels that are sturdy and durable.


  • Their wheels are illuminated to attract the kids
  • Have adjustable sizes to fit your kid perfectly
  • The best inline skates for beginners
  • This pair is reliable and durable

#10. Roller Derby Smooth Ride Indoor Girls Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates

Tracer inline skates have the potential to adjust up to four sizes to ensure it grows with your child. Besides, they’re quite easy to put it on and to take them off; thus, kids of all ages can roll along seamlessly. They offer superb ankle support that is very important for newbies skaters. Aside from this, the fit comfort liners are washable to ensure the skates are left fresh always. They come in both small and medium sizes that provide your kid rolls smoothly. What’s more, it’s the best pair for building the confidence of your child.


  • The reinforced polymer frame is lightweight and durable
  • Cam lever buckles are quick & easy for kids to use
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Has thick padded tongue for a great fit

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Inline Skates


People buy inline skates for three main reasons, namely competition, exercise or fun. There’re different types of inline skates designed to suit particular functions. Multi-purpose skates are the most common models and suit both indoor and outdoor needs. Hockey skates are ideal for skating on a rank or indoor skating. Nevertheless, they aren’t suitable for outdoor skating because they can’t handle the shock. Lastly, five-wheeler skates are ideal for faster speeds, hence making them suitable for competitions.


You should also consider your budget when buying a pair of an inline skate. You should be in a position to state the money that you’re willing to spend in purchasing this unit. So, when deciding on this aspect, you need to factor in the underlying expense of extra accessories which you may need to purchase.


Before you can part with your money for a pair of inline skates, is paramount to consider your correct size to avoid going for inline skates that run too small or too large for you. A perfectly fitting inline skating pair will enhance your comfort as you have fun skating. It’s good because the sizing measure used in most inline skates are the same as the one on conventional shoes. And for that reason, you should be in a position to choose the right sizing to avoid being wasted.


Last but not least is the frames. It’s a significant factor that you need to consider for a successful shopping of inline skates. In essence, skate frames are designed of three materials, namely aluminum, plastic and carbon. Plastic frames are used for making skates meant for beginners. However, plastic frames aren’t durable enough. Aluminum frames are ideal for the long haul. Besides, they’re also more efficient compared to plastic ones. Finally, carbon frames offer reinforcement to the aluminum frames. Their primary role is to lower weight and improve resilience for professional skaters.


We’ve made the review short and precise. We guess if you had an issue regarding the best inline skates, you now have most of your concerns answered by this post. We’ve not only reviewed the highest quality inline skates but touched on factors you need to follow before deciding on the best option you may want to buy. Whether you’re a man, woman, boy, or girl, one of the above pair of inline skaters will work best for you. We choose the list above because they suit all people from all walks of life. Enjoy your shopping!

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