Top 10 Best Inflatable Kayaks with Paddles for 2020 Reviews

Watersports are getting better each day and among the best ways of enjoying the waves in the sea or lake is the use of a Kayak. With an inflatable kayak, you can move into a calm lake to learn a new dimension of the world. It is also lightweight and offers an easy way to sport and capable of going about anywhere. Whether you want to ride on a sea, traverse a lake, carrying luggage on a city harbor or go fishing, the best inflatable kayak is suitable for the task. And currently, inflatable kayaks are flooded in the market like never before.

Obtaining the best inflatable kayak with a paddle will allow you to enjoy a durable ride with ample space to transport you and your luggage on a voyage. That said, we managed to get the best inflatable kayaks with paddles that are ideal for taking this sport to a new level. That said, check out the best ten inflatable kayaks with paddles for reviews.

#1. Sevylor Coleman 2-Person Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders Multiple Air Chambers Inflatable Kayak

Are you looking for an inflatable kayak that can accommodate you and your partner? Look no further than Kayak inflatable kayak. It has an 18 gauge PVC construction that makes it one of the durable kayaks currently in the market. This unit is safe from punctures since it has an 840D nylon cover and 1000D tarpaulin bottom that are durable and resistant to punctures. If at all one air chamber is punctured and gets deflated, then it has two other air chambers to keep you going. The double-threaded valves make inflation and deflation a more manageable task that takes a few minutes. Besides, you can carry with you some snacks when out fishing since it has mesh storage pockets.


  • Has paddle holders that keep your paddles in place at all times
  • The airtight system prevents any leakages that cause deflation
  • D-rings makes it easy for you to attach your kayak to another
  • You can install Sevylor motor fittings for more experience
  • Has adjustable seats for a comfortable ride

#2. Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe 3-Person 650lb Super-Comfortable Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak w/Paddles

Portability is one of the most important features when it comes to inflatable kayaks. This model from Sea eagle only weighs 32lbs, yet it can accommodate three people weighing up to 650 lbs. You can use it when out fishing, water paddling, and river running, and so on. It has large I-beam tubes that improve the paddling speed and for a longer-lasting floor. Also, it has two molded skegs that are made from high-quality plastic to enable you to go faster and avoid hitting rocks. The kayak seat can be easily adjusted to hold in a comfortable position. You can quickly inflate or deflate this boat by using the open and close drain valve.


  • Made lightweight thus you can easily carry it from place to place
  • Can be used during summer and spring seasons for more fun
  • Comes with two paddles for a convenient and faster ride
  • Saves your time as it only takes 6 minutes to inflate it

#3. Ztotop 2-Person Two Aluminum Oars & High-Output Air Foot Pump Comfortable Inflatable Kayak

If you are paddling enthusiasts, it would be wise to check out what Ztotop inflatable kayak has to offer you. It is from smaller water bodies like lakes and rivers. You are assured of a longer-lasting kayak since it is from high-grade vinyl materials that are resistant to any punctures. With a length of 138 inches and a width of 48 inches, it can accommodate one person with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. Moreover, it has adjustable inflatable seats that hold you more comfortably for excellent back support. Behind one of the seats is a storage bag that makes it easy when you carry this kayak from one place to another.


  • Has two long paddles that are more comfortable to hold while rowing
  • Three air chambers keep you free from accidents when paddling
  • Comes with a simple repair for fixing punctures and holes
  • You can use the air foot pump for a quicker inflation
  • Boston valve prevents air leakage when inflating

#4. Airhead Montana 1-Person 9-Foot Lightweight & Compact Water-Resistant Coating Inflatable Kayak

Do you need a kayak for your late summers? You will fall in love with Airhead kayak to satisfy these needs of yours. This 9 feet boat is ideal for use by only one individual. You can use it when exploring places, camping, vacationing, and other water activities. It does well in moderate waters and lakes because of its lightweight design. With heavy PVC construction, you rest assured of a durable and robust kayak that can accommodate a weight of up to 300 pounds. The three air chambers are covered with rugged 840-denier water and UV resistant coating to keep them in good condition. Finally, its seats are movable and removable for desirable back support.


  • Tabular beam floor for great buoyancy, tracking, and comfort
  • Designed from high-quality materials that do not destroy
  • Has a compact design thus fits into a bag or a car trunk
  • The elbow guards provide more comfort when rowing
  • Visible from a distance as it has a bright orange color

#5. Blue Wave Sports Nomad 1-Person 231lbs Weight Capacity 24 Gauge PVC Inflatable Kayak w/Paddles

Make your trip more enjoyable with lightweight Blue whale sports inflatable kayak. This unit has a heavy-duty fabric seat that holds you comfortable even on the roughest waters. You can use it individually in rivers, lakes, or streams. It is durable since it is from high quality 24 gauge laminated three-layer PVC construction. Also, it has different air chambers in the hull and on the floor for a more comfortable ride. It is equipped with an oversized pressure valve with a double lock airtight seal for quick inflation and deflation. The t87 inch long oar has aluminum tubes for a more convenient and enjoyable ride.


  • Comes with a polyethylene carry bag making it easy to transport it
  • Removable fabric seat which makes it easy for storage purposes
  • Has large handles which makes it easy to connect it to float
  • Easy to use repair kit in case of a broken or damaged parts
  • It supports a weight of up to 231 lbs. when fully inflated

#6. Rave Sports Rave Sea Rebel Lightweight Portable & Durable Cover Inflatable Kayak w/ Paddles

Go kayaking with a buddy with this phenomenal model by Rave Sports inflatable kayak with paddles. This one-person sea rebel kayak enables you to enjoy a lake, stream, or river adventure anytime any season. Whether you love fishing, relaxing, or traversing, this is a stylish kayak to catch your interest with. It has exciting features, which include stand up paddleboards, water bouncers, life vests, and accessories. The removable and adjustable back seat ensures you stay comfortable through all the sailing sessions. Also, the convenient elastic stretch cords in the back of the kayak enable you to carry PFD and many other gears along on your ride.


  • Its package includes a kayak paddle, hand pump and a carrying bag for convenience
  • This kayak inflates in just a few minutes using a high-pressure hand pump
  • It’s lightweight and portable with a compact size to fit into a small truck
  • Built for teens, youth and adults that weigh less than 200 pounds
  • The seatback has a waterproof zip bag for carrying essentials

#7. Oru Kayak Stable Durable Lightweight Perfect Outdoor Foldable Kayak for Fishing & Adventure

We know how interesting and enjoyable it is to spend time on the water with those you love the most. Oru Kayak has been those few models to come up with innovative and creative engineering, and boating is now easier than ever before. This lightweight and foldable kayak makes water sports enthusiasts prioritize kayaking. Even if you live in the city, storing this unit can be stashed in the closet to wait for the next outdoor adventure. No matter your destination, this kayak is ready to traverse anywhere. You’ve seen such stylish yet functional kayak before, yes? Be sure to order yours while stock lasts.


  • Can fold into a compact size for storing in a closet or under bed
  • It’s from custom polypropylene & rust-resistant hardware
  • It comes when treated with ten years of UV protection
  • Sleek, durable & reliable with a rating of 20,000 folds
  • This kayak is ideal for both amateurs and experts

#8. ADVANCED ELEMENTS Removable Deep Tracking Fin Island Voyage Rear Drain 2 Inflatable Kayak

Are you looking for the best inflatable kayak to enjoy your sea experience? Look no further than the Island Voyage 2 model. It’s a compact and durable unit with many exciting features that brings enormous fun on the water. Having a multi-grab handle, multi-layer construction, high-back seats, bungee deck lacing, a tracking fin, and a pointed bow with rocker, you can expect nothing but higher-performance from this kayak. This gear is going to surprise you on your next voyage. You also like this recreational kayak because it can work on different water environments like on a calm river, lake, ocean, harbor, etc.


  • Setting up requires you to unfold, inflate and put the seats together simply
  • Constructed with a sturdy polyester tube covers with heavy-duty PVC material
  • The three-seat location enables for paddling individually or tandem
  • The seats are padded to offer high support for long paddling hours
  • The high-volume side tubes offer excellent stability & buoyancy

#9. Carlisle Paddle Gear Day Tripper Lightweight Anodized Tempered Aluminum 2 Piece Kayak Paddles

If you have weak paddles and you find it right to secure some other strong models, then hold on, we have a replacement for you, thanks to Carlisle Paddles, that offer you unbeatable performance. Whether you are new to kayaking or you’re a pro, these paddles suit your paddling needs. The blades are from polypropylene material and shaped to produce efficient strokes, suitable for a shiny afternoon on the water. Besides, the lightweight shaft has an oval construction that offers you fast hand placement and stable gripping. Paddling with these gears is quite easy and smooth. The paddle has different settings that enable you to customize your paddling experience.


  • Constructed with blades shaped to give smooth and efficient strokes
  • Have push-button for changing the shapes of the blades
  • The blades material is from durable polypropylene
  • The shaft is from lightweight tempered aluminum
  • Suitable for beginners and hardcore paddlers

#10. BENDING BRANCHES Whisper 2 Piece Plastic Ferrule Snap Button Recreational Kayak Paddles

Whether you want entry-level paddles for paddling around the lake with your friend, or expert-level paddles for water sporting activities, BENDING BRANCHES Whispers is the appropriate paddles to take. It has a sturdy aluminum shaft with 2-piece construction. The paddles can change direction between 0 and 60 degrees left or right the ferrule. Better yet, it has drip rings that help keep your cockpit dry and clean always. It can fit perfectly in the rear side of the car for easy transportation and lightweight as well. Besides, these paddles are affordable. Finally, these paddles allow you to make each stroke effortlessly.


  • Excellent choice as entry-level paddles for kayaking around the lake
  • Comes with different sizes, it’s upon you to choose your best
  • The blades are contoured to allow for a smooth stroking
  • These paddles are comfortable to use on any kayak

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Inflatable Kayak w/Paddles


The kayak should have durable and reliable material to be able to offer transportation necessities for a long time. Besides, since you deflate it when it’s not in use, the inflatable kayak should be flexible and bend with ease. One of the standard materials used in making an inflatable kayak is PVC. This material is preferred because it’s lightweight and can be folded with ease. Moreover, Nitrylon is also widely used since it’s eco-friendly and durable.

Weight of the Kayak

This factor should be paid attention to because this will determine the effects of your selection. By going for a lightweight kayak, it will enable you to transport with ease. Besides, thin models offer you the best ability to control your kayak quite easily. If you are going on a long voyage, then you’ve needed to consider a foldable kayak for secure storage.


A standard inflatable kayak is around 12 feet in length. With that length, a kayak can move around with excellent stability and can allow two individuals to ride. Besides, other kayaks can span up to 16 feet long while other smaller models are as short as 10 feet. Varied lengths enable each kayak to suit different occasions. At least, remember to settle with the kayak that suits your needs and allow you to sail swiftly.

Seating Capacity

Bringing someone with you for a weekend kayaking may not be your thing, but at least it’s encouraging to do so once in a while. Even better, a second seat can be a beautiful place to store drinks and other essentials. It can also serve as a kid’s seat or any other family member. Most kayaks have two seats to accommodate a friend or a colleague.


Being involved in water activity is one of the best adventures you can do with your loved ones. And with a top-notch inflatable kayak having durable paddles, you’re sure to be exhilarated out of your new sporting activity. So, as you make a purchase, leverage on this guide to enable you to arrive at a final decision with ease. Not all kayaks being offered in the market are true to their functionality, it’s, therefore, crucial to take your time before sealing a deal with one of those models. We are sure that if you have followed our review, you’ve come across a model that lives up to your expectations.

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