Top 10 Best Handheld Showerheads in 2021 Reviews

What do you usually do when you feel stressed and fatigued? Some individuals might like running or walking to lower the stress as others might opt for a workout. Nevertheless, one of the most outstanding ways to naturally relieve stress and fatigue is by taking a shower and humming nicely in the bathroom. You, therefore, need one of the best handheld showerheads that provide a spray of warm or cold water all over your water to bring a cooling and a refreshing feeling. In that case, you’ll need one handheld showerhead that will stand the test of time with high-performance so that you can get the value of your money.

There’s a wide range of handheld showerheads available in the market, and singling out the best from the market is an uphill task. However, we went out of our way and researched this equipment. And out of the research, we’ve managed to find the top 10 best handheld showerheads for reviews. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to the list.

#1. Moen 26112SRN 5.5'' Handheld Showerhead w/Magnetic Docking System (Brushed Nickel)

Finally, we’re proud to offer you this most exciting and nice handheld shower by MOEN. It comes with an uncomplicated style that makes it a must-have unit in homes. Indeed, this ingenious unit works perfectly well with the contemporary lifestyle. The diameter of the spray head is 5.5-inch with a fixed function that enables you to customize your showering needs with just a push of a button. Besides, it’s quite easy to use with a magnetic docking system. Better yet, the kink-free metal hose offers flexibility for you to take your shower in any position in your bathroom. So, there we are, this showerhead wouldn’t let you down, make a quick purchase now!


  • You can customize your shower with a push of a button
  • Spot resistant and stays as good as new
  • The metal hose is flexible to use
  • It’s a snap to use

#2. For sure, AquaDance rainfall shower combo deserves to become our second best choice showerhead.

First, it comes with 30 settings with three-way that enhances your shower experience. With a three-way diverter, you can use each shower head independently or even simultaneously. Also, the click-lever dial makes it easy to change from one setting to another as clean jets make cleaning of the showerhead easy. Most importantly, it boasts a water-saving pause mode that’s great for saving water in boats and RVs. Every box has an extra-large seven-inch chrome face rainfall showerhead, super-flexible stainless steel shower hose, oversized four-inch chrome face hand shower with angle-adjustable bracket and free washer and Teflon tape. What’s more, it comes with easy to follow instructions that make installation a breeze.


  • Has a durable, heavy-duty design with brass connection nuts
  • Independently tested to meet US compliance
  • Premium matching-style hand shower
  • It features an easy tool connection

#3. Lokby Powerful Shower High-Pressure Handheld 6 Setting Luxury 5'' Showerhead w/hose

At #3 comes Lokby powerful handheld showerheads. Indeed, this affordable yet powerful unit allows you to shower like never before with few installation steps. It’s also a multi-functional kit that can boost low water flow. The showerhead comes with six spray functions that allow you to have showering experience of your own. It features tightly grouped anti-clog silicone jets that offer even spray and keep off the build-up of lime and hard water. And on installation requirements, there’s no need for asking for help; you can do it by yourself.


  • Offers you an ultimate shower experience
  • Designed with easy to clean nozzles
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Can be installed with ease

#4. WASSA High-Pressure 9-Spray Settings High-Pressure Handheld Showerhead w/60'' Hose

WASSA is nothing but a representation of quality and well-established products. Its handheld showerhead is the talk of the town because of its clear features and great performance. We can proudly declare that this is the unit for life. It’s an all-purpose unit that offers a geyser that’s powerful for cleaning with a soft drizzle ideal for babies and pets. With simple installation, nine spray setting, and handheld flexibility, this handheld shower stands out as your everlasting unit. Besides, even if you are facing low water pressure from your water system, WASSA can increase the flow so that you can have a spa-like experience always.


  • Provides you with a spa-like experience each time
  • The showerhead install in minutes
  • Comes with easy to clean nozzles
  • Boost the pipe water pressure

#5. AmazonBasics 5 Functions 2.5Gallons/Min Handheld Showerhead Set (Satin Nickel Finish)

AmazonBasics showerhead is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. The showerhead is powerful and simple. If you need a showerhead to replace with your old model, this is for sure a perfect replacement. First and foremost, this handheld showerhead is very easy to handle because of its flexibility. With this tool right in your hand, you can seamlessly control where the water goes. There is no debate, AmazonBasics showerhead will rinse you entirely from head to toe. Whether you’re showering, or want to clean your pet or kid, choosing this showerhead is a step ahead.


  • Includes a stainless steel shower hose that lasts
  • Satin nickel finish decorates your shower room
  • Comes with easy to clean nozzles
  • It’s very easy to install

#6. DELTA FAUCET 7-Spray Touch Clean Handheld Showerhead w/Hose (Chrome 75700)

Experience one of a kind shower with the flexibility and control of DELTA handheld showerhead. This unit is a suitable choice for showering yourself, pets, or loved ones plus being a tub and shower cleaner. Unlike other models that pile around minerals and germs over time, the soft rubber touch ensures the internal areas of the shower are cleaned to remain clean at any time. Besides, it comes with a pause function that offers you enough time to lather, shave and other shower tasks. With the spray settings, you can easily conserve water, so you wouldn’t worry about the water reservoir running dry, plus you’ll preserve the environment.


  • The spray function delivers enjoyable showering experience
  • Design with seven powerful spray option for own preference
  • You can install this unit without the services of a plumber
  • This showerhead is easy to clean

#7. YOOMEE Powerful Multi-Function High-Pressure Handheld Showerhead (Brushed Nickel Finish)

As you can see from the above image, YOOMEE high-pressure handheld showerhead comes with a brushed nickel finish that ensures functionality and appearance are in tandem. Even if you’re facing problems of low water pressure, this showerhead is capable of boosting your pressure to have your shower experience enjoyable. This equipment comes with excellent strength with pause impact that ensures muscle pain is relieved. The construction, on the other hand, is also on the top-notch, you have nothing to worry regarding durability. Don’t be duped into going for those cheap and inferior quality showerheads; this is your ultimate unit to save you time and money.


  • The showerhead body is made from long-lasting materials
  • Can meet the budget for most people under a tight budget
  • Enables you to take a shower comfortably
  • It’s easy to assemble and install

#8. HO2ME Multi-Function High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head w/79'' Hose (Chrome Finish)

This helpful showerhead by HO2ME is ideal for somebody who has a low-pressure water system connected to his or her home. Ideally, it boosts the low water pressure to deliver you high-pressured water for shower. The three functions that it comes with include pulse massage, powerful shooting and mixed. The chrome finish offers protection plus it adds aesthetic value to your bathroom. Many customers buy this showerhead unit because of its simplicity and stellar performance. We assure you, your shower experience will never be the same again after you incorporated this unit in your home. Also, HO2ME is budget-friendly; there is no need for shelling out more from your pocket.


  • Great unit to fix pipeline with low water pressure issues
  • The chrome finish is luxurious and offers protection
  • Offers you a convenient way to shower
  • It much quick and easy to install

#9. Briout 5 Spray Setting High-Pressure Detachable Handheld Showerhead (Chrome Face)

Briout handheld showerhead is another good bathroom equipment made from lightweight and durable ABS material to last. As if that’s not enough, it boasts an anti-leak and anti-clog design with contemporary style and modern look that makes it complete. The strong function and solid performance make it the ultimate unit for all your family members for an exciting shower experience. It’s very easy to operate with five different functions that can be switched freely. Further, it has self-cleaning nozzles that ensure minerals and germs don’t build up. It’s never too late to order this unit as long as it meets your needs.


  • Installing this showerhead doesn’t take much of your time
  • Allows your family to enjoy a relaxing shower experience
  • Suitable for bathing young kids, washing pets, etc.
  • The elegant chrome-plated surface is attractive

#10. AquaDance 6-Setting High Pressure 3.5'' Handheld Shower w/Hose (Chrome Face)

If you need the best shower experience, look no further than AquaDance handheld shower. We rank this equipment at #10 because of many factors. The most obvious is its affordable price. Secondly, it features an ergonomic grip handle with six powerful water spray settings. Besides, it comes with a click lever dial that makes it very easy to change settings from one to another. Even better, the rub-clean jets make cleaning of the showerhead a breeze. Besides, it comes with a water-saving pause mode that makes it an excellent choice for saving water in boats and RVs. Don’t wait further, get yourself this all-powerful showerhead and enjoy an exhilarating shower experience!


  • Built with an ergonomic handle to ease showering
  • Comes in a premium easy to open the packaging
  • Delivers you the ultimate shower experience
  • It’s simple and easy to install
  • It’s affordable in this list

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Handheld Showerhead

Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your systems is low, look for handheld showerheads that can increase the pressure. As a fact, the big difference that exists between a poor shower experience and a thrilling one is mostly brought up by water pressure. Moreover, all the spray and massage options found in the world are rendered useless when the showerhead doesn’t offer sufficient pressure for you to enjoy them.

Personal Practices

Do multiple sprays matter to you? Do you often shower solo or with somebody? What about the pause feature? Is it a useful or useful addition? You should honestly ask yourself how you’ll install the showerhead, and the features consider those that matter most to you. For instance, if you’re tired unwinding the hose on your showerhead, then an option that has a tangle-free cord would be a suitable choice for you.


You need your asset to last, yes? Look for an option with brass connectors and also with stainless steel hoses. Superior handheld showerheads have their internal accessories designed to prevent any leakage. Besides, most companies provide long-lasting warranties on their high-quality showerheads.


If you’re so mindful about the d├ęcor of your bathroom or the whole house in general, you may want to consider a showerhead that matches seamlessly to your home. Fortunately, there are different styles and appearance available in the market, but most preferred options include the one with nickel finish, chrome finish and polished brass.


Most handheld showerheads are simple and easy to install. At least those that don’t need any extra-tool for installing are desirable. And again, they should come with an elaborate guide (with pictures) for easy understanding. Luckily enough, all the models we’ve reviewed are simple and easy to put together.


Honestly, the best handheld showerhead should be in a position to provide you with all your needs and desires. We can choose for you; nonetheless, if you read through this round-up guide, you’ll be in a position to select a showerhead of your choice. The entire options are dependable and long-lasting; you can rest assured to get the value for your hard-earned money. The best part of it is that all the models are budget-friendly with unrivaled quality. And that’s the end; we’ve more and more helpful guides coming your way.

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