Top 10 Best Full Body Pregnancy Pillows for Reviews

Any expectant mom will conquer with us; carrying a baby for nine months isn’t an easy task. Usually, after a tireless day, people would like to retire back to their bed, but for pregnant mothers, it’s a big deal altogether because of the growing bump that causes uneasiness while sleeping. Well, a full-body pregnancy pillow creates a serene sleeping environment right in your home. They are tasks to relieve the discomfort and play a vital role in driving you to the slumberland despite the pregnancy.

These pregnancy pillows come in desirable shapes to offer excellent belly support and relieve the pressure exerted on the hips and back. While others might find purchasing the right pregnancy pillow to be a hassle-free task, it’s worth noting that there are various considerations that when not following the latter, you might end up going home with the wrong choice. It’s for that reason we present to you the following best ten full body pregnancy pillows for reviews.

#1. Meiz 300TC Comfy Cotton & Microfiber King-Size Back Support Full Body Pregnancy Pillow (Grey)

Whatever Meiz full body pregnancy pillow has in store for you will for sure blow your mind. The inner cover is designed from brushed fabric, whereas the outer cover has the double zippers; this makes it one of the most durable pregnancy pillows in the market. Also, the filling is made soft and high density to enable you to sleep comfortably either on your side and retain its fluffiness for an extended period. Its long size makes it suitable for use by different people with different heights since it supports your entire body. You can use it to relieve any pain in the joints, back, or leg swelling. Moreover, it is suitable for sciatica and prevents hypertension.


  • Multi-functional as it can support your legs, back, head and more
  • Super comfortable in case you are recovering from surgeries
  • Made portable since it comes with a travel bag for carrying it
  • Versatile since it can be used when reading or sleeping
  • The U shaped design to hold your entire body

#2. PharMeDoc C-Shaped with Jersey Cover Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Includes Travel Bag (Grey)

PharMeDoc full body pregnancy pillows are one of the best pillows to support your body. This pillow is available in 5 different colors to enable you to choose the color that you love the most. It has a U shaped design, thus suitable for supporting your hips, knees, neck, head, and back comfortably. The adjustable polyfill allows you to comfortably lie on your back or belly when reading a novel, sleeping, or watching a movie. In case you need to wash the cover, you can easily remove it for a machine wash. It remains comfy even after washing it several times. Finally, this pillow is vast enough to accommodate people of different heights.


  • The zipper is made from high-quality materials that last
  • Easy to store since it comes with a storage bag
  • Has a travel bag that makes it carry with you
  • Double-stitched seams make it more durable
  • Filled with the polyfill blend for a soft comfort

#3. QUEEN ROSE U-Shaped with Velvet Cover Bend to Double C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow (Grey)

Do you want to hear a remarkable fact about Queen Rose’s full body pregnancy pillow? Well, this is it. First, this U shaped pillow supports you throughout your entire pregnancy period. It relieves back pain, congestion, gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and many other discomforts. Secondly, you can use it while sleeping, reading, watching, or nursing since you can use it in different positions. With a 100% pure velvet cover and polyester filling, then you are assured of a long-lasting pillow and easy to wash the cover. Thirdly, its soft materials keep you comfortable all night long, whereas improving blood circulation and curbing any pains.


  • Long enough to stretch and support both your front and back
  • Available in 5 different colors to enable you to choose your best
  • Flexible because it can be used in multiple different positions
  • The wider surface at the top to comfortably support your entire back

#4. Meiz U-Shaped Support Neck Back Legs Cooling Jersey Cover Full Body Pregnancy Pillow (Green)

If you need a pillow to aid you better and sweet all through your expectancy period, then Meiz full body pregnancy pillow will work best for you. This pillow is available in 9 different colors to enable you to choose the color that you desire. Not only can it be used by expectant mothers but also those who suffer leg swellings, joint pains, or back pain. It can be used when sleeping, reading, watching TV, or breastfeeding. The long, updated zippers make it easy to take on and take off jersey cover when you need to wash it. Also, this pillow can be used by back sleepers, stomach sleepers, or side; thus, it is an ideal gift for a friend or a family member.


  • Easy to transport since you can put in a vacuum compression bag
  • Soft stuffing ensures that you remain comfortable all through
  • Comes with an oversized U shaped to accommodate all users
  • The side arms comfortably support your arms and elbows
  • The long arms bend to help your knees and shoulders

#5. INSEN Comfortable C-shaped with Jersey Cover Maternity Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women

It is one of the coolest things to lie on a comfortable pillow as an expectant mother. This is why you should give a try to INSEN full body pregnancy pillow. You can use this pillow not only when sleeping but also when watching or reading a novel. It accommodates your entire body from head to toe; therefore, it comfortably supports your legs, back, hips, or belly. Besides, it helps to relieve pains, leg swellings, and improves blood circulation. This pillow is ideal for use by expectant mothers regardless of their different stages of pregnancy. The cover is also soft and breathable to keep you comfortable while sleeping and easy to wash.


  • Both the outer and lining case has a zipper for more convenience
  • The C shaped design accommodates back and side sleepers
  • Perfect for use by pregnant moms, women, men or children
  • Made from high-quality materials that are soft and durable
  • Can be folded as a wedge pillow to support your back

#6. AngQi 55'' U-Shaped Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women Back pain Pregnancy Pillow (Grey)

If you want a real, then you gotta try what AngQi full body pregnancy pillow has to provide you. This U shaped full body pillow comfortably supports your neck, spine, head, belly, legs, or hips. With high-density soft cotton as its filling, then you are assured of a stable and smooth use of the pillow when sleeping on one side. The cover is from breathable materials that prevent you from sweating and are easy to clean. Not only can it be used as a side sleeper but also as a back sleeper or stomach sleeper. This brings much comfort when reading, sleeping, or watching tv. It is an ideal gift for a family member or a friend who is expecting a baby.


  • Has a perfect length to support women of different heights
  • Multi-functional since it can be used on couch, bed or floor
  • The cover is from thick and durable materials
  • Can be adjusted into various shapes to accommodate you
  • The polyfill materials keep you comfortable all night

#7. Awesling 60'' Extra-Large U-Shape Detachable Side Separate Support Full Body Pillow (Grey Blue)

Good quality pregnancy pillows are hard to come, but you can rely on Awesling full body pregnancy pillow. As an expectant mother, you are assured of surrounding your baby and yourself with soft cushioning from this pillow. You can use it in your first, second, or third trimester to keep you comfortable at all times. It can be snuggled for use when sleeping to support you entirely, or you can remove the side and use it as a knee pillow. This pillow is recommended for post healing surgery, for example, after shoulder or spinal surgeries. With this, you can take control of your pillow by forming a C, J, or U shape depending on your needs.


  • Extra opening to allow you stuff more fillings in or out of the pillow
  • Comes with a 45° angle pillow to reduce strains on your back
  • Adjustable since it can be used in different sleeping position
  • Can be used when sleeping on your back, stomach or side
  • Has a wide strap to avoid sliding or slipping away

#8. Chilling Home 55'' Comfort C-Shaped Pillow Maternity Full Body Pregnant Pillow (Grey)

When you need some extra help to curb back pains as a result of your pregnancy, the Chilling Home full body pregnancy pillow is the best choice. With a U shape design and a length of 55 inches, then it can accommodate your entire body comfortably. Without only considering pregnant women, this pillow can be used by men or athletes suffering hip or back pains. Also, you can use it to relieve ankle pain, fibromyalgia, congestion, reflux, sciatica, poor posture, and many other discomforts. Expectant mothers with different skin types like allergic or sensitive skin can use these pillows since it is from high-quality materials that are safe for use.


  • Versatile since it can be used when reading, watching or sleeping
  • Has extra soft and high density filing to keep you comfortable
  • 100% cotton cover that can be washed using a machine
  • Has a slim design which makes it suitable for toddlers
  • Equipped with zippers in both outer and inner covers

#9. NiDream Bedding U-Shape Maternity Pillow for Growing Tummy Support Pregnancy Pillow (White)

No reason can keep you away from loving NiDream bedding full body pregnancy pillow as it offers a lot. This flexible pillow can be used when sleeping, watching TV, reading, or nursing. Not only does it relieve anybody’s pain, but it also improves air circulation between the mother and the fetus all night long. You are assured of a longer-lasting pillow because it is from high-quality cotton materials. This is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or family who is expecting a baby.


  • Multi-functional because it can be used as back, side or stomach sleeper
  • Long enough to support both sides of your body from head to toe
  • Portable since you can put it into the vacuum compression bag
  • Designed from skin-friendly materials thus safe for use
  • Removable covers that make it easy to clean them

#10. Marine Moon C-Shaped with Jersey Cover Maternity Pillow & Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women

Our list could have come to a successful end without having to mention the Marine home full body pregnancy pillow. This pillow has high-quality polyester filling and super soft jersey cover that are comfortable and last for an extended period. Not only can it be used when sleeping or taking a nap but also ideal for supporting legs when reading or watching a TV. It helps to reduce lower back pain, pelvic pain, or any pain in the legs and supports your back, head, legs, or belly. Moreover, it is long enough to support your entire body from head to toe to relieve any pains at night. The high-end zipper is from high-grade materials that do not break easily, thus lasts long.


  • Breathable cover to avoid sweating or any discomfort while sleeping
  • Made from soft materials to keep you comfortable all through
  • Designed from a high-quality component that is durable
  • Easy to clean since the cover can be easily removed
  • U shaped design to conform to the body shape

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Full Body Pregnancy Pillows


The type of material that is used to make the pregnancy pillow depends solidly on your needs. It’s required that you seek for those models with durable and robust materials. Also, consider the models that will fit your comfort against the bump or even the back.


The second factor to consider is the design. Pregnancy pillows come in various designs, meaning that they don’t only come as sleeping units but also for reading novels, watching, or for general comfort. The models come in a wide range to enable all pregnant moms to get the one that suits them perfectly. A well-designed model will allow you to turn or coil yourself for comfortable rest.


Pregnancy pillows offer different services but depending on their features. Some models provide multi-functional needs as compared to others; hence they can be ideal for watching, resting, and relaxing. We’ve noted that most expectant mothers do not mostly prefer those with single-functionality.


That’s all we had for you on pregnancy pillows. If you are rummaged through the internet without success, here is an opportunity to seize, the above list includes full body pregnancy pillows with exceptional features that will offer you a comfortable night sleep or a day time nap. Consider the factors we have mentioned above, and you’ll never go wrong in your purchase. Avoid rushing to a particular model without consideration, use this article to offer you quite some helpful information regarding the best pregnancy pillows.

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