Top 10 Best Food Storage Containers for 2020 Reviews

Food storage containers are increasingly becoming more popular because of its versatile nature. If you occasionally take food to the workplace or school, then food storage containers are handy kitchenware. You can also store leftovers from the previous night and keep it inside a fridge or a freezer. Moreover, these items have the potential of sealing entirely and prevent any insects from contaminating the food. Better yet, most of these containers are from non-odor absorbing materials that ensure your food stays fresh even when stored for an extended period. Each package comes with containers of different sizes that provide you with the exact amount of food in the right box.

Unluckily, the limited number of food containers have the same performance. For example, these containers vary in materials – some are from glass material while others are of plastic materials. But the advantage is that the two materials are BPA-free. In this review, we present to you the best ten food storage containers you might want to consider. Ensure to choose wisely.

#1. BAYCO Airtight Glass Bento Boxes 24-Pcs BPA-Free & FDA-Approved Food Storage Containers

When it comes to lightweight food storage containers, these containers from BOYCO could be the best choice in the market. This 24 set has 12 containers and 12 lids of different sizes and shapes to fulfill all your needs. You can use them when out for a picnic, gym, work travel, and when out to run errands with limited breaks. Since they are safe on up to temperatures of up to 700° F, you can use them in ovens, microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers. The FDA has approved them; thus, they maintain the freshness of food and keep them odorless. Additionally, they are of borosilicate glass, which makes them durable and easy to heat your food.


  • Easy to use since it opens and closes without any difficulty
  • They come in 9 different volumes to store various food
  • Have a sealing rubber ring to keep them leak-proof
  • Watertight and airtight to keep your food intact
  • Remains sturdy and do not break easily

#2. Fullstar 40-Pcs BPA-Free Leak-Proof FDA-Approved Plastic Food Storage Containers Set w/Lids

If you are searching for food storage containers for craft supplies and small arts, Fullstar containers are a great pick. This 40 piece set has 20 containers and 20 lids to enable you to store and transport all kinds of foodstuff. With the four hinge locking system keeps your foods intact without messing your carrying bags. These plastic containers are safe and don’t contain any phthalates, BPA, and harmful toxins. Moreover, you can use them in a refrigerator, microwave, and oven or clean them in a dishwasher. These versatile containers can be used to store dried foods, frozen foods, cooked and fresh foods. You rest assured of saving your kitchen space since they have a sleek design.


  • Designed from high-quality polypropylene materials thus durable
  • Has a translucent design makes it easy to identify the contents
  • Saves your kitchen since they are stackable and can be nested
  • Made sturdy to hold your foodstuff in a stable manner

#3. FineDine 40-Pcs Airtight BPA-Free Durable Plastic Leak-Proof Food Storage containers Set

This storage container set from FineDine stands out because of its durability. They are from high-quality polypropylene materials that last longer. This set contains 20 containers, each with a lid of different sizes and shapes to different types of food. Also, these containers help to prolong the food life because the lids are made airtight with a silicone gasket. They are also 100% leak-proof to avoid messes when traveling. With them being BPA free and free from any harmful toxins, you are sure of safer food containers.


  • Made of more durable materials that do not shatter or crack easily
  • Retains its shape and does not melt when inside a microwave
  • Lightweight making it easy to carry them when traveling
  • Has wave channels to allow for a proper air circulation
  • Spacious enough to store lots of foodstuffs

#4. FineDine 24-Pcs Newly Innovated BPA-Free Leak-Proof Oven Safe Glass Food Storage Containers

Whether you need one storage container or several smaller containers, a FineDine storage container is the best choice. This set contains 12 pieces of storage containers and 12 lids to fulfill all your storage requirements. They are resistant to cracking and wrapping since they have a transparent borosilicate glass that can tolerate any temperature changes; thus, you can transfer them from oven to a freezer directly. With the fact that they are made of glass materials, they are environmentally friendly when compared to plastic storage containers. You can transfer hot foods to these containers since they do not leech your food. Storage is an easier task since you can stack them together to keep your place tidy.


  • Has a glossy surface that maintains your food tasty for long periods
  • The locking lid keeps your food sealed for maximum freshness
  • Opening and shutting them is easy since they have hinged lids
  • Easy to clean them because they are dishwasher friendly
  • You can use them in an oven, freezer or a microwave

#5. Veken 24-Pcs Plastic Stackable Dishwasher Safe Food Storage Containers Microwave Safe

You might want to consider this food storage container from Veken if you need a shatterproof and lightweight set of containers. This set is a great assistant when out for a picnic or expecting a busy day with no lunch breaks. They are from high-quality materials that assure you of long-lasting food storage containers. They come in 8 different containers with different shapes to fulfill different storage needs. Not only can they be used when traveling, but when in storing leftovers, pasta, nuts, or any other food substances. You can as well use them to store soup, stew, or sauce since it is made leak-proof with the presence of silicone resin sealing rings.


  • Have four side latches to keep your food sealed and leak proof
  • Transparent to allow you to check on your food substances
  • Can be easily stacked together to keep your kitchen tidy
  • Versatile as you can use it in microwave or refrigerator
  • BPA free and food PP materials thus safe for use

#6. M MCIRCO 24-Pcs Snap Locking Lids Airtight Lunch Containers Glass Food Storage Containers

Are you looking for food storage containers that can hold lots of food substances? Look no further than M MCIRCO food storage container. This set has 12 containers and 12 lids with different sizes to fulfill your various storage needs. The glass storage containers are from a high-quality borosilicate glass that is durable and can adjust to varying temperature changes. These containers have snap-lock lids with silicone seals to keep your food intact without any leaks. You can carry it when out for picnics since they help in storing large amounts of food substances.


  • Keeps your place neat as you can store foods individually
  • Saves your time since you do not have to cook regularly
  • Resistant to stains and odors this easy to maintain
  • Safe for usage since FDA has certified it
  • Easy to use lids that do not allow any leakages

#7. Rubbermaid 14-Pcs 2108377 Brilliance BPA-Free Leak-Proof Clear Food Storage Container

Rubbermaid food storage containers are a reliable set of kitchen appliances that offer you an easy way of storing excess or leftovers. The secure latch built on each piece ensures you can transport your favorite food without experiencing any challenge. Besides, the containers are crystal-clear and plastic-made to enable you to see what is inside with ease. And also, they are stain and odor resistant; hence it stays looking new each time. The built-in vents enable you microwave food without the need to open the lid of the food storage container. These Rubbermaid Brilliance containers can stack neatly in the cabinet and fridge for hassle-free food storage. Even better, they are dishwasher- and freezer-safe. This package has containers that are ideal for both the pantry and fridge.


  • BPA-free and crystal clear for hassle-free monitoring
  • Microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe
  • Design to be leak-proof and airtight
  • They are stain- and odor resistant

#8. Prep Naturals 20-pcs Glass Food Storage Containers w/Lids Healthier Alternative to Plastic

There is no better way to describe this practical food storage container by Prep Naturals. The set entails food containers that can make your day convenient. If you want to consume healthy meals even when you’re on a journey, then these food containers are the best choice. With a smart-lock system, all the foodstuffs are entirely sealed to be airtight, thus preventing unintended spills. For assured safety, these containers are BPA-free without any nasty toxic materials. Since they are from Borosilicate glass, these containers are durable and don’t break or crack. It offers you meals for a whole family.


  • Have a leak-proof design that ensures liquids doesn’t drip
  • The glass meal prep containers have a smart lock system
  • Constructed using borosilicate glass for durability
  • Comes as 20 piece glass food storage containers
  • Suitable the on-the-go meal needs

#9. Razab 35-Pcs Glass Meal Prep Airtight Glass Bento Boxes FDA-Approved Leak-Proof Containers

Are you looking for a food storage container that will keep leftovers or store food for later use? Well, Razab containers are the surest deal to go for. The set includes 15 BPA-free glass containers with airtight locking lids. Also added with the set are extra five plastic condiment containers. Besides, the collection is oven- and microwave-safe, but it’s required that you remove the lid before placing inside an oven or a microwave.

Moreover, the unit is dishwasher-safe. Trust in this unit to store your food, fruits, and vegetables more securely. Even better, the package is from environmentally-friendly and BPA-premium material.


  • Contain 15 B PA-free glass containers w/airtight locking lids
  • Stackable for secure storage in the freezer and refrigerator
  • Keeps fruits, food, veggies and other edible stuff fresh
  • The lids and containers are dishwasher safe
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free premium material

#10. Prep Naturals 26-Pcs Airtight Glass Containers w/Lids Glass Food Storage Containers Meal Prep

Sometimes eating in restaurants makes you spend a lot of money to prepare your meal at home. And if you want to have the best storage space for your surplus amount of food, then consider purchasing Prep Naturals glass food storage containers. The containers help you control your meals and to keep a healthy diet. Also, they come in various shapes and sizes to suit your daily needs. They have airtight lids; hence you don’t have to worry about any spillage. Better yet, this set is freezer-, microwave- and oven safe. The package is a very affordable yet handy kitchen unit.


  • The containers are stackable therefore saves you space
  • Have leak-proof lids that ensure there is no leakage
  • Constructed from long-lasting glass material
  • Used to store leftovers and meal prep
  • Microwave-, oven- and freezer-safe

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Food Storage Containers

Range of Sizes

It’s a good idea to purchase a set that has a broad range of sizes since one size can never offer you convenience. The larger containers can enable you to store groceries, fruits, and other foodstuffs while the small containers can keep tablets, cosmetics, and even moisturizers. Food storage containers are available in many sizes including, 12 packs, 13 packs, 24 packs, etc. each having a lockable lid. Ensure you choose the number of pieces with your preferred sizes.


Most food storage containers are stain-proof, implying that you can store foodstuff inside them without dirtying the container. The glass and plastic material have their surfaces stain-proof to ease the cleaning process and ensure your food retains its freshness. In that respect, you should read through the specification of any specific model before sealing a deal with it. Stainless models are also durable.

Airtight & Leak-Proof

The other consideration to take is the tightness of the lid. If you want to preserve your food to stay long without going contaminated, they ought to have a food storage container that is leak-proof. The lid should be able to seal the container airtight. For storing liquid food substances, it’s essential to look for models that are leak-proof.

Colored Lids

This might not be among the necessary considerations, but it’s worth considering. If, for instance, you want to make your cupboard look stylish and colorful, then you opt for a set with vivid colors. Bright colors also enable you to see them differentiate the food substances stored.


Those are the best ten food storage containers we found to be useful for your next shopping. If you want to store food without shelling out more from your pocket, then these containers will offer you the best experience. They come in different sizes and shapes; you can rest assured that you store all foodstuff with ease. Additionally, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you in the selection process. The review above is genuine and contains information that describes the food containers in the best way possible. In case you come across a model that catches your attention, don’t hesitate to purchase it.

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