Top 10 Best Food Dehydrators for 2020 Reviews

Food preservation has, in the past years, received a positive reception, and that has led to tremendous improvements in food preservation techniques. From food coolers, refrigerators, to the current food dehydrators, natural food preservation is even shaping the entire food industry. Food dehydrators get rid of excess moisture from the food to make it stay for a long time. This technique uses heat and airflow to remove excess moisture. Given that you have the best food dehydrator, you can get the exact dryness at the same time, making your food last while retaining their nutrient value.

Food dehydrators are the best equipment for preserving foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and meat that usually require proper dehydration for later use. And to enable you to make the right choice of food dehydrator, we have reviewed the best ten Food Dehydrators for reviews. We’re going to offer you an extensive review of each product, including their features, so be sure to check them out.

#1. Tribest Sedona Express Stainless Steel Trays SDE-S6780-B Digital Food Dehydrator (Black)

First off, Tribest Sedona Express is a well-established dehydrator that comes with full features to make food preserving efficient. The compact and kitchen-friendly design makes it suit any home environment. It uses 11 trays to hold various foods with a sophisticated TST feature to offer you excellent dehydrating results. May it be meats, veggies, or crackers, the Sedona’s powerful central fan distributes air evenly for rapid dehydration. For friendly use, this dryer comes with all digital control panels that enable you to set the temperature and time quite easily. For sure precise dehydration has never been that easy. This device is a life-changer; we hope you might consider it.


  • Comes with a compact and lightweight design to fit in any kitchen
  • Built with Glass hinged door for easy monitoring and insertion
  • Has a powerful central fan with overheat protection
  • It is made with 11 stainless steel dehydrating trays
  • Uses washable and reusable air filter

#2. Exalibur 3926TB 9 Tray Temperature Settings Auto-Timer Efficient Food Dehydrator (Black)

Excalibur 3926TB 9 Tray Food Dehydrator comes with a total of 15 sq. ft. of drying space with a 26 hours timer and adjustable thermostat temperature control of a range of 105°F to 165°F. The temperature range helps preserve all the essential nutrients in herbs and makes it safe to dry meat for jerky. Besides, the fan, heating element with a thermostat built at the back of the unit, contributes towards providing rapid dehydration. Also, the trays are removable to raise bread, prepare yogurts, and used with arts and crafts. What are you still waiting for? This food dryer is effective and efficient, give it a try.


  • It is 15 sq. ft. drying space for you to offer you plenty dehydrating space
  • Includes a flexible poly-screen tray inserts to prevent food from sticking
  • Has a parallel Horizontal Airflow that helps food to dry faster
  • Features 26 hours timer and an adjustable thermostat for ease of use

#3. Magic Mill Adjustable Timer 10 Stainless Steel Trays Temp Control Food Dehydrator Machine

It is now possible that you can continuously enjoy all your favorite foods you prepared at home, thanks to Magic Mill food dehydrator that comes with all required features. This model offers you well-hydrated food that is nutritious and healthy in your home. The unique heat distribution dries food evenly without the need to turn the trays. This electric dehydrating machine has a rear-mounted drying fan with an airflow circulation system to boost even food drying.

Also, the digital set timer and temperature enable you to control the dryer easier. When the set time elapses, it shuts itself off automatically. Even better, it has a see-through cover that allows you to check the progress of the hydration. More interesting to note about this appliance is that it can hold more than 11 pounds of food at once.


  • Constructed with spacious adjustable stainless steel trays for convenient use
  • The digital thermostat and timer automatically shut off when the timer is done
  • Has a rear mount fan for superheating distribution of drying food evenly
  • Dishwasher safe thus making it easy to use and clean
  • Built with overheating safety protection unit

#4. Ivation 10 Tray 1000W Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator for Drying Beef Jerky Fruits & Nuts

Do you want a food dehydrator that takes care of your pocket while generously offering you the easiest and healthiest ways to serve food to your family? Well, Ivation Stainless Food Dehydrator is here for you. This dryer is an excellent choice for fruits, meats, herbs, and more food. It uses a digital timer with automatic shutoff that offer convenient modes of control. The trays are safe for your health and also dishwasher safe.This device is the best model in keeping your food free from harmful toxic substances. You’ll surely like it.


  • Comes with six spacious trays that enable you to preserve more foods
  • Both the body and the trays are from stainless steel material to last
  • Has a built-in rear-mounted automatic fan for even circulation of air
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean for your convenience
  • Timer function automatically shuts off your dehydrator

#5. CASORI 6 Stainless Steel Trays Digital Timer & Temperature Control Premium Food Dehydrator

CASORI premium food dehydrator is an electrical appliance design thoughtfully with six stackable trays using food-grade stainless steel housing that offers an incomparable cooking experience. The intuitive touch control unit with 50 included recipes enables you to enjoy tantalizing wholesome snacks for weeks ahead. Whether it’s zesty jerky or flavorful fruit, your taste choice will be satisfied. Both trays and tray liners are entirely dishwasher safe. Also, the housing can easily be cleaned using a damp piece of cloth. Unlike the freezer that makes preserved foods lose a significant amount of nutrients, this food dehydrator keeps all the nutrients for a healthy diet.


  • The digital control is used to set the timer in 30 minutes increments (up to 48 hours)
  • It’s quiet to use, and you simply need to press the start button for dehydration to begin
  • The six stainless steel trays are dishwasher safe and comfortable to use
  • It’s made with food-grade stainless steel material that lasts
  • Has six trays to preserve a large number of foods at once

#6. Gourmia GFD 1650 6 Drying Trays Digital Timer & Temperature Control Electric Food Dehydrator

Are you trying out a food dehydrator for the first time? Gourmia food dehydrator is a good option with the best features. This food dehydrator has six stackable trays to dry as many foodstuffs as possible. And also, it has 360° airflow circulation to dry all the foods in dehydrator without overheating uniformly. You can monitor all the sheets as food drains through the clear glass lid.

Moreover, it has eight preset temperature settings to allow you to dry your food at the temperatures that you desire. This little dehydrator takes less space in your kitchen. You will hardly notice it running because this unit operates quietly with no noise at all. It is an ideal holiday gift for a friend or family member.


  • Electronically controlled fan for an even airflow circulation
  • With a sleek design, it occupies less of your kitchen space
  • Has an easy to remove door to slide in the trays easily
  • Easy to use since it only has four easy steps to follow
  • Durable because it made of high-quality components

#7. NutriChef PKFD06 5 Stackable Trays High Heat Circulation Professional Food Dehydrator Machine

Are you looking forward to cutting costs on your commercially bought dehydrated food items? Well, with NutriChef, food dehydrator will not only cuts costs but also reduce the number of preservatives to be consumed. It comes with five removable stackable trays to accommodate different kinds of foodstuffs. These trays can as well be used in drying food without necessarily using the dehydrator. You can flexibly set the temperatures as you desire since it has a maximum temperature of 180°F. With high heat circulation, it dries food in all the trays by shrinking the food, whereas retaining up to 97% of its vitamins and minerals. Both the machine and the trays are clean by the use of a damp cloth or a sponge.


  • Used at night since it works quietly in the background
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long
  • Small and compact thus you can carry it anywhere
  • Built with an easy to use one operational button
  • Has plenty of space to stack various foodstuff

#8. Hamilton Beach 32100A 5 Stackable Drying Trays Auto-Timer Food Dehydrator Machine (Gray)

For the serious food dehydrating enthusiast, Hamilton beach food dehydrator offers 500 watts of power to dry vegetables and fruits within a few hours quickly. It has up to 5 stackable trays meaning that you can stack a variety of food at one time. There is no need to rotate the tray since it has an airflow feature that allows for even drying of all foods stacked. Also, it has an adjustable thermostat to adjust temperatures between 100°F-160° F, depending on your needs. You can easily monitor the drying process through the transparent lid and the 48-hour timer. This unit is excellent when it comes to your costs since it dries food at a faster rate, which can be stored for up to a year. With this, you do not have to purchase foodstuff frequently.


  • Versatile since it can be used to dry herbs, fruits, veggies and many more
  • Has a compact design thus takes less of your kitchen space
  • One excellent mesh sheet that helps in drying small foodstuffs
  • An auto shut mechanism that turns it off when not in use
  • The solid layer helps in making fruit rolls

#9. AICOK 5-Tray Extensive Capacity Temperature Control BPA-free 5-tray Food Dehydrator Machine

If you desire a well-built unit that will dry foods effectively in significant quantities to make it worthwhile, then a model such as the Aicok food dehydrator may have value for you. This food dehydrator has a drying space of 6 square feet. It signifies that you can dry various foods at one time. It has a temperature setting of range between 95°F-158°F to allow you to adjust the temperature for the best results. At the bottom is a fan and a heating element for a free airflow to dry your food at a faster rate with a drying power of 240 watts. Your fruits, herbs, vegetables, or jerky can be dried at maximum speed. You do not have to worry about its safety since ETL and FDA have certified it.


  • Transparent exterior to allow you to monitor the drying progress
  • Can be stacked into five trays to save your kitchen space
  • Easy to install since it comes when fully assembled
  • Easy to clean by using a damp cloth or sponge
  • Only weighs 5.07 pounds thus easy to carry

#10. Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum EFD 1159 Multi-Tier Electric Food Dehydrator Food Preserver Machine

As a home dehydrating hobbyist, you will never regret having considered Maxi-Matic food dehydrator. It has five removable dehydrating trays each measuring 12″ by 9″. Also, they are well-vented to ensure maximum airflow. Temperature settings can be adjusted up to 155°F depending on your current needs. You can use it to prepare snacks, dried herbs, veggies, trail mix, and much other stuff without the addition of any sugars or preservatives. With a power of 250 watts, you rest assured of a faster drying rate within a few hours. Moreover, this device is safe for use as it is ETL certified and BPA free and is from high-quality stainless steel materials that do not rust easily.


  • Transparent lids and trays to allow you to monitor the drying process
  • Made lightweight enable you to carry it with no difficulty at all
  • Spacious enough to prepare a variety of foods at one time
  • The fan at the bottom performs its task in a quiet way
  • Have removable trays making it easy for a cleanup

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Food Dehydrator

The Number of Trays

Every food dehydrator comes with trays. And the number of trays a food dehydrator comes with vary depending on the model. Trays offer you space to place food to dry faster. A standard food dehydrator comes with between 5 -7 trays. Trays can be aligned in either vertical or horizontal manner. Pick the one that suits your needs.

The Shape of the Dehydrator

These units have a round or square shape. For the rectangular models, the heating unit and the fan are at the rear wall of the appliance. The heated air inside such dryers is well-distributed for even drying. On the other hand, round-shaped dehydrators have their heating element and fan located at the bottom of the appliance, and due to this, the lower trays heat up quicker and stronger. Maintenance for the square models is quite easy as compared to the round ones, which are labor-intensive.

Type of Dryer

The material making the food dehydrator categorizes them into two categories that are plastic and metal. The capacity of each type of support is much dependent on the number of trays can be comfortably supported. The models made of metal are much more substantial compared to the plastic ones. Also, when inducing to high-temperature, they get hot. For that reason, vegetables, fruits are mostly preferred to be dried on a plastic dehydrator.


The fan plays a vital role in allowing free airflow inside the dehydrator for faster food drying. It works in hand with heat to dry food more naturally. Fan location determines their efficiency; for instance, when the fan is at the bottom of the device, it means that it will offer you more cooling air than when on the sides. Also, a desirable fan should work without producing a lot of noise.


In summary, using a food dehydrator is very simple: What you need to do is to wash and slice your veggies and fruits, insert them in trays, choose your desired temp and time, and your dryer will do the rest. It is an excellent choice for preserving food for later use. Besides, it’s the most precise and cheap way of maintaining a diet while they still retain all their essential nutrients. And if you go through this review, you wouldn’t be troubled anymore when looking for the best food dehydrator. Look no further than this review for the most incredible food dryers of the time!

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