Top 10 Best External Hard Drive for Reviews

Getting extra-space for your desktop computer or a laptop has been made easier with the invention of the external hard drive. If your computer runs short of storage space, then an external hard drive will be of great importance. There are tons of external hard drives with individual specifications and you can have one as per your personal preference. For example, if you are an avid videographer or photographer, then you’ll need a hard drive having large memory storage.

As we’ve mentioned above, there are different models and specifications in the market, which tends to make your selection overwhelming. For that reason, we decided to bring this review by your side. It will enable you to purchase the best external hard drive in a hassle-free manner. That said, here are the ten best external hard drives for reviews. Also, feel free to go through the aspects we have placed below these products to make a well-informed decision. Let’s get started;

#1. SanDisk 1TB USB C USB3.1 SDSSDE60 Up To 550MB/s G25 Extreme Portable External SSD

Your files are never safe until you opt for SanDisk external hard drive. This hard disk is suitable for editing and saves high-resolution images and videos. This is because it has a high transfer speed of 550mbs/s. It has a maximum speed of 2TB for storage of your pictures, large videos, and huge files. Also, it is equipped with a USB 3.1 Type C connector which makes it compatible with the recent computers and those that are yet to come. It has a compact design and can fit into your pocket with much ease. The outer core is designed to resist any form of shocks and vibrations for safe performance.


  • It is IP55- rated to endure any form of water or dust particles
  • Has a durable core can withstand most prevailing conditions
  • Portable for both outdoor, indoor and any creative pursuits
  • Strong enough to withstand drops of up to 2 meters
  • It can be used by PC users and Mac users

#2. Samsung Portable USB 3.1 MU-PA1TOB/AM T5 2TB SSD External Hard Drive

This is a reputable and portable speed wizard that has all your needs well catered for. Samsung external drive has a maximum storage of 2TB, this is large enough to store most of your files. It has a transfer speed of 540MB/s. This means data you can transfer more content within a few minutes. Also, it has a reading speed of 2800mb/s and a writing speed of 2300mbs. You can use the optional password protection to keep all your data safe from intruders. The top surface is designed to fit into your palm to easily carry it anywhere. This hard drive weighs about 1.76 ounces meaning that you can carry it with no difficulty at all.


  • It suits Android 4.4, Windows and Mac
  • Its USB cable has a length 16 inches for a convenient transfers
  • This device is resistant to shocks in case of electric shocks
  • Has a perfect size to fit in your pocket or laptop bag

#3. Samsung X5 1TB External Hard Drive Drive NVMe Interface Thunderbolt 3 (Grey/Red)

Do you spend your time backing up a lot of data? You need a Samsung external hard drive to do the hard job for you. This hard drive allows you to compile sensitive content without missing a thing. It is compatible with Macs and Windows PCs that have Thunderbolt 3 ports. Password protection keeps your content safe and secure at all times. It reads data at a speed of 2800mbs per second and writes it at a speed of 2300mb/s. This device has no moving parts and strengthened by magnesium that can endure a drop of up to 6 ft. To get it the Thunderbolt 3 port working you have to install the software.


  • Has a shock-resistant internal design for safety purposes
  • Portable to allow you to carry it anywhere of your choice
  • The thermal management keeps your hard drive safe
  • Has rigged bottom that prevents it from slipping off
  • The streamlined shape gives an elegant look

#4. WD 1TB Portable USB 3.1 WDBKVX0010PSL 540 MB/S Speed WESN External Hard Drive

It is the best deal to acquire a Western Digital external drive. This hard drive transfers files at a blazing speed of 540mb/s. You got your time saved it edits or backup any information within a few minutes. This SSD is compatible with Personal Computer, Mac, USB type C, and USB type ports. You can secure all your content by setting a password and keeping it protected with the built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption. This high-quality device can withstand a drop of up to 1.98 meters. It also has WD backup software for an easy and automatic backup huge files to your Dropbox cloud service account.


  • The password protection with hardware encryption secures your content
  • Has a maximum storage capacity of 1TB to store a lot of contents
  • Durable for a long usage time without frequent replacements
  • Easy to use as you just need to plug in and start any transfers
  • The USB type-c port transfers data at a faster rate

#5. RAVPower Mini-External 1TB Portable USB-C 540MB/S V-NAND USB 3.1 Gen 2 External SSD

Do you need a backup for your Mac Pro or Windows device? RAVPower external hard drive is the best storage for you. This hard drive has wide compatibility with different devices which include: tablets, windows, Mac Pro and many other devices. It has a maximum speed of 540mb/s with the connection cables supporting USB 3.1. Additionally, it has a zinc alloy casing that is shocking hence assures you of safe operations. The piano baked surface allows for frequent cooling to prevent high power consumption. You can store a lot of images and videos as it has a maximum storage of 1 TB.


  • The ATA lock technology allows for the creation of safe passwords
  • Has a compact design hence can fit into a wallet or a pocket
  • This high-quality device assures you of a great performance
  • Has a solid construction that makes it a durable device
  • Has low power consumption for reliable file transfer

#6. Seagate STCM1000400 1TB USB-C USB 3.0 Fast External SSD for Mac Laptop & PC

Do you need a thin and tiny hard drive with the best features? Get Seagate external hard drive to serve you right. This hard drive reads and writes at the fastest speed of up to 540mb/s. It has a lightweight design meaning that you carry it and load it anywhere at any time. Also, it is resistant to shock to keep the user safe no matter the conditions. This device has a storage space of 1TB to allow you many videos, images, and files. Also, it is compatible with the most recent laptops and other devices.


  • Has formatting tools for faster performance when optimized
  • Has a sleek design to perfectly fit into your pocket or wallet
  • The USB-C technology allows for hassle-free connections
  • It is well designed to withstand any present conditions

#7. Seagate STJE1000400 Portable USB 3.0 One-Touch 1TB SDD External Hard Drive

Seagate hard drive has a textile design that gives it that unique and outstanding look anywhere. It has a maximum capacity of 1 TB and a maximum speed of 40mb/s. This assures you of the seamless streaming of videos and scrolling of photos. You can take away this hard drive on to your shirt pocket or wallet as it has a small size and has a compact design. This device works with Mac laptops and windows. You can edit and share photos with a 1-month subscription to mylio and 2-month subscription to Adobe CC photography plan.


  • Made from long-lasting materials that do not damage easily
  • The exquisite speed saves a lot of time to store your files
  • Weighs about 4.8 ounces hence to carry it with you
  • The textile design prevent sliding of the hard drive

#8. Crucial CT1000X8SSD9 1TB 1050MB/s Speed X8 Portable USB-3.2 USB-C USB-A External HDD

Just as the name suggests, you could need this hard drive at a crucial moment to store huge files. The crucial hard drive has a large storage of up to 1TB. This means you can store as many photos, videos any documents as possible. Besides, it has an outstanding performance of 1050mb/s. Thanks to this incredible speed, you no longer have to wait for long hours to transfer or backup any information. This external device is compatible with, PS4, IPad Pro, chrome book, Android, Linux, Windows, and many other devices. You got an added storage for your PC or Mac and you just need to do is to plug it in for a connection.


  • It is temperature resistant hence to avoid temperature variances
  • Made of vibration-proof materials for silent and cool operation
  • Made compact and rugged to withstand all harsh conditions
  • The aluminum body core gives a longer usage life
  • Loads files faster as compared to USB flash drives

#9. Pioneer APS-XS03-960 3D NAND 960GB Portable USB-3.0 Gen 1Solid State External Drive

Everyone desires to get a small and light hard drive, all is possible by pioneer hard drive. This hard drive weighs approximately 25g, this is so light even for a kid to carry around. This portable device can perfectly fit into your pocket and you carry it without feeling its weight. Moreover, it can backup, edit or transfer images or any data at a speed of 400mb/s. Designed from durable materials that give the hard drive a long usage time without frequent replacements. You are always safe as the materials are also resistant to shock just in case an electric shock occurs while using it. This is a perfect gift for a friend or a family friend.


  • Operates quietly as it does not produce any kind of noise
  • Weighs about 5 ounces thus easy to carry around
  • Compatible with MAC and all USB specifications
  • It does not consume a lot of power when in use
  • Has a large storage capacity of 960 gigabytes

#10. LaCie STHK1000800 USB-C USB 3.0 1TB Portable SSD High-Performance External Drive

Are you looking for budget-friendly hard drive with impressive features? Well, LaCie’s external hard drive is here for you. This hard drive allows you to do your work at the highest speed of 540mb/s. This means you wouldn’t have to wait long to edit, backup or transfer any of your files. It allows you to store videos, images and important files that require much space. With a space of 2 terabytes, you can store a lot of videos and images that could fit into a 128 GB SD card. This hard drive is easy to use as you just click to backup all your files. You are also assured of the safety of your items because your files can be a recovery in case anything happens.


  • Has a cable for transferring files from the drive to other devices
  • Has a shock-resistant design to keep safe in case of any shocks
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to carry with you anywhere
  • It is a small size thus you can even carry it in your pocket
  • It compatible with USB 3.0, USB-C, windows and Mac

Things to Look Out for When Shopping for the Best External Hard Drive

Before you can embark on the real purchase, there are some important factors to consider for joyful shopping time. They include:

Storage Space

The main reason why you are going for an external hard drive is to get extra-storage for your files. And that’s why it is a great idea to consider the storage size that you need. Any drive comes with a predefined space, therefore, it’s worth going for the space that suits you. If you are a movie lover, then a 1TB SDD will work perfectly for you, likewise to the videographer or a photographer. There are other models available below 1TB.


The other handy aspect to consider is the speed that the Hard Drive takes to copy files from the computer to the drive or vice versa. A hard drive has a large space and copying files like videos should not takes ages to transfer. On average, a speed of at least 500MB/s is desirable because files wouldn’t take a lot of time to copy. Other high-end drives can copy with close to 1TB/s but they come with the weight of a price. In it advisable to acquire the SDD that also meets your budget.


If you’ll be transferring files in a network, then you should be aware of the security threats. This comes to action more so if you are transferring important private files. With that respect, it is to encrypt the file before you can transfer to a computer or vice versa. This will enhance security and prevent corruption of the data. Besides, it’s advisable to go for a hard drive that would last longer.


With the myriad of external hard drive flocking the market, coming down to finding the best suitable one can be a daunting task. However, the compilation above should make your selection quite easy. If you are looking for the greatest models to make things work for you, then don’t freak buying one of the above drives, we are reputable reviewers and approved for quality. Stick to our buyer’s guide and you will surely come across your suitable hard drive. Nothing offers peace of mind when you know the backup files are stored safely in your external drive. And even better, all our models are portable and lightweight, you would take it almost anywhere. Shop right!

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