Top 10 Best Electric Crepe Maker Pans in 2021 Reviews

There is no debate; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It acts as the fuel that propels your body as the day progresses. And for that reason, breakfast is a meal that shouldn’t be missed by anyone whatsoever. People have a wide range of ideas about the type of breakfast meal to serve their family and loved ones. Crepes have stood out as one of the most loved and craved to make breakfast meals. For that reason, an electric crepe maker pan remains a coveted kitchen appliance.

The demand for these units is hugely growing, and manufacturers are working around the clock to meet the growing demand. However, not all the crepe makers being stocked on the shelves meet the needs of everyone. That’s where we come into play. After studying the market trend, we managed to get the top 10 best electric crepe maker pans. Read through this review for more information.

#1. NutriChef 12'' LED Indicator Light Aluminum Griddle Hot Plate Cooktop Electric Crepe Maker

A non-stick crepe maker is a heavy-duty 12″ electric crepe making machine. It features a powerful heating element with 1200 Watts of power rating. It has an attachment to a 2.5ft power cord. This machine is small and compact in design, making its storage a breeze. It can perfectly fit on your countertop, tabletop, or kitchen top. This crepe maker has a 12-inch cooking plate that allows easy and quick preparation. The surface of the pan is made of non-stick aluminum material, making it easy to clean. With a batter spreader and wooden Spatula that comes with the griddle pan, breakfast preparation has been made easier.


  • It has pre programmed temperature settings
  • Comes with a small and compact design
  • It is equipped with a 2.5ft power cord
  • Equipped with LED light indicator
  • Has a power rating of 1200W

#2. Moss & Stone ON/OFF Switch Non-Stick Coating Easy to Use Electric Crepe Maker Pan

Crepe preparation is the most exciting and enjoyable cooking experience. The integration of electricity in the cooking process has helped a lot in ensuring easy control of cooking temperatures. Moss and Stone is an electric crepe making machine equipped with a large cooking pan. It allows you to customize the cooking temperatures for your crepe. It is designed with a multifunctional base to make tortillas, blintz, pancakes, and crepes, among others. The cooking surface is made of a durable and non-stick material that is easy to clean. The temperature controller allows you to cook with precise temperatures. Furthermore, it is equipped with long and convenient handle design.


  • It has been equipped with a temperature controller
  • The pan is made of a non-stick material
  • It has a multipurpose base design
  • Comes with a long handle design
  • It is healthy and free of smoke.

#3. CucinaPro Free Recipe Guide 1447 Non-Stick Dipping Plate Cordless Crepe Maker w/Spatula

CucinaPro crepe-making machine is designed to inspire creativity and broaden your culinary cooking experience at your home’s comfort. This crepe maker enriches your cooking process with simplicity and uniqueness. It has a non-sticky 7.5” crepe maker that can function as a griddle. This machine is ideal for making blintz and crepes quicker and with much ease. This crepe maker has an electric base design with a cord wrap. It is equipped with a light indicator for monitoring when the pan is ready for cooking. Also, it comes with a dipping plate and batter spreader for easy preparation of perfect crepes.


  • The base is designed with a cord wrapper for easy storage
  • Comes with a batter spreader and dipping plate
  • A recipe booklet is included in the package
  • The surface is made of non-stick material
  • It is equipped with a light indicator.

#4. MasterChef Non-Stick Dipping Plate Cordless Crepe Maker Pan w/Electric Base & Spatula

MasterChef is an electric crepe maker that allows you to prepare delicious crepes with much ease and comfort. This cordless crepe pan comes with a batter spreader and dipping plate for making quality crepes. With the use of a thinner batter, you will be able to produce quality and delicious crepes. The crepe makers are equipped with an ON/OFF switch and a light indicator for showing when the pan is ready to commence the cooking process. It is recommended that you always ensure power on the heat indicator before cooking to avoid over/under heating the crepe. You don’t have to worry about accidental unwrapping of the power cord with a cordless base design.


  • Comes with recipe/instruction booklet for easy preparation
  • The package includes a dipping plate and a thin batter spreader
  • Has light indicator showing when the pan is ready for use
  • Designed with easy-to-access ON/OFF switch
  • It has a cordless electric base.

#5. G&M 12'' Non-Stick Crepe Maker Machine Electric Pancake Griddle for Tortilla, Blintzes & Roti

This is a professional crepe making machine that delivers delicious blintzes and crepes. It is a 12-inch crepe maker that allows easy and quick preparation of crepes. The cooking surface is made of non-stick aluminum material that makes cleaning of the pan a breeze. Apart from making crepes, it can also function as a griddle. It is designed with accurate temperature controls. With a built-in light indicator, you can quickly know if the plate is hot enough to begin the cooking process. This light indicator remains on when the crepe maker is warming. It will automatically go off upon reaching the preset cooking temperature—additional features of this machine includes a wooden spatula, batter spreader, and a recipe cookbook.


  • It is packaged with a cooking book with 100 recipes
  • Comes with a wooden spatula that eases lifting
  • Designed with accurate temperature controls
  • Functions both as crepe maker and a griddle
  • Has a batter spreader for making thin crepes

#6. Chefman Black 12'' Non-Stick Grill Pan Precise Temp Electric Crepe Maker Griddle for Pancakes

Chefman is an electric crepe making machine that can double up as griddle. This crepe maker allows you to enjoy delicious breakfast consistently. It is a multipurpose kitchen appliance that will enable you to prepare pancakes, blintzes, crepes, bacon, and eggs, among other breakfast delights. This crepe maker is equipped with a powerful heating element with power ratings of 1200W. The crepe maker is fitted with a knob for accurate temperature adjustment. It has two light indicators for easy monitoring. The red indicator indicates when the pan is on while the green indicator signals when the pan is ready to begin cooking.


  • Spatula and batter spreader is included in the package
  • It comes with a recipe book for easy cooking
  • Equipped with precise temperature settings
  • The surface of this crepe maker is non-sticky
  • Has a multifunctional base design

#7. StarBlue 12'' AC 120V 1000W Compact Easy Clean Crepe Maker Non-Stick Portable Pan

This 12-inch crepe maker from StarBlue Manufacturers is made of high-quality food graded aluminum material. This material has been certified as safe. It is reliable and durable enough for long-term usage. With a smooth and non-stick cooking surface, you are free to incorporate creativity into the crepe making process. It also makes cleaning the pan much easier. It is equipped with a heavy-duty 1000W rated plate and an adjustable thermostat. This provides you with sufficient power for easy and quick meal preparation. The rotating knob allows you to adjust the temperature to your desired settings. Additionally, it is designed with two separate switches for powering it on and off.



  • It is equipped with a rotating knob for temperature adjustment
  • The cooking plate is made of premium quality aluminum material
  • The crepe maker is large enough to feed the whole family
  • Equipped with a separate ON and OFF switch
  • A recipe cookbook accompanies it.

#8. Health & Home 13'' No Edge Crepe Maker Non-Stick Pancake Maker Electric Griddle

Health and Home-No-Edge is a 13-inch crepe making machine made of a non-stick cooking plate that is easy and convenient to clean. This machine is suitable for making crepes and pancakes, among other breakfast dishes. It is equipped with a powerful heating element rated 1000 watts. This heating element facilitates faster healing and quick crepes making process. This crepe maker has three temperature settings that are easy to control with an adjustable knob. These temperature settings help you to avoid burning your crepes. It is also equipped with green and red light indicators that signal you when the plate has attained the desired temperature.


  • Equipped with a powerful heating element rated 1000W
  • Included in the package are a spatula and spreader
  • The cooking pan is made of non-stick material
  • Has three adjustable temperatures settings
  • Has green and red light indicators

#9. Mityvac Silicone Basting Brush Easy & Fast to Use 1000W Non-Stick Electric Crepe Maker

This brand of crepe maker is ideal for people with minimal or no crepe making experience. It is a lightweight, hassle-free, and easy-to-use electric crepe maker. It is designed with a heating element rated 1000 watts. This element facilitates quicker healing of the plate and faster cooking. This crepe maker is equipped with a built-in electrical thermostat that allows you to customize your cooking temperatures. It has a light indicator that indicates when the cooking plate is hot enough to begin cooking. The cooking surface is made of non-stick aluminum material. Additionally, its surface is easy-to-clean and distributes heat uniformly during cooking.


  • It is equipped with a ready-light indicator
  • The surface is coated with a non-stick material
  • Designed with an electrical thermostat
  • Has a lightweight and compact design
  • It is faster and user friendly.

#10. Krampouz 13'' Silver Sturdy & Long-lasting High-Quality Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

Krampouz Tibos is a crepe maker that delivers savory and sweet crepes and pancakes. This crepe maker is designed with a broad cooking surface and an elegant style for making quality crepes. It is equipped with a powerful heating element rated 1300 Watts. With this powerful wattage, this crepe maker delivers reliable and quality crepes. The surface of this crepe making machine is made of food-grade material with Teflon coating. It is equipped with a built-in thermostat that allows precise temperature settings. With an LED light indicator, you can quickly know when the desired temperature has been achieved. Additionally, it comes with a recipe book spatula and a ladle rake.


  • It is packed together with wooden Spatula and a spreader
  • Can also function as a griddle and hot plate for various food
  • It has a non-stick surface made of Teflon material
  • It uses a heating element rated 1300W
  • Equipped with a built-in thermostat

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Electric Crepe Maker

Temperature Capacity

The initial factor to keep a close eye on is the temperature capacity. This is so because the temperature is the main controller of the cooking. It has been noted that those models with higher temperatures tend to cook efficiently and faster compared to those with very low-temperature settings. Look for the appliances that have the adjustable temperature for optimum performance.


The size is a matter of preference; however, space-efficient and portable crepe makers are worth opting for. Other than the ease of storage, they’re also relatively easy to maintain and clean. It’s upon you to choose the size that works best as per your needs.

Material Composition

It is also essential to know the composition and the material used to make the crepe maker. Keep in mind that appliances are used in meal preparation; you do not want to opt for an appliance that puts your health at risk. For that case, the material used should be free from hazardous materials.

Cooking Surface

The last but not least aspect you want to consider is the cooking surface. You want a crepe maker that has a larger cooking surface for efficient performance. That doesn’t mean the models with smaller surfaces aren’t good; other people may find such smaller sizes as still working depending on the family size. On top of that, you should also opt for non-stick surfaces because they’re easy to clean and less messy.


Finally, we’ve come to the end of this review on the best electric crepe makers. We’ve covered everything you need to know regarding this appliance before you can commit your funds on one of the sets. With one of the crepe makers, you’ll never run out of snacks and food to feed yourself and family members. For that reason, if you’ve already found a model that goes handy with your needs, go ahead and order it without any hesitation. Good luck!

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