Top 10 Best Dog Nail Grinders for 2020 Reviews

Sometimes it irritates to hear your dog’s nail clicking when he walks into the house or even worse scratches you when he jumps into your lap. The best way of dealing with these problems is by keeping the dog’s nails trimmed short. Apart from preventing scratches and snags, trimming his nails is much important for his health. One of the best tools to make this process hassle-free is by using a dog nail grinder. Unlike using clippers that adds stress on the dog feet, dog nail grinders shape the nails by taking off one layer at a time, without causing stress to your dog.

There are many dog nail grinders out there, and making a direct selection can at times be challenging. However, this article is here to set things straight. We present to you the best 10 dog nail grinders for reviews plus a buyer’s guide that will help you to make an informed decision. That said, let’s commence.

#1. Casifor Stepless Speed Regulation Professional Electric Dog Nail Grinder for Large & Medium Dogs

With a longer battery life, Casifor nail grinder offers the best in the market today. It has a battery life of up to 20 hours when fully recharged, so you do not have to recharge it often when you need a continuous trimming process. The motor provides quicker grinding operations thus saves on your time. In addition, it has a mute technology with noise of less than 40 decibels and low vibration for a quiet operation. You can charge it using a USB cable or connect to your laptop or power bank to recharge it. For the best results, you should do the trimming after bathing your dog because the nails are a bit softer. This should be done at an angle of 40°.


  • Has more speed choices to select from as per your dog’s nails
  • Small in size therefore can fit into backpacks or handbags
  • Made from premium quality materials thus last longer
  • Works quietly without producing any distracting noise
  • Can be used on different size of nails and dog breeds

#2. I-Pure Items 2-Speed Rechargeable Painless File Grooming & Smoothing Pet Dog Nail Grinder Kit

I- pure items nail grinder offers a wide range of features to ensure an effective nail trimming process. This unit has a diamond cut head for a longer lasting grinder and ensures a painless trim to keep your pet safe from hurts. With the two adjustable speeds, you can use high speed for a quick grind and to trim thick nails whereas normal speed can be used on thin nails. The three ports accommodates different sizes of pets be it small sized, medium sized or large sized pets. Its motor is designed from high quality brass materials for a longer usage life. Also, it comes with a nail file and nail clipper for more efficient nail trimming process.


  • Convenient since you can computers or power banks to charge it
  • Battery lasts long to enable you use it without running low
  • Produces noise of less 50db thus comfortable for your pet
  • The motor is made with high speed RMP for quick results
  • Has a cordless design thus it is easy to operate this unit

#3. Hertzko Portable & Rechargeable USB Wire Painless Grooming Trimming Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Are you looking for a much lighter nail grinder? Look no further than this model from Hertzko. This unit has a maximum weight of 4.8 ounces meaning that you can fit it with any place that you go without any inconvenience. It has a super mute motor that produces low noise and low vibration to keep your pet comfortable. Not only can it be used on dogs but also rabbits, cats or any bird. You can easily remove the piece over the stone when you need to clean it up. The three ports enable you to trim small sized, medium sized and large sized pets. You are assured of an effective and safe trimming process since it has a diamond bit grinder.


  • Can be packed into your backpack since it has a compact design
  • Saves energy since it can be used for long after charging it
  • Durable since it is designed from high grade materials
  • Has an ergonomic design making it easy to hold

#4. Casfuy Professional 2-Speed Electric Rechargeable Painless Grooming & Smoothing Dog Nail Grinder

When it comes to trimming your pets’ nails then it ought to be a painless procedure. Casfuy nail grinder offers a comfortable soft way to trim the nails. It has two speed settings that can be adjusted easily for light or heavy trimming to avoid hurting your pet. The dogs won’t be scared during the trimming process since this grinder produces low noise of less than 50db. With a three hour charge, this unit can be used for up to 2 hours continuously. Also, it has a diamond bit grinder that ensures a safe trimming process. You can use it on small sized dogs, medium sized and large sized pets. Finally, you can charge this unit using your phone charger.


  • Easy to manage since it does not require high maintenance
  • Easy to operate since you just need to switch it on and off
  • The super quiet motor delivers low noise operations
  • Has 3 different ports for use on different sized pets
  • Made lightweight thus easy to carry it with you

#5. URPOWER Rechargeable Upgraded w/USB Charging Dog Nail Grinder for Dogs Small & Medium Pets

If you are looking for a nail grinder for your small pet, then Urpower nail grinder is the best choice. It has a diamond grinding stone that ensures a safe nail trimming at a much faster rate. This unit is equipped with three different ports to trim different sizes of nails and for use on different sizes of pets. When fully recharged it can be used for up to 3 hours continuously thus you would have to recharge it in the middle of the trimming session. The indicator produces a red light when charging and a green light when this grinder is fully charged. With only a weight of 6.4 ounces, you can easily carry it and never feel its weight when trimming your pets’ nails.


  • Versatile since you can use in small, medium and large sized pets
  • Comes with a charging cord to help in recharge it within 2 hours
  • Easy to clean since you just need to wipe it using a damp cloth
  • Has a quiet motor that does not produce any weird noises
  • Designed from high quality materials that last longer

#6. Oster Gentle Stress-Free 2 Speed Gentle Adjustable Safety Guard Effective Dog & Cat Nail Grinder

Groom and grind the nails of your dog more efficiently and effectively by leveraging an Oster Gentle pet nail grinder. This powerful two-speed pet nail grinder has a cordless battery-powered design that operates without producing noise for stress-free trimming. You just need to choose the opening that suits the nails of your pet to gently grind them with ease. Besides, with an adjustable safety guard, you wouldn’t be able to guess where the trimming should reach. And all thanks to the added fine band, course stone and the two course bands, because everything you need to trim your dog’s nails is available. Finally, we need to inform you that this versatile pet nail grinder applies to all the breeds of dogs and cats.


  • Comes with two-powerful speed that offers you effective trimming results
  • Includes two course bands, fine band and coarse stone to easy operation
  • Rotates quietly to offer a stress free pet nail trimming experience
  • Adjustable guard rail helps you trim the dog’s nails precisely
  • The battery powered cordless kit is operated one-handedly

#7. Dremel 7300-PT Safe & Humane 4.8V Cordless Variable Speed Dog Nail Grooming & Grinder Tool

The use of dog clippers don’t sit well with pets most preferably the dogs. To end such menace, Dremel grooming and grinder tool offers a simplified method of trimming and shaping their nails. This kit is concerned with trimming your pet’s nails in a safe and effective manner. Moreover, with the use of a rechargeable battery, it’s bale to deliver powerful performance to efficiently trim the toenails of the pet. Furthermore, it’s humane and harmless. Better yet, the easy to read manual ensures you trim the dog’s nails within a minute. And still, it has a lightweight and compact design to meet all the portability needs.


  • Built with a rechargeable battery backed with 3-years warranty
  • It has a compact and lightweight design for convenient use
  • Works with two speed settings of 6500 and 13000 RPM
  • Has two rotating speeds that let you grind nails safely
  • The tool acts as a pet nail groomer and grinder as well

#8. RUCACIO Painless Top-Quality Portable & Rechargeable Powerful Dog Nail Grinder (Blue & White)

Are you worried being scratched by the sharp and long nails of your beloved dog? Please, acquire RUCACIO dog nail grinder to do the hard job for you. It’s capable of smoothing the nail of the dog without causing any discomfort or displeasure to the pet. It’s easier to use this grinder since it comes with a step by step instructional manual. Moreover, when you’re done using this grinder, you can clean it with ease. Additionally, this unit is easier to use and enables you to care for your dog right in your home. Also, you’ll not over-cut or make your dog to bleed because it offer precise trimming of the dog’s nails.


  • Painless paw smoothing and top quality for extended lifespan
  • The grinder is rechargeable and portable for convenience
  • It has a powerful motor that operates in a low noise
  • Has a cordless design that is quite easy to operate
  • All-in-one kit that suit pets of all sizes

#9. Peroom 2-Speed 2-Grinding Wheels Portable Rechargeable Low Noise Painless Dog Nail Grinder

If you are looking for a wear-resistant nail grinder, then look further than the Peroom model. The nail grinder of this unit is made from diamond that quickly grinds the dog’s nails. Furthermore, it comes with a USB charging port that offers easy mode of charging anytime anywhere. Better yet, it features a gentle vibration and low noise that ensures your space is quiet and comfortable for a nice grooming experience for the pet. The powerful motor ensures the dog nails are trimmed with efficiency. Depending on the size of the pet you’re trimming, you can vary the speed to suit them perfectly, hence delivering safer and more effective trimming experience.


  • Charging indicator displays red when charging and green when full
  • Has an upgraded powerful motor for easy dog’s nail grooming
  • The USB charging port makes charging convenient
  • Suitable for large-sized pets and fast grinding
  • The grinder is safer, quicker & effective

#10. ENJOY PET 2-Speed USB Rechargeable Electric Pet Nail Grinder Kit for Cats Dogs & Small Animals

This modern pet nail grinder by ENJOY PET offers more power to reduce the time of trimming nails. With premium construction, this product is able to offer long-lasting service. The exceptional color and outward look offers you a sweet feeling. And since it is portable and lightweight, you can put it into your pocket and go whenever you want to go. Besides, it comes with two speed control that ensures you use what best suits your pet. It doesn’t produce a lot of noise, therefore, it doesn’t irritate the dog or the cat. As if that’s not enough, it is charged using a USB that do away with the need of batteries or plug in the wall. Lastly, it comes with three varied openings which can be chosen with respect to the size of the claws of the dog.


  • It’s charged for 3 hours to delivers a workings hours of 3 ½ hours
  • Offers more power and lower the time of trimming nails
  • Compact and light to fit into your pocket with ease
  • The three varied openings fits any size nails
  • Ideal nail filer having two different speed

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Dog Nail Grinder


The initial thing to put into consideration is the power of the dog nail grinder. For instance, if you opt for a high voltage grinder, then trimming or shaping the dogs nail will be faster as compared to a low voltage grinder. Consider the thin aspect before you can spend your hard money on any of the above nail grinders.

Cordless or Corded

This aspect has to do with the power source – the corded gets it power from an external power source while the cordless models get their power using the in-built rechargeable batteries. We’ve ensured to include all these options in our list so that you can make your choice depending on your preference.

Charging Time

For those with built-in batteries, it’s worth considering the charging time of the battery to ensure the trimming is done without being inconvenienced. The charging time is known by checking at the amperage the battery comes with. The charging time of these devices should not go beyond 1 hour for smooth and hassle-free trimming.


Depending on your needs, you should choose a dog nail grinder that comes with all the accessories. For instance if you’ll want to shape and trim different pets, then a grinder with various grinding drums is ideal.


Dogs or cats get wild when they hear an irritating sound, therefore, a quiet motor of the grinder is suitable for them. Ensure you check on the sound production level to ensure it works best for your pet.


Last but not least you should consider the material used to make the nail grinder. Most of these appliances are from plastic materials. Materials that make any specific grinder should be able to last and don’t over heat when in use.


We hope you’ve read through this review and found some helpful information regarding dog nail grinders. Our list features high-quality and affordable grinders that are capable of taking your dog’s cleanliness to a different level. If you’re used to a clipper, then with a dog nail grinder, your dog will feel no pain while you shape or trim his nails. We did a thorough research before we could present these options, therefore you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase one of the products. And also, use the buyer’s guide to get you closer to the best dog nail grinder.

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