Top 10 Best Cordless Drills in 2020 Reviews

A cordless drill is an essential tool in all DIYer’s and professional craftsmen’s toolboxes. As a fact, its value can’t be over-emphasized. Ideally, it performs two key functions. First and foremost, it works as the drill function that means that you can use the kit to drill round holes on objects using a drill bit connected on your cordless drill. Secondly, it helps drive fasteners into objects by just changing the drill bit with a suitable driver bit. So, any model of cordless drill works with two types of bits; one, a drill bit for drilling into objects and two, a driver bit for driving the screws either in or out of the object you’re dealing with.

Cordless drills are available in the market in a wide range of options which might overwhelm you. However, after we tested dozens of options, we managed to separate the wheat from the chaff. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the top 10 best cordless drills in reviews. Let’s hit the trail.

#1. DEWALT DCD771C2 High Performance Max 20V ½'' Compact & Lightweight Cordless Drill

DEWALT Cordless Drill is a high-speed drilling machine with two-speed transmissions. Faster speed delivers 0-1500 revolutions per minute while the second speed delivers 0-450 revolutions per minute. The built-in motor has high performance and can produce power units of up to 300 watts. This power makes it very convenient for use in completing various drilling tasks. Additionally, it uses a Lithium battery with a maximum of 20 Volts. The structural design of this drilling machine is lightweight and compact. Therefore, it can be used in tight working areas without experiencing any difficulties. Further, the handle has an ergonomic design which enhances control and a comfortable grip.


    -Compact designed that easily fits tight places
    -Comfortable with an ergonomic handles
    -Powered by a high performing motor
    -Packaged with a compact charger
    -Transmission speed is high

#2. BLACK+DECKER LD120VA Driver w/30-Piece Accessories Max 20V Lithium Battery Cordless Drill

This drilling machine comes with a set of 30 accessories. Included in the set are 9 bits of 2″-screwdrivers, 4 nut drivers, a charger, 6 bits of Brad Point Drill, a Lithium Ion Battery, a magnetic tip holder and 10 bits of 1″-screwdrivers. Lithium Battery can hold a charge for as long as 18 months. Also, it has clutch settings that give you 24 levels of controls. This helps to minimize over screwing and the risk of stripping. It is an ideal drilling or screwing machine that can be used when drilling metals, plastics, and woods. The screw driving bits are useful when driving in or removing screws. Additionally, the speed of this drill is 0-650 revolutions per minute.


    -Perfect for drilling plastic, metals or wood
    -Has a long-lasting battery life
    -Can also be used in screwing
    -The handle has offered a soft grip
    -Comes with its charger

#3. WORKSITE 16 Position Lightweight Variable Speed Switch Built-in LED Light 8V Electric Cordless Drill

WORKSITE 8V Cordless Drill is a user-friendly driller/driver that gives you value for your money. It has a wider range of applications. Can either be used as a screwdriver or an electric driller. Torque settings make 0-550 revolutions per minute, therefore, giving you maximum performance. Designed with adequate accessories that makes it good for drilling through plastics and woods, and most of the screw driving tasks. The drill has a compact and lightweight design that makes its usage a breeze. It has been fitted with LED lights that help in creating more visibility and brightening of dark working places. Finally, the handle is rubberized therefore it guarantees you with a cozy feeling.


    -Handles are covered with rubber for an ergonomic grip
    -Suitable to be used in various common applications
    -Has LED lights that illuminate dark working areas
    -Torque setting gives you maximum performance
    -Easy to remove and replace accessories

#4. DETLEV Pro 8104 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion w/LED Cordless Driver 21V Electric Screwdriver 2 Speed Max

This is a multi-purpose powerful drill and an electric screwdriver. Can perfectly drill through very tough materials such as metals, woods, plastics, and also tasks involving driving screws on the walls. It is a 2-speed cordless drill with a built-in trigger for controlling drilling speed. Can drill up to 10 mm in metals and 30 mm in wood material. It has been integrated with an LED lighting system that helps in providing maximum illumination on darker working areas. Handles have been insulated with soft rubber materials to create a comfortable grip. This soft handle grip also reduces fatigue in your daily drilling tasks.


    -Its drilling capacity is 30 mm in wood and 10 mm in metal
    -Compact and lightweight design saves on storage space
    -Multi-purpose driver for drilling and screwing
    -Carrying case I’d very convenient in storage
    -LED lights illuminate dark working areas

#5. Bosch 12V 3/8'' Two Speed Driver Two Lithium Ion Batteries 12V Charger Cordless Drill Set

You don’t have to worry anymore about the formation of blisters in your palms whenever you are drilling. Bosch cordless driller is designed to give you an ergonomic grip any time you are using it. The handle is versatile and gives you breeze handling. It is a single sleeved chuck which measures 3/8 inches. This makes it very accommodating to the majority of common applications. The driver/drill has a lightweight and a compact design with a bodyweight of 2 pounds and head measurements of 7 inches. The small design makes this drill suitable enough to be used in tight areas. Additionally, LED lighting systems help in illuminating dark working areas.


    -The streamlined and compact design makes perfect for use in tight areas
    -Fuel gauge facilitates breeze in battery management
    -Designed with speed trigger for regulating the speed
    -The double speed with adjustable torque settings
    -Soft handle for a comfortable grip

#6. TECCPO 33-Pcs ½'' 20V Brushless 530lbs Torque Fast Charger 2 Variable Speed Cordless Drill

Do you perform screw driving and drilling tasks more often? TECCPO cordless drill is here to aid you throughout your operations. It has a high performing brushless motor that allows you to optimize the efficiency of the machine and increase the runtime. With the variable speed trigger, you can effectively control driving in and out of the screws to avoid stripping. Moreover, it is equipped with lithium-ion batteries which can be fully charged for about one hour for a longer runtime. The 3-LED fuel gauge system on the batteries notifies you on the remaining battery percentage.


    -Ensures increased visibility with the trigger activated LED light
    -Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
    -Ergonomically designed to reduce working fatigue
    -Lightweight making it easier to carry around
    -Made of premium materials that last long

#7. PORTER-CABLE PCC608LB Brushless Motor 20V Max Compact 8'' Cordless Drill Kit

Are you looking for a powerful cordless drill? Look no further than Porter cable cordless drill. This unit features a powerful brushless motor that provides more run time and operates quietly to avoid any disturbances. It provides a transmission of 1700RPM which enables you to speed up drilling and fastening operations. With the lightweight design, you can now perform a wide range of activities without getting fatigued. Besides, it has a compact design thus you can work on tighter spaces and occupy less storage space. You are assured of a long-lasting unit because it is designed from high-quality materials.


    -The handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable tasks
    -Ensures a longer usage life since it has a longer battery life
    -Has a variable speed trigger to perform different tasks
    -Ideal for moderate or light drilling operations

#8. ENERTWIST ET-CD-20 20V Max 3/8'' Power Drill Set w/Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger

ENERTWIST cordless drill is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your drilling needs. It is equipped with a 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery that ensures a steady running and can hold a charge for about 18 months. The motor delivers maximum torque which allows you to perform your drilling operations more efficiently. With the ergonomic soft-grip handle, you can comfortably handle various tasks for a longer time without feeling fatigued. Additionally, the inbuilt LED lights provide more security and visibility while working in enclosed areas or darker environments.


    -Can be used in confined or tight areas with its compact design
    -You can use it to drill wooden, metallic and plastic materials
    -Has different speed setting to perform a wide range of tasks
    -The sturdy clip belt ensures stable and safe operations
    -Has a lightweight design making it more portable

#9. MAIBERG 18 Position & 20 Pcs Driver Bits 3/8'' Keyless Chuck Variable Speed Built-in LED

If you’re looking for a more compact cordless drill, this brand from MAIBERG is a great pick. It has a compact design thus takes less storage space. The built-in LED light allows you to operate more visibly in enclosed areas or during low light moments. With the forward and reverse switch, you can easily remove or replace the screws once they are secured. The lithium-ion battery back ensures efficient power to maximize your drilling operations. You can now easily drill into woods, plastics, ceramics, and drywall and perform other screwing operations because it has two variable speeds.


    -Ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable drilling tasks
    -Has a rubber covered handle for a more comfortable grip
    -Equipped with a superior motor for powerful operations
    -Comes with one-hour fast charger for more convenience
    -Easier to carry from one place to another

#10. GAXAWEE 2 Speed 10mm Automatic Chuck Electric ScrewDriver Cordless Drill w/1 Batteries

When it comes to a lightweight cordless drill, this model from GAXAWEE is the best choice. This unit only weighs 5.24 pounds thus it is easier for you to carry it around to perform different drilling operations. The cordless screwdriver is equipped with 2 pieces of lithium-ion batteries that allow you to use it without any restriction. It has adjustments that provide you precise controls for drilling plastic, wood, metal, and a variety of screwing. You can either reverse or rotate forward based on various purposes using the rotational switch. Additionally, it has a variable speed trigger that allows you to perform screwing or drilling tasks.


    -The toolbox is sturdy enough to keep all the accessories organized
    -18 adjustable cloth allows you to operate from all directions
    -Has a fast charger that allows you to fully charge for 1 hour
    -Comes with 3 types of drills for different drilling operations
    -The drilling brush can be used to remove and clean stains

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cordless Drill


Even though the size is used as an aspect to take into account, it doesn’t implicate the length of the drill. Instead, the voltage is used as a measure of the size of the power equipment. These cordless drills come in different voltages. If you’re looking for a light-duty drill, you can opt for a tool rated between 4 – 8 volts to suit your job; but for heavy-duty, the one rated between 12 – 18 volts is ideal. High voltage drills are high performing and heavier than low voltage. Concerning the type of work you’re handling, the voltage is the key determinant.

Brushed or Brushless Motor

As of now, the brushless motor has dominated the cordless tools sector. Contrary to brushed motor units, brushless don’t have brushes inside their motor. And while working, brushless emits less heat because of the less friction. As such, these models have prolonged durability because the wear and tear are well taken care of.


In regards to performance, there’s also a wide variation between brushed and brushless motors. Because the brushless experiences less resistance, the voltage drop isn’t great, and that alone assists it in maintaining its performance. The motor speed is much dependent on the task it’s about to handle. Generally, a brushless drill is the most popular option to consider.


It’s indeed apparent that cordless drills are ideal tools for enabling you to handle any kind of drilling and driving of screwdrivers. It also plays a significant role while doing general maintenance or working at home for a small construction task. With the above compilation of the 10 cordless drills, you’ve no reason to clinch to your cumbersome old age drill. Grab your modern option today, and flawlessly perform your job like never before. Save yourself a lot of money and time by using this precise review.

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