Top 10 Best Baby Playpens and Play Mats for Reviews

Are you looking for the best baby playpen or a play-mat? If so, you are lucky to be in the right place! We understand the hassle that you take to do home chores while you look after your kid. Playpens usually keep them inside a fenced yard to tame from reaching risky places in our homes. Also, it the most secure and safe place for a baby to play with toys and even doubles up as a diaper changing area. A good playpen should have sturdy construction to keep a baby safe all the time.

While the market at large offers you a huge number of these kid’s gears, finding the one that suits your baby is a hassle. And because of that, you might be forced to buy a unit that is faulty or not up to your expectations. However, we have made things easier for you. We have a review of a set of ten Baby Playpens and Play mats for 2020 reviews. This list is the talk of the town, and it doesn’t cost you anything to go through it.

#1. Fisher-Price Plush Extra-Large Perfect Sense Deluxe Gym Infant Play Mat with Toys

Fun is part of your baby’s growth cycle. Get him or her the Fisher-Price baby play mat to explore the fun world. This playmat has a super-soft fabric that keeps your baby comfortable no matter the direction faced. It has an outer toy with plays music and lightens up for 15minutes. The white and black arches are easy for your newborn to stare at them. Also, it has 20 sensory discoveries that have your baby’s senses engaged at all times. It is also spacious enough for your baby to fit well and feel comfortable.


  • The toys make your baby’s hands strong as they grasp them
  • Has a mirror at the side, where the baby can look at herself
  • Extra-large to ensure that the newborn can fit well
  • You can wash this play mat using a machine
  • Lightweight for easy portability purposes

#2. Tiny Love Super-Deluxe Classic Animals Gymini Extra-Large Foldable Gym Play Mat

Are you looking for the best play for your baby or your twins? Look no further than Tiny Love play mat. You can use for babies aged 3months to 1 7year. This play mat is extra-large enough for twins to fit in. The soft padded mirror at the side enables your baby to recognize his or her face. The baby can use the teether during playtime for continuous enjoyment. With exposure to different, you are assured of your baby’s development. Additionally, it has different types of toys and images that have your baby entertained each time. Your baby will surely love this play mat.


  • Folds easily and compactly for easy transportation purposes
  • Improves your baby’s motor skills like kicking and reaching
  • Has colorful illustrations for a real-world experience
  • Has 3 AA batteries for the operation of the music box
  • Has a music box with two music selections

#3. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Multi-Color Celestial Theme Baby Play Mat & Infant Gym

Your little one is going to have much fun inside a Skip Hop playmat since it is the best brand in the market. This play mat offers more duration for your baby for plush playtime. In addition to that, it supports the development of your baby at all times. And it is equipped with musical sheep, light-up-star, bird rattle, cloud squeaker, and a sunshine mirror. This mat is extra-large to have your baby always comfortable when in it. With high-quality plush fabric materials, your baby warmth is assured. Your baby can interact with the toys each time he or she needs to. This mat should be used on the floor.


  • Designed to blend well with the modern decor of your house
  • Printed tummy time pillows that your baby lies on
  • The natural pallet has pops of neon to improve eyesight
  • Easy to assemble and can be done only by an adult
  • Light up star has LED lights for a colorful encounter

#4. Skip Hop Farmstand with Hanging Toys Extra-Large Grow & Play Gym Baby Play Mat

Let your baby gain a small experience inside Skip Hop playmat. This play mat has more than 17 developmental activities that have your baby developing in all areas. Your baby can play in 3 different ways: overhead, laying on the tummy or when seated. Also, it engages your baby with beautiful farm artwork with fruits, vegetables, and animals. Besides, it has a mirror that allows for face recognition. The five hanging toys in shapes of various veggies and fruits have your baby entertained always. This mat is from skin-friendly materials that keep your baby safe and free from skin rashes. Finally, it is a suitable gift for a female friend expecting a baby.


  • Has a pocket that allows your baby to pop in and out the carrot
  • Folds at the sides to create more space for your baby to play
  • The musical bunny keeps your baby always busy and happy.
  • Well-crafted to suit both your needs and baby’s needs
  • Made from super quality materials thus last long

#5. Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib Lightweight Portable Easy to Pack Baby Playard

Do you believe that life ought to spend together? That’s exactly what Guava Family Lotus baby playpen is all about. The travel crib is lightweight and foldable. Setup can only take you 15 minutes. Besides, it is used anywhere anytime. Be it at home, at a friend’s dinner or beside the beach. And above all, this unit is beautifully designed with art-inspired graphics and soft textures fabrics with modern colors. This unit is a diaper bag for easy traveling. Surprisingly, this unit can fold up into a backpack for an on-the-go purpose. You’ll like this kit since it has all that you need to restrain your baby.


  • Perfect unit for kids to play and sleep with comfortable thick foam
  • It is completely breathable with no PVC and non-toxic materials
  • Built with a quiet side door zipper to enable kids to have fun
  • Certified with GREENGUARD GOLD for guaranteed safety
  • Lightweight and compact backpack to carry with ease

#6. BABYSEATER Portable Lightweight Mesh Easily Opens Baby Playpen (Turquoise)

BABYSEATER baby playpen is a great unit that enables your kid to stay safe all the time. For parents, it offers them peace of mind. You can now cook, go to a washroom or watch TV while you now your child is safe. To make it more practical this unit has transparent sides to offer parent-child interaction and view. Also, it is a lightweight unit that is foldable with ease for an on-the-go parent. Besides, it offers the comfort of its own to your baby on any occasion. The floor is padded and waterproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It has removable sections that make it easy to wash with a machine. For guaranteed security, the play yard has two safety latches.


  • Constructed with mesh-sides for parent-child interaction
  • Offer a complete safety and security for your kid to play
  • Built with a removable fabric that is machine washable
  • Perfect size with great space for an on-the-go parent
  • Setting up this playpen is quick and easy

#7. Gupamiga Home Indoor Outdoor Multi-Color Classic Set 14 Panel Baby Playpens

If you want a safe playing area for your baby then opt for Gupamiga New Classic Playpen with 14 panels. The unit is a lifesaver and will keep your child busy while you clean up, cook or when you’re in the bathroom. The rubber feet underneath will hold the playpen firm and can even rest any push by the baby. Moreover, it is large enough for the baby to learn how to walk, sleeping or even throwing toys. What’s more, the colorful and bright design of the panels make the area attractive and eye-catching for the baby. You can rest assured that this unit will energize kids’ moods automatically.


  • Colorful and bright to make the unit look lovely and attractive
  • Keeps baby safe while the parents do other house chores
  • Spacious enough to accommodate all kids activities
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle within 15 minutes
  • It is lightweight to suit an on-the-go parent

#8. Gupamiga 14 Panel New Pen Castle Indoor Outdoor Safe Playard Home Baby Playpen

Your baby requires a safe Playard and your day will be stress-free. If you’re a mom who cares most about the safety of your kid while at home, then Gupamiga Playpen Kids Activity Centre will work for you. The unit is designed with a rubber base beneath to ensure the stand is sturdy while on the floor and resist the baby pushing. Also, the anti-slip design meeting points of the stand will prevent the kids from being stuck by the playpen. The play area offers a kid a cool environment to do all activities without any danger even when left alone. This unit is a great choice for any child learning to walk or crawl.


  • The height of the perimeter fence is long to allow baby to stand and walk
  • Uses professional color design to make the play area eye-catching
  • Made from non-toxic, BPA-free and non-recyclable materials
  • Molded to make the structure stronger and more durable
  • Lightweight and easy to put together within 15 minutes

#9. Comfort Design Premium Stylish Cushy-Soft Non-Toxic Large Baby Play Mat (Black)

Comfort Design play mat is the best quality mats that suit your baby with large size one piece. It is a waterproof unit designed with patterns and various colors that match your home d├ęcor. Also, the play mat offers your child a spacious place with a padded area for comfortable tumbling, crawling and playing. The unit supports child growth from an infant to a toddler. On top of that, to guarantee durability, this unit has a strong outer layer to overcome scratches and punctures. And again, this mat matches your modern lifestyle. They can be folded with ease when not needed and unfold also with ease when required. In case, of any dirt, the mat can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.


  • Has a half-inch thick squishy foam having waffle-structure like
  • More practical than interlocking puzzle mats and rugs
  • Passes CPSIA safety requirements of being non-toxic
  • Easy care by simply vacuum/sweep or spot cleaning
  • High quality, waterproof and durable unit

#10. Baby Care Non-Toxic Reversible Waterproof Large Pingko Baby Play Mat

Baby Care mat offers the safest with most hygienic place where babies and infants can play. Since the mat is cushioned very well, your baby will crawl, tumble and topple over in their best way possible while remaining safe. Besides, they are portable and can fit in any room you wish to place. Also, they suit perfectly well on hardwood floors or even carpets. Children of all ages will have a love for the impressive colors and within no time, they’ll identify various images that are drawn on this mat. Safe for the health of your child because it is EVA-free, mercury-free, BPA-free and Lead-free.


  • It has undergone US-CPSIA test for guaranteed safety of your baby
  • Fully waterproof to enable for spills to be wiped with ease
  • Roll up with ease for easy storage and transportation
  • Offer greater noise reduction and insulation
  • It is capable to work on any floor surface

Things to Look Out for When Purchasing the Best Baby Playpens and Play mats


If you’re an on-the-go parent, then portability should matter the most for you. You’ll need to consider the weight of the playpen and its general construction. It is foldable for easy mobility? Also, the design should be attractive to enable you to move around without any fear. However, if you are buying a playpen or mat for the home purpose specifically, then this factor shouldn’t be a big deal to you. In so doing, your purchase wouldn’t have any doubt.

Floor Construction

Be it a playpen or play mat, the floor should have a pliable construction. The floor should have a thick and soft foam to offer enough comfort for your baby while sleeping, crawling or walking. The floor mat should also be waterproof to enable easy cleaning when water spilleda on it. Besides, it should also be non-slip to ensure your baby doesn’t topple while playing or walking.

Lights, Toys & Music

A kid play area cannot be complete without having some things to stir up their joy. These can include toys hang around with lullaby tones and lights. Music will entertain your kid all the time and the lights will offer a spectacular scene for your child. But you should know that these features come with added weight and price factors. All the same, they make your baby grow with a creative mind.


Nothing is more useful for kids than in a nice area to play and nap during the day. And our list entails the best selection of the best baby playpens and mats. With these units, we guarantee you a safe and secure area for your baby to stay. Nevertheless, the units above are affordable and from highly-established brands. Besides, you’ll have peace of mind as a parent working on other house chores like cooking, gardening and more activities with an assurance of the safety of your baby. Otherwise, have a happy shopping experience!

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